April 4 - 10, 2015

Treasurer Joe Hockey


The bankers behind Hockey’s tax Re:think

“Before Hockey, treasurers had economic advisers more sceptical of pleading from business. Costello and Keating armed themselves with experienced political operatives.”

Ahead of tax reform, it is worth considering how much of Joe Hockey's advice comes from the finance sector.



Lubitz and the minds of airline pilots

“We have to accept that aviation is extremely safe but that, like everything in life, you can’t get rid of risk. Risk will never, ever be zero.”

The Germanwings tragedy raises vexed questions about vetting air crew and mitigation of risk.

Essendon captain Jobe Watson (centre) and his team front the media this week after the players were cleared of doping offences.


The red-and-blackest day as Essendon players cleared

The “blackest day in Australian sport” wasted millions in legal fees, sullied reputations, and brought calls for countless sackings. How did the investigations get so out of control?

Western Sydney doctor and chairman of the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation Aggrey Kiyingi.


Sydney man running for Ugandan presidency

“When I came back here I thought: forget about Africa. But over time I got a lot of requests: ‘We want you to come and stand, to come and lead the country.’ ”

Sydney-based doctor Aggrey Kiyingi hopes to unseat Uganda's dictator president.


ALP struggles for relevance as unions further wither

“In the NSW election campaign, it was much clearer what Labor was against than what it was for.”

With the ALP gradually losing the hearts and minds of many of its rusted-on faithful, the party must prove that it actually believes in something in order to survive.

Supporters of Muhammadu Buhari celebrate his win in Nigeria’s presidential election..


Yemen Shia uprising threatens Iran nuclear deal

Nigeria elects former coup leader; US banning gays on religious grounds; India’s free speech; capital punishment.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Clem Bastow
The problem with online ’choice feminism’

“This first-person feminism maintains a status quo through personal empowerment: ‘I have reached enlightenment, so the fight is over.’”


Paul Bongiorno
Abbott undermines Hockey’s Re:think on tax

“Abbott says there can be no GST change unless Shorten wants it – either a white flag or a de facto admission he hasn’t got the political clout to pressure the senate to support a change.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Packing in the freedom

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Hoping for a miracle


Wrong place for mothers and babies

Martin McKenzie-Murray’s horrific descriptions of living conditions for asylum seekers on Nauru (“Decoy and secrecy on Nauru abuse”, March 28-April 3) were confirmed for …

A shameful response

How tragic and even symbolic that the day after the funeral of Malcolm Fraser, Martin KcKenzie-Murray’s article on the vile situation on Nauru appeared. If the humanitarian attitudes shown by Fraser towards …

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Image for article: Nutmeg custard tart


Nutmeg custard tart

An delicate and delicious new take on a corner shop staple.


Image for article: Waiting for the Past

Les Murray
Waiting for the Past

Image for article: One Life:  My Mother’s Story

Kate Grenville
One Life: My Mother’s Story

Image for article: Captive Prince

C. S. Pacat
Captive Prince


Image for article: Revisiting the Uygurs of Kashgar, in north-west China


Revisiting the Uygurs of Kashgar, in north-west China

In China’s far north-west, the Uygurs of Kashgar are a reminder of the Silk Road outpost’s cultural convergence.

Image for article: Sophie Morris on facing the bitter blow of miscarriage


Sophie Morris on facing the bitter blow of miscarriage

Why openness, pragmatism – and maybe some ice-cream – are the best ways to deal with the pain of miscarriage.

Image for article: The captain: Bob Murphy, 32, Australian rules footballer


The captain: Bob Murphy, 32, Australian rules footballer

Rascally Bob Murphy on finding inspiration for his writing and loving the Bulldogs.

The Quiz

1. The Robin Thicke/Pharrell Williams song “Blurred Lines” was judged to have illegally copied from a song by which artist? 
2. World-renowned Murano glass comes from which European city?
3. What is the chemical symbol for platinum?
4. According to legend, Lady Godiva rode naked through which city?
5. How old were Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe when they died?
6. What nationality was painter Gustav Klimt?
7. Killed this month in a helicopter crash while filming a reality TV show in Argentina, Frenchwoman Camille Muffat was an Olympic gold medallist in which sport?
8. Psephology is the study of (a) reptiles; (b) peace; or (c) elections?
9. Prior to this tournament, how many times has Australia won the ICC Cricket World Cup? (Bonus points for naming the years.)
10. True or false? Bats are mammals.

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“What brings a man to kick his jaunty white fedora with a black band down a street in Madrid just after dawn? What brings a man to that?”

– Russell CroweThe actor muses on Twitter over a hat he saw being kicked past a bus stop. To ask another question at random: What brings a man to throw his phone at a concierge in Manhattan? What brings a man to that?


“Are you going to get thirsty as well? The boys are thirsty, they seem.”

– Shane WarneThe legless spinner marks Australia’s win in the Cricket World Cup with a tenacious interview style reminiscent of Kerry O’Brien after budget.


“He is expected to take part in a range of unit-based activities and training exercises.”

– StatementThe Australian Defence Force outlines plans for a month-long visit from Prince Harry. No word as to who would be counting these units or whether they would end in strip poker.


“I don’t claim I’m entirely innocent – it was the biggest mistake of my life. But I am not a murderer.”

– Detlev GuenzelThe former German policeman breaks down in court before being sentenced for killing and perhaps eating a man he met on a fetish website for people who want to be killed and perhaps eaten.


“Bill Shorten is the man who controls the GST, effectively.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister uses a hectoring interview with Alan Jones to further showcase his nuanced understanding of the tax system. Effectively.


“Victoria and Queensland demonstrated it was possible to knock off first-term governments, even when the ALP had been reduced to the size of a netball team.”

– Michael AirdThe secretary of the NSW Transport Workers Union sends a letter to Labor caucus asking for better results and using the standard metric in trucking and haulage, women’s sports teams.