April 25 - May 1, 2015

Mandy, who suffered her own breakdown after her partner’s abuse.


The other face of Anzac Day

“The First World War diggers would be turning in their graves if they could see the way our modern-day soldiers are treated.”

Mandy cannot forgive Defence for the lack of support she and her family received after war left her partner violent, abusive and finally homeless.



Jobactive’s Work for the Dole contracts sold to US companies

“MAX Solutions now dominates the “welfare business” in Australia, having picked up 27 employment services contracts. ”

The government’s new “jobactive” program has favoured American companies for lucrative employment services contracts.


Aust emissions pressure builds ahead of Paris climate pact

Australia’s weak commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is raising eyebrows around the world.

Western Australia’s Treasurer Mike Nahan.


Western Australia’s brazen call for more GST money

WA's treasurer, a former IPA economist, epitomises the hypocrisy of the state’s special pleading for a bigger share of GST revenue.


The delicate balance of policing suburban extremists

“The whole question hinges on intervention versus sitting back and waiting … We do need to re-think preventative measures too – community engagement and policing.”

The arrest of five teenagers in counterterrorism raids this week sparked fresh claims of racism and police brutality. It also highlighted the need for deeper investigation into the motivation of young  jihadists.

Chinese President Xi Jinping with Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain this week.


British intel expert joins Abbott review

Agencies hack foreign states. Xi’s Pakistan deal. Kudos for NZ Anzacs.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Richard Ackland
Why does the right hate ICAC?

“ICAC was set up by the Liberals and it seems its sole purpose was to go after crooked Labor politicians. It has now turned into Frankenstein’s monster, devouring its creators.”


Paul Bongiorno
Coalition missing in action over climate change strategy

“Real pressure is mounting on the coalition to come up with something meaningful on emissions reduction before the Paris conference at the end of the year.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Becoming a Newsketeer

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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The less we forget


Reformed senate a welcome change

The crossbench senators are in the prime minister’s crosshairs (Sophie Morris, “The ‘cartel’ plan to kill senate ferals”, April 18-24). The reforms recommended …

Bring on more Muir et al

I consciously decided not to vote for motoring enthusiast Ricky Muir, but I would certainly vote for him next time, not because of motoring enthusiasm but because he and other so-called ferals have shown …

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Image for article: Poached quince and porridge


Poached quince and porridge

Poached quince adds vitality to winter porridge.


Image for article: Quicksand

Steve Toltz

Image for article: A Kim Jong-il Production

Paul Fischer
A Kim Jong-il Production

Image for article: The Wonder Lover

Malcolm Knox
The Wonder Lover


Image for article: Comforts of home


Comforts of home

Growing up, she dreamed of far-off lands, but ended up on a more familiar path.

Image for article: Dawei's rhyme and punishment in Beijing


Dawei’s rhyme and punishment in Beijing

In Beijing, the hip-hop scene faces down bans and hopes for the future.

Image for article: Singular goal: Ange Postecoglou, 49, soccer coach


Singular goal: Ange Postecoglou, 49, soccer coach

Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou on his dream to conquer the world.

The Quiz

1. In what month of 1915 did the final evacuation of Anzac troops from Gallipoli occur?
2. What letter represents the number 50 in roman numerals?
3. What is Australia’s second-least populated state?
4. What is cartoon cat Garfield’s favourite food? (Bonus points for naming the creator of the comic strip and Garfield’s human owner.)
5. Name the Olympic champion and former husband of Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris, who this month publicly presented as a woman.
6. Which golfer won the 2015 US Masters?
7. Which animal features on the flag of the Canary Islands?
8. What is the name of the queen in the Disney film Frozen?
9. What type of deliveries did cricket legend Richie Benaud bowl?
10. What is 20 per cent of 225?

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“It’s a very warm, friendly relationship. In that context you’d say ‘yes’, but if you look at it now, ‘no’.”

– John KeyThe New Zealand prime minister tries to explain why over a six-month period he frequently pulled a waitress’s hair. The irony of a Kiwi leader disgracing himself with a ponytail rather than a sheep was not lost.


“No. None of it’s true.”

– Belle Gibson

The creator of The Whole Pantry wellness app admits healthy eating did not cure her of the cancer she was only pretending to have. Pete Evans, whose paleo diet book for babies was dumped by its publisher, is similarly expected to admit to being a wanker this whole time.


“No, it’s not a bad business decision at all. But it’s taken a lot of work, and it’s probably cost me a marriage.”

– Russell CroweThe actor explains how his commitment to running the Rabbitohs destroyed his relationship with Danielle Spencer. His definition of a genuinely bad business was not forthcoming.


“I suppose we must grieve for the lost, but at the same time we must resolve to stop this terrible problem and the only way you can stop the deaths is to stop the people smuggling trade.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister “supposes” we might grieve for the 900 asylum seekers who drowned fleeing Libya for Italy. Mercifully, he found no plausible segue to the carbon tax.


“If you increase taxes you’re just collecting someone else’s money.”

– Joe HockeyThe treasurer explains taxation, showing an exemplary understanding of how tax works. Stand by for segments on what a sandwich is and how to put on your own trousers one leg at a time.


“I don’t remember the photographer telling me to have any kind of attitude on my face, but I’m 90 and don’t remember.”

– Mary Doyle KeefeThe model for Norman Rockwell’s wartime painting Rosie the Riveter remembers her sitting at the age of 19. She died this week, aged 92.