Milne, Di Natale and Greens’ deliberate leadership coup

A week ago, Christine Milne’s camp was pushing stories of a new strategy. By Wednesday, she was announcing her resignation.



Doctors treating the ice epidemic

“Once they get to the stage of self-admitting for help, almost everyone in their circle is as sick as they are. They all normalise to each other. ”

A small number of pioneering GPs are being overwhelmed by soaring demand for treatment of ice addiction.


The AFP’s Bali Nine defence

Defence relations between Australia and Indonesia remain strong despite cooling diplomacy, as the AFP maintains it was unable to act before the Bali Nine were arrested abroad.


Scott Morrison’s kid gloves on upcoming childcare reform

Missed opportunities to improve childcare have blighted both Coalition and Labor governments. Can Scott Morrison’s plans for sweeping reforms finally provide a grown-up solution?


The hashtag crusaders

“"The trouble with online actions is that they don’t engender that connection. We have for too long focused on protest instead of movement building.””

How does 'clicktivism’ stand up against the old-fashioned footslog of offline campaigning?


Bougainville future hangs in balance

Australian links to Texas shooting. Opium’s new highs.



Barry Jones
The dearth penalty

“In the world of an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, we can all be blind and toothless, but it will not preserve our lives or maintain our values. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Treasurer Joe Hockey: the man who knew to mulch

“Sounding like a politician who wants to win an election rather than fix his budget, Hockey said: ‘It’s only Labor that wants to increase taxes on superannuation.’ ”


Princess Charlotte’s web of thrills

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Buon Di Natale


Remember injustices on our soil

News of the judicial killing in Indonesia of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “Inside the fight to save Bali pair”, May 2-8) gives pause for thought about …

Bird’s plight needs response

Thank you, James Norman, for the compassionate article about far north Queensland’s endangered cassowaries (“A case for worry”, May 2-8). How ironic (and tragic) it will be for …

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The flesh is leek

Tender leeks combined with romesco sauce? Olé!


Masha Gessen
The Tsarnaev Brothers

Michael Cooney
The Gillard Project

Oliver Mol
Lion Attack!



The signs of a dotcom crash

The signs are evident of another dangerously expanding tech bubble.


Taking Mexico City’s grand tortilla

From Mexico City’s street food stalls to fine-dining reimaginings of the nation’s classic cuisine.


Keeping up with the Jones: Taylor McKeown, swimmer, 20

Commonwealth Games 200-metres breaststroke gold medallist Taylor McKeown reveals her animal instincts.

The Quiz

1. Steven Gerrard is leaving Liverpool FC at the end of the season to join which North American Major League Soccer side?
2. What bird is known for its ability to fly backwards?
3. Tagalog is a language commonly spoken in which country?
4. Which American playwright wrote The Crucible?
5. In what year did the Korean War begin?
6. Carey Mulligan stars as Bathsheba Everdene in the film…?
7. Which security organisation has its headquarters in Langley, Virginia?
8. Protons, neutrons and electrons are particles that make up what?
9. What city starting with the letter V is the third-largest city in Spain? (Bonus points for naming the largest and second-largest cities.)
10. What is the meaning of defenestration?

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“We were getting some strange signals that appeared to be coming from very nearby.”

– Emily PetroffThe PhD student explains that unusual signals received by the Parkes telescope and thought to be from space were in fact from the office microwave. The discovery follows news NASA actually considered sending Big Bird and his puppeteer into space on the doomed Challenger mission.


“Does it really matter who will lead the freedom hating Greens? Their anti-family & community destroying policies remain.”

– Kevin AndrewsThe minister for defence explains that he cares as much about who leads the Greens as who runs the Islamic State. The answer to both questions is on a napkin kept under lock and key by Leigh Sales.


“Just found out the judge is divorced. Told you. They ALL have men issues.”

– Rachelle LouiseThe former partner of Simon Gittany speculates on the misandry of supreme court judge Lucy McCallum, whose own marital status probably had little to do with Gittany throwing a woman to her death from a Sydney balcony.


“I hope one day the Princess can visit Australia and hold a mountain pygmy possum herself.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister announces Australia will mark the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana with a $10,000 donation to programs aiding the mountain pygmy possum, imperilled by his government’s climate change policy.


“Put more beautiful people of colour on TV and connect viewers in ways which transcend race and unite us.”

– Miranda TapsellThe Darwin-born actress celebrates winning two Logie Awards with a plea for diversity on television. Later, The Footy Show took home its 10th statuette.


“What he’s done is bow to political pressure and left himself without any dry powder whatsoever.”

– Ken VekslerThe chief investment officer at Accumen Management deploys a swingeing mixed metaphor as he criticises Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens for cutting the cash rate. All that’s left in his arsenal now is a dangling modifier, and no one wants that.