Richard Di Natale’s plans to reboot the Australian Greens

The Greens’ new leader has a fresh vision for the third-force party: transparent, consultative and mainstream.



Inside the Ridsdale child sexual abuse inquiry

“The first time a church elder spoke to him about rumours of transgression was his first year out of the seminary. Ridsdale had wasted no time. ”

Gerald Ridsdale’s testimony is about the church’s protection of paedophiles, but it is also about ending the shame of victims.


Alcoa closes Anglesea mine as Hazelwood inquiry reopens

The closure of Anglesea’s small coalmine is a test run for an industry facing tightening emission and rehabilitation standards, and the reopening of the inquiry into the Morwell fire.


Indigenous slur sees NAAJA, Daniel Briggs in war of words

After a Northern Territory magistrate publicly used insensitive language, Indigenous lawyer Daniel Briggs set out to right the wrong. His quest ended up costing him his job.


Roo shock for wildlife rescue

Wildlife shelters and native animal rescuers are struggling, with no Victorian government commitment.


Trouble looms between US, China in Shangri-La talks

Headaches ahead over B-1 bombers; IS and Ramadi mirror Mad Max; Hong Kong press freedom and judicial threats; ABC Tokyo bureau closure untimely; Hello Kitty’s 40th.

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Helen Caldicott
SA’s short-sighted view of uranium and nuclear options

“The people advocating a nuclear South Australia have no comprehension of genetics, radiation biology, oncology and medicine. Or they are willing to ignore the risks.”


Sean Kelly
The dog and Tony show

“Both the public and the Liberal backbench get confusing signals about the government’s policy. That suggests either genuine tension between Abbott and Hockey, or a failure to get media strategies lined up. ”


Out of step in wedding waltz

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

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More equal


Insight into realities of pokies

Drew Rooke’s article about poker machines (“Highs of the machines”, May 23-29) was excellent. Too few objective people have seen the reality of the poker machine industry. …

Liberals’ beliefs there for all to see

In asserting that the Abbott government believes in “nothing except prejudice” (Paul Bongiorno, “Bonfire of the insanities”, May 23-29) the ALP opposition merely …

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Sara Nović
Girl at War

Mark Haskell Smith
Naked at Lunch

David Kilcullen
Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State



LOLs, trolls and rickrolls

If 'trolling' is an inescapable product of anonymity, could it also be a wellspring of creativity?


The Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

The Oglala Lakotas build a self-determined future amid memories of a bloody history.


Scoring goals: Kyah Simon, 23, soccer player

Growing up, Kyah Simon was inspired by Cathy Freeman. Now the Matilda hopes to motivate a new generation of sports stars.

The Quiz

1. In which 1990s film did Nicole Kidman play a weather presenter?
2. Which Japanese car manufacturer’s badge features a six-star cluster from the Taurus constellation?
3. Which country is home to the city of Mecca?
4. How many of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded? (Bonus points for naming them.)
5. Which Australian political commentator wrote the 2014 bestseller The Wife Drought?
6. How many feet in a yard?
7. What sort of hat did fictional detective Sherlock Holmes famously wear?
8. Australian Jack Miller competes in which sport?
9. Who wrote the music and lyrics for the musical Anything Goes?
10. Which jewellery house is famous for designing elaborate jewel-encrusted eggs?

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“There’s no option to have them both, is there?”

– Wyatt RoyThe short man from Longman considers in a podcast quiz whether he would rather Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. For what, it was never made clear.


“He wears a toupée, you must realise that.”

– Luigi SquillaciotiThe cousin of former Victorian education department boss Nino Napoli explains how he was encouraged to bill the state thousands of dollars for a hairpiece. Napoli is accused of running a $2.5 million fraud ring at the department and, presumably, of being bald.


“This document is not an Ikea catalogue to go shopping for benefits.”

– Scott MorrisonThe minister for social services introduces amendments to government support for young people. The modular package is called Gåtfökt Pönkts and can be accessed only with an Allen key. It takes at least four weeks to assemble.


“… it’s articulately written. Everybody should read The Saturday Paper …”

– George BrandisThe attorney-general takes time out from cretinising the arts and reversing the onus of proof to praise The Saturday Paper in senate estimates. For reasons of space and self-regard, this quote does not appear in its entirety.


“I was treated like a crazy person. Now the FBI has told the truth. There is no soccer. There is no transparency.”

– Diego MaradonaThe soccer great celebrates the arrest of nine FIFA officials on corruption charges. Because the only thing rigging football matches should be the Hand of God. Or cocaine. Or ephedrine.


“The ability robustly to assert the rights of the trust against the former trustee.”

– Paul BreretonThe Supreme Court justice appoints Gina Rinehart’s eldest daughter, Bianca, to control the $4 billion family trust, noting the characteristics that prepare her for the role. “Former trustee” is an exceedingly polite way of saying “mother”.