June 27 – July 3, 2015

A wind farm near Ballarat, Victoria.


Tobacco industry playbook used to kill renewables

Anti-renewable lobbyists have infiltrated politics, and are exploiting the tricks learned from Big Tobacco.



Secret Australia-Saudi deal on intelligence

Leaked cables reveal the intelligence links between the Saudi Arabian and Australian governments, and the Saudi influence on Muslim communities here.

Tony Abbott during question time on Tuesday.


Tony Abbott rises from the ashes in election run-up

From a ‘near-death experience’ in February to preparing the Coalition for the next election, it seems Tony Abbott may be an old dog with new tricks.


Questions arise over workplace bullying compo judgements

“Some of these psychiatrists have longstanding financially rewarding relationships with insurance companies.”

With allegations of workplace bullying and other psychological injury on the rise, questions are being asked about the system of employer-selected psychiatric assessments to determine compensation claims.


Green groups feel squeeze over tax-deductible donations probe

A new inquiry into environmental groups’ eligibility to receive tax-deductible donations appears to be the latest salvo in a sustained campaign to crush the green movement and starve it of funds.

A Kurdish People’s Protection (YPG) fighter in Syria.


TPP trade deal now racing towards vote

Japan surveys Spratly Islands. Sifting terrorists from anti-IS corps; UN reports possible Gaza war crimes; US muscles up in Eastern Europe; Timor-Leste spy saga.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Tony Windsor
Asylum-seeker policy a dark spot in Australia’s history

“The last thing the PM wants is a genuine consensus on the asylum-seeker issue. His entire life in politics has been based on encouraging and fanning division.”


Paul Bongiorno
Tony Abbott’s federal election preparations

“Tony Abbott’s behaviour in recent weeks is throwing up pretty compelling evidence that he is poised to rush to the polls as soon as he thinks he has a better than even chance of winning.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Staff play the waiting game

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Furore over ABC’s Q&A mishandled


Animals the best option for now

The piece “Animal sacrifice” (Elfy Scott, June 20-26) does not adequately argue for reasonable alternatives to the use of animals for research. The article is flawed in its assumption …

Tilting at wind farms

As alluded to in last week’s editorial (“Hot air”, June 20-26), the Abbott government’s stance on climate change in general, and renewables in particular, is getting weirder by the …

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Image for article: Quince and almond cream cake


Quince and almond cream cake

Brew up a cuppa and enjoy the creamy wonders of quince and almond cake.


Image for article: Relativity

Antonia Hayes

Image for article: Certain Admissions

Gideon Haigh
Certain Admissions

Image for article: The Festival of Insignificance

Milan Kundera
The Festival of Insignificance


Image for article: Carlton’s Upper House sets new apartment standard


Carlton’s Upper House sets new apartment standard

Clever collaboration has paved the way for a bold new player on the Melbourne apartment landscape.

Image for article: Wildebeest migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti


Wildebeest migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti

The wildebeest migration of the Serengeti is a sight not to be missed – unless you arrive out of season.

Image for article: Standing tall: Tom Edgar, 26, volleyball player


Standing tall: Tom Edgar, 26, volleyball player

Australian Volleyroos captain Tom Edgar on the fame and fortune of playing overseas.

The Quiz

1. Name the mayor of London.
2. Odette and Odile are the lead characters in which ballet?
3. What is the name of the latest film in the Terminator franchise?
4. Which military rank is higher: captain, colonel or major?
5. Which British actor, well known for playing Dracula, died aged 93 this month?
6. Which side of the road do motorists drive on in Japan?
7. Entertainer Shawn Carter is better known by which stage name? (Bonus point for naming his wife.)
8. Which Australia town is home to the Big Prawn?
9. The top number of a fraction is called the …?
10. Which Australian Olympic gold medallist broke her wrist while competing in Rome this month?

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“We all know that Q&A is a lefty lynch mob and we will be looking at this and we will bring something back when we return.”

– Tony AbbottThe prime minister reminds the country of its designated and clearly marked lynch mob zones inside the pages of the News Corp papers.


“A bit like a Wagner opera – moments of sheer bliss interspersed with utter boredom.”

– David Leyonhjelm The Liberal Democrat senator describes parliament. Except that nowhere in the 15 hours of Wagner’s Ring Cycle does the composer express a pseudo-scientific fear of wind farms.


“There goes the heart and soul of the New South Wales right. Off to casino land, the moral epicentre of that particular factional grouping.”

– Kevin RuddThe two-time former prime minister dismisses powerbroker Mark Arbib in the ABC documentary The Killing Season. At time of press, Rudd’s moral epicentre could not be located.


“It’s not wigs or anything like that.”

– Geoff ShawThe controversial former Victorian MP explains that while he is now general manager of a hair transplant clinic, he still has his standards.


“I am sorry for the lives I have taken, for the suffering that I have caused you, for the damage I have done – irreparable damage.”

– Dzhokhar TsarnaevThe Boston Marathon bomber confesses his crimes before being sentenced to death.


“I made a mistake in that radio interview. I regret that.”

– Bill ShortenThe opposition leader apologises for making a mistake – see also: lying – in an interview about whether or not he was discussing replacing Julia Gillard with Kevin Rudd. Which he was. And which he did.