Barton Deakin, the Coalition’s ‘evil twin’ lobby firm

Hidden behind two of Australia’s biggest lobbying firms is one company and an endless list of political links.



WikiLeaks: Secret trade deal exposed

“It is incredibly dangerous that such critical public policy aspects are being discussed behind closed doors without any public scrutiny. ”

Leaked negotiations from a key trade deal show radical plans to deregulate services in Australia, including banking and childcare.


Senator Ricky Muir’s new-found confidence

One year into his senate stint, Ricky Muir has developed into a confident speaker, a popular figure with unions and someone the ALP could eye as a future candidate.


Queensland plans crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence

Proposed changes to liquor licensing laws in Queensland are ruffling the feathers of venue owners and drinkers alike, but data following strict changes in NSW correlate with a sharp fall in assault rates.


The battle for open-access information

A Melbourne-based PhD candidate’s online open-access publishing forum is a boon for those wishing to access texts and transcripts free. But at what cost to the authors of some of these works?


Greece set to sail on a new odyssey

Obama on the line to keep Putin at bay; nation-building by another name.

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Janet Galbraith
Vulnerable, brutalised and returned to Nauru

“They took everyone, including me, violently, to the buses that waited. When anyone resisted, they tied their hands with plastic handcuffs. We were scared.”


Paul Bongiorno
Tony Abbott’s ABF and excessive use of higher force

“Asylum seekers must always be seen as threats, queue jumpers and illegals, and never as desperate human beings, men, women and children.”


Dynamic duo cry freedom

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



In same-sex marriage debate, Australia, too, must recognise love is love


Regional approach needed to help refugees

I read with interest and appreciation Tony Windsor’s plaintive cry for decency and humanity in refugee policy (“Stop the brutes”, June 27-July 3). It is time that …

Big Tobacco lights way for the carbon club

Yet another excellent piece of journalism from Mike Seccombe (“Tobacco playbook to kill renewables”, June 27-July 3). His thesis that there are parallels between the renewable …

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There will be spud

Winter comfort with corned beef hash and hasselback potatoes.


Gregory Day
Archipelago of Souls

Kevin Kwan
China Rich Girlfriend

Vera Wasowski with Robert Hillman
Vera: My Story



US FDA set to approve flibanserin, the ‘female Viagra’

With a ‘female Viagra’ now on the cusp of approval, is there any proof the disorder it’s targeting exists?


The Bali starling and Indonesian wildlife

The rare Bali starling is the end point of a flying visit to some of the island’s conservation areas.


Rock solid: Benn Robinson, 30, rugby player

Waratahs and Wallabies prop Benn Robinson on maintaining the passion.

The Quiz

1. Who drafted the United States Declaration of Independence?
2. Which television series centres around the character Don Draper?
3. Goodluck Jonathan was president of which country from 2010 to 2015?
4. The Starry Night is a famous work by which artist? (Bonus points for naming the artist’s country of birth and the century in which the work was painted.)
5. The leaves of Camellia sinensis are used to produce what?
6. What is the chemical number for lithium?
7. Was the Australian correctional facility formerly known as Mulawa a centre for male or female inmates?
8. Calypso was the vessel of which acclaimed researcher?
9. The Battle of Waterloo was fought in which present-day country?
10. Name the 2015 trans-Tasman netball championship premiers?

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“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

– Donald TrumpThe presidential hopeful begins a racial slur against Mexicans. The comments lost Trump his contract with NBC but got him a second audition for Top Gear.


“Few will mourn the passing of the green frog. The real confectionery question is, why on earth do people like Cherry Ripes?”

– Mike BairdThe NSW premier responds to news Nestlé will discontinue various confectionery lines because of poor sales. Because there’s nothing like discussing lollies to distract from the fact you look about 14.


“A poster which read ‘Hockey: donations and access. Herald investigation’ may, for example, have been appropriate.”

– Richard WhiteThe federal court justice offers some journalistic advice while awarding Joe Hockey $200,000 in damages for a Fairfax story that hurt his feelings. As if there were not enough law dropouts in the newsrooms of Australia.


“Once you start unpicking the definition of marriage, there will be other consequences.”

– Eric AbetzThe senator warns of the Jumanji-like effects of same-sex marriage. Elsewhere, he suggested Australia look at “how many Asian countries have redefined marriage” and take our human rights cues from there.


“The level of co-operation between Australia and Indonesia ... is at an all-time high.”

– Julie BishopThe foreign minister responds to comments from former Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa about the “critical juncture” in the relationship between the countries. It’s a very loose definition of “all-time” and “high” and “executions” and “push-backs” and “Indonesian sovereignty”.


“I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life.”

– Bill HudsonThe singer encourages the children he had with Goldie Hawn, Kate and Oliver, to stop using his name – a name so proud and storied it appears in the credits to three episodes of Doogie Howser, M.D.