July 11 – 17, 2015


Treasurer Joe Hockey confers with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


Outback resident Ross Ledra.
An investor in Shanghai reacts to Chinese sharemarket movements  this week.


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Arezo’s story of inhumanity

I feel shocked and traumatised simply reading “Unthinkable treatment” by Janet Galbraith (July 4-10). Offshore detention is extremely expensive for the taxpayer. It sounds inefficient …

Taking care of business

Free trade agreements should not be about corporate interests supplanting public ones but, with the secrecy surrounding the Trade in Services Agreement talks (Philip Dorling, “Secret trade deal exposed”, …

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Image for article: Black rice venere


Black rice venere

Dip into squid ink for flavour, not just shade.


Image for article: The End of Plenty

Joel Bourne
The End of Plenty

Image for article: Strange Objects Covered with Fur

Various, UTS writing program
Strange Objects Covered with Fur

Image for article: A Lot Like Eve

Joanna Jepson
A Lot Like Eve


Image for article: The meditative benefits of staying between the lines


The meditative benefits of staying between the lines

Stressed out by the fast-paced digital world? Perhaps it’s time to break out the colouring books.

Image for article: Going off-road in Mexico’s Baja 1000


Going off-road in Mexico’s Baja 1000

An Australian fulfils his dream to tear across north-west Mexico.

Image for article: The overachiever: Ellyse Perry, 24, cricketer and soccer player


The overachiever: Ellyse Perry, 24, cricketer and soccer player

Dual international Ellyse Perry on the power of sport to bring the world together.

The Quiz

1. Which team defeated the Matildas in the FIFA Women’s World Cup quarter-final last month?
2. What type of gas is used to fly hot air balloons?
3. People suffering from the medical condition bruxism do what excessively?
4. In 2010, who became Australia’s first saint?
5. Which British pop star has this year joined the coaching panel on the Australian version of The Voice?
6. David Walsh founded which sometimes controversial Hobart art museum?
7. The city of Jaipur is the capital of which Indian state?
8. Who released the single “Space Oddity” nine days before the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969?
9. Which Shakespeare play inspired the musical West Side Story? (Bonus points for naming the men who wrote the music and the lyrics.)
10. What is the botanical name for the male reproductive organ in flowering plants?

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“I think it is partly your fault that we are proceeding rather slowly through the material.”

– Dyson HeydonThe head of the unions royal commission criticises Bill Shorten for giving long answers that were political in nature, and questioned his “credibility” as a witness. The commission, itself quite political in nature, was meant to report last December.


“If they don’t like it, go back to where their fathers or their parents came from.”

– Dawn FraserThe Olympic swimmer and practising racist criticises the on-court behaviour of tennis players Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic. Fraser gave the interview back where she came from, which is to say 1937.


“I’m prepared to use the Hopoate tackles.”

– Glenn LazarusThe Brick With Eyes threatens to assault the prime minister over coal seam gas. See also: The Brick With Fingers.


“The world has gone mad.”

– Barnaby JoyceThe Hollywood dog killer reacts to news his party has approved an enormous coalmine on the Liverpool Plains. Speaking with specific expertise in madness, he must be taken seriously.


“Queen replaced Freddie Mercury.”

– Thomas IngramThe New Zealand judge sentences AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd to eight months’ home detention for possession of cannabis and methamphetamine and one charge of threatening to kill a man. He found no evidence the band wanted Rudd back to tour.


“They took away my hobby and my life. They essentially destroyed my persona.”

– Steve RothsteinThe American Airlines golden ticket holder, who flew more than 10,000 flights with the airline, including to Providence for a baloney-and-Swiss-cheese melt, complains of having his free travel cancelled over alleged seat fraud.