July 18 2015

Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


Abbott’s campaign to kill renewable energy sector

“This is our WorkChoices moment. We will be mobilising, and we’ll be campaigning in marginal seats.”

Unable to disband a financing body it despises, the Abbott government has set about rigging renewable energy investment to fail.



Final fight against same-sex marriage

“Before the last election, Abbott promised the issue would be addressed in this term of parliament. To date, he and his supporters on the far right of the party have done all they can to avoid keeping that promise.”

Opponents of same-sex marriage are mounting a last-ditch campaign to prevent parliament heeding public opinion, Mike Seccombe reports

Abu Khalid al-Amriki’s social media profile image.


Meeting a Daesh jihadist in Syria

“Imagine living in a drug free society. No gays. No prostitution. Where you can leave your business open and no one touches your stuff. I am so honoured to be here.”

Why do young Westerners give up their lives to join Daesh? An American jihadist in Syria describes his “one-way ticket to paradise”.


Vanuatu’s radio’s active decay

In Pacific island nations, radio remains the most accessible news source. But while media is being targeted for development, funding cuts and government interference are threatening its efficacy.

Wendy Bowman, on her farm in Camberwell, NSW.


Standing farm over Ashton Coal’s Camberwell mine

As debate rages about approval of the Shenhua coalmine on the Liverpool Plains, the latest mine expansion in the Hunter Valley has come up against an elderly farmer not inclined to make way.

National League for Democracy chairwoman Aung San Suu Kyi (centre) meets residents during this month’s door-to-door campaigning in Myanmar.


Iran nuclear deal in the sights of critics

Alexis Tsipras’s big fat Greek debt; Aung San Suu Kyi’s party plan; Cattle cuts payback

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Tim Lyons
Why a federal ICAC wouldn’t work

“Establishing a royal commission into governance would be a way for the prime minister and the opposition leader to show some dedication to the public interest.”


Paul Bongiorno
Barnaby Joyce’s undermining over coal

“This ability to deny reality or redefine it to suit your convenience is, for some, the art of politics. For most sane people, it is simply incredible.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Unprincely behaviour

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Helicopter speakering


Abbott policies not selling

Mike Seccombe clearly describes how we have a government that acts as if it believes “clear commitments”, delivered with enough conviction, will never be found to have been lies (“The …

Budget figures won’t add up

Mike Seccombe’s excellent analysis omits a doozy in an accounting trick with the earnings from the Future Fund. The heroic projections for growth in the last budget have been boosted by including …

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Image for article: Last Day in the Dynamite Factory

Annah Faulkner
Last Day in the Dynamite Factory

Image for article: The Girl with the Dogs

Anna Funder
The Girl with the Dogs

Image for article: Pretty Is

Maggie Mitchell
Pretty Is


Image for article: The fashion trend that isn't fading: the peplum


The fashion trend that isn’t fading: the peplum

Styles come and go, but some defy the odds to become long-running trends, such as the ubiquitous peplum.

Image for article: Overseas cosmetic surgery on the rise


Overseas cosmetic surgery on the rise

Australians are heading overseas for cheap cosmetic surgery in booming numbers, despite the death of a Gold Coast woman undergoing surgery in Mexico and repeated warnings about the risks involved.

Image for article: The great defender: Anna Flanagan, 23, hockey player


The great defender: Anna Flanagan, 23, hockey player

Hockeyroo Anna Flanagan on the craziness of Dutch and Argentine hockey fans.

The Quiz

1. What is the process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy?
2. Who are dead according to a play by Tom Stoppard?
3. Which New Zealand-born physicist is credited with splitting the atom?
4. What was the real first name of artist Pro Hart? (Bonus point for naming the Australian city in which he was born.)
5. True or false: the hormone oestrogen is present in men?
6. In what month is Madonna due to tour Australia next year?
7. What was the last thing to remain in Pandora’s box?
8. What city does Table Mountain overlook?  
9. What is the name of the character played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun?
10. According to the nursery rhyme, what does Thursday’s child have?

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“I think the Speaker needs to explain the matter.”

Joe HockeyThe treasurer reaches new heights of understatement as he responds to the $300,000 in expenses Bronwyn Bishop accrued in the past year. Think of the taxi rides Peter Slipper could have taken with that kind of money.


“This is real Magellan, Captain Cook, Columbus stuff. How wouldn’t you be excited by this?”

Ed KruzinsThe director of the Deep Space Communication Complex outside Canberra celebrates NASA’s Pluto flyby, listing all the cool adventurers he could think of who aren’t Captain Kirk.


“It may seem funny. But it is serious, too. The women are sticking their hands up their kilts.”

Kit FraserThe owner of Hootananny in Inverness explains the pub’s trouser policy, introduced to deal with drunken patrons who wanted to see if staff were “real Scotsmen”. The remaining tests involve head-butting and Mel Gibson impersonations.


“Overwhelmingly in Australia, people were walking up off the street and … they’d say, ‘I don’t necessarily vote for you but I agree with you on this one.’ ”

Barnaby JoyceThe agriculture minister explains the outpouring of support he received after threatening to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs. He will now campaign exclusively on a platform of celebrity pet slaughter.


“I’m not talking Alan Jones lingo – I’ve read this thing. Baird hasn’t read it. Tony Abbott hasn’t read it.”

Alan JonesThe shock jock berates Greg Hunt over the documentation on which the Shenhua mine was approved. He did not elaborate on what “Alan Jones lingo” might be, but we presume not using it means Optus didn’t pay for the interview.


“Our son Arthur died on Tuesday evening. He was our beautiful, happy, loving boy.”

Nick CaveThe musician mourns his 15-year-old son, who died this week after falling from a cliff in the British town of Brighton.