August 15 – 21, 2015

Alan Jones celebrating his radio station’s years as Sydney’s top-rating station.


Jonestown’s mass succour

“Jones’s side of politics can get a tougher time from him because they allow him so much room to meddle. ”

Alan Jones is again dictating government policy. And in Tony Abbott he has not just a deferential politician, he has a sycophant.



Inside controversial rideshare firm Uber’s radical model

“Kalanick ignored local regulations, confident he could mobilise Uber customers into an effective political force.”

Rideshare company Uber’s aggressive fight against the taxi industry and the tax office has caught governments off guard.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott this week.


Liberty the loser in the modern-day Liberal Party

Liberalism and the Liberal Party are becoming mutually exclusive, as Tony Abbott digs in over same-sex marriage and climate policy.


Smoking ban set to inflame larger issues in prisons

“Not to put too fine a point on it, NSW prisons are an overcrowded, under-resourced shambles.”

A ban on cigarettes in NSW prisons sparked fears of insurrection, but questions have arisen over the effectiveness of such policies and the greater problem of overcrowded facilities.


Detention centre doctors stare down prosecution

“The moral dilemma for doctors, nurses and teachers is: do I help these people, despite the fact what’s being done to them is torture?”

Doctors who have worked in immigration detention show no sign of being silenced, despite the possible prosecution of those who speak out.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe this week.


All eyes on Japan’s Shinzō Abe for VP Day anniversary

China’s economy baffles the experts; ABC changes overseas; what Princely reward for Charles?

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Guy Rundle
The political caste playing student politics in Canberra

“We have reached the point where all the key roles in both chambers of parliament are occupied by former student politicians. These are people who have had almost no job but politics.”


Paul Bongiorno
Out of plebiscite, out of mind

“Turnbull spoke for many in the party room when he pointed out that rather than taking marriage equality off the agenda, Abbott has ensured it will be an issue up to the election and beyond.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Kenny or can’t he?

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Heydon’s whorl


Nasim’s death must be investigated

Thank you for your story about Nasim’s life and death (Abdul Karim Hekmat, “How this man died in detention”, August 8-14). I am one of the Yongah Hill visitors. We didn’t …

Experts guiding behaviour change

Martin McKenzie-Murray (“Hidden politics of family violence”, August 8-14) unfortunately hasn’t done his homework in critiquing men’s behaviour change programs and the approach …

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Image for article: Winter salads


Winter salads

Two twists on the classics: cauliflower and curd, and reimagining the Waldorf.


Image for article: The World Without Us

Mireille Juchau
The World Without Us

Image for article: Please Don’t Leave Me Here

Tania Chandler
Please Don’t Leave Me Here

Image for article: Australian Confederates

Terry Smyth
Australian Confederates


Image for article: Biohackers at the DIY BioFoundry


Biohackers at the DIY BioFoundry

Meet the team of biohackers useing a DIY lab to probe the possibilities of modifying natural biology, and the ethics of doing so.

Image for article: Jerusalem Syndrome in the Holy City


Jerusalem Syndrome in the Holy City

Visiting the Holy City can trigger a psychological reaction that takes some devout visitors back in time.

Image for article: Diamond life: Erin Bell, 28, netballer


Diamond life: Erin Bell, 28, netballer

Goal attack Erin Bell prepares to put her body on the line for netball’s World Cup.

The Quiz

1. Which opera features the aria “Nessun dorma”? (Bonus point for naming who wrote the opera.)
2. Which is the closest planet to the Sun to be orbited by a moon?
3. In which country was the Rastafari religion developed?
4. Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist of which fictional series?
5. It’s The Girls is the 14th studio album of which artist?
6. Which American city was devastated by an earthquake in 1906?
7. Allegations of child abuse were reportedly made in the 1990s against which former British prime minister?
8. How many times has Chris Froome won the Tour de France?
9. What is the alcoholic ingredient  of a Tom Collins?
10. Name the secretary-general of the United Nations.

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“If there was any possibility that the event could be described as a Liberal Party event he will be unable to give the address, at least whilst he is in the position of royal commissioner.”

StatementDyson Heydon cancels his appearance at the Sir Garfield Barwick Address. In fairness, it’s hard to be absolutely certain it’s a Liberal fundraiser until Bronwyn’s chopper touches down.


“There’s certainly some people out there trying to discredit me.”

Eddie McGuireThe broadcaster dismisses any claims of racism attached to his calling Victoria’s sports minister a “soccer-loving, Turkish-born Mussie”. Of the people trying to discredit McGuire, few could be as persuasive as McGuire himself.


“He’s a dropkick.”

Josh FrydenburgThe assistant treasurer assesses Donald Trump’s credentials. If only one could say he didn’t know what he was talking about.


“I drank water made from human faeces.”

Bill GatesThe Microsoft co-founder describes a machine to bring clean drinking water to the developing world. It’s also a neat description of the user experience on Internet Explorer 6.


“Without coal we’d be huddled around peat fires on the muddy banks of the Thames dying of dysentery instead of ordering pizzas on mobile phones and flying off to Noosa.”

Nick CaterThe columnist rages against the divestment of fossil fuels. Without News Corp, of course, we’d probably be huddled around an effective market-based mechanism to reduce emissions.


“I personally think the guy’s living in the stone ages.”

Jack BlackThe entertainer questions Tony Abbott’s stance on same-sex marriage. Note: when Shallow Hal is calling you backward, you are in real trouble.