September 5, 2015

Australian Border Force commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg (left), Immigration Minister Peter Dutton (centre) and PM Tony Abbott.


Inside Border Force’s power

“Immigration didn’t bring Customs into its bosom, Customs absorbed Immigration into its bowel.”

Border Force is the contrivance of a knot of ambitious bureaucrats whose aim is to militarise Immigration.



Secret freeze on refugee citizenship processes

The government has ceased processing citizenship applications from boat-arrival refugees entitled to become Australians, leaving hundreds in limbo.

Tony Abbott (standing, centre) looks on as China’s Gao Hucheng and Australia’s Andrew Robb sign the free trade agreement between the two countries.


Shorten politicising the China free trade deal

As unions attempt to discredit the trade deal with China, Bill Shorten must carefully weigh its post-byelection benefits.


Abbott’s rules of distraction on lawfare and ChAFTA

“The argument will be: ‘We’d create more jobs if only these people would let us get on with it.’ ”

The government’s ‘lawfare’ rhetoric is part of a deliberate effort to shift blame for slow wages growth and high unemployment onto environmental groups and others.

Institute for Economics and Peace founder Steve Killelea.


Steve Killelea on the Global Peace Index

“You have a military for one of two purposes: you’ve got a fear of violence and you need to protect yourself, or you want to use it.”

Entrepreneur Steve Killelea talks about his Global Peace Index, a comparison of nations including factors such as prison populations and ease of access to small arms.

Refugees walk to Greece’s border with Macedonia last week.


Compassion in face of EU refugee crisis

Syria in firing line; Egypt’s hard line on journos remains; Indonesia cuts no-go zone red tape.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Tony Windsor
Abbott’s war on governance

“The summons from cabinet for weekly security announcements until the next election can only be seen in one light – the political need to frighten people.”


Paul Bongiorno
More cracks in Abbott’s cabinet

“Arthur Sinodinos gave the ministerial disunity story a huge blast of oxygen. He would not have done so without full knowledge of the ramifications. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: The old police ties that bind

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Grim tide


Devout leaders line pews

Mike Seccombe’s piece “Abbott and the Christian Right” (August 29-September 4) was stimulating and timely. However, many serious practising Christians in Australia – mainline Protestant …

Two notable Catholics out of step

In “Abbott and the Christian Right”, Mike Seccombe points out that Tony Abbott’s Catholicism is not that of the Pope. Does that make him a heretic or a schismatic? And what about …

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Image for article: Flourless chocolate torta caprese


Flourless chocolate torta caprese

The simple pleasure of an Italian flourless chocolate cake.


Image for article: Purity

Jonathan Franzen

Image for article: Fever of Animals

Miles Allinson
Fever of Animals

Image for article: Fair Food

Nick Rose (ed.)
Fair Food


Image for article: DBJ’s Science and Graduate School of Health Building, UTS


DBJ’s Science and Graduate School of Health Building, UTS

UTS’s latest refurbishment ripples alongside a new green courtyard as it pulls natural light within.

Image for article: Greece’s Simonos Petras monastery


Greece’s Simonos Petras monastery

Will a pilgrimage in the country of his forebears provide divine liberation for a heartbroken Melburnian?

Image for article: Iron maiden: Courtney Hancock, 26, iron woman


Iron maiden: Courtney Hancock, 26, iron woman

The three-time Nutri-Grain IronWoman champion talks about life on – and under – the waves.

The Quiz

1. Pierre-Auguste are the given names of which French-born artist, born in 1841?
2. Doha is the capital of which Persian Gulf country?
3. What type of creature is Harry Potter’s pet, Hedwig?
4. Which golfer won the US PGA Championship last month?
5. What is the medical term for lateral curvature of the spine?
6. Who is the author of the Poldark series of historical novels?
7. What is the name for a nest of wasps?
8. Which band’s albums include Rio, Medazzaland and the soon-to-be-released Paper Gods? (Bonus point for naming the band’s lead vocalist.)
9. Who was the first Australian woman elected to the house of representatives?
10. How many stars feature on the flag of China?

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“The Nazis did terrible evil but they had sufficient sense of shame to try and hide it.”

Tony AbbottThe prime minister condemns Daesh. It follows on from calling Bill Shorten Dr Goebbels, which he did in March, and accusing Labor of a jobs Holocaust, which he did in February.


“You are always going to have some fringe whingers and the fact is you just have to push on and focus on what matters.”

Joe HockeyThe treasurer dismisses leaks, especially those suggesting he might lose his job. Because nothing is as fringe as being a minister in Abbott’s cabinet.


“The reality is that there is a bit of a jihad being conducted by Fairfax at the moment.”

Peter DuttonThe minister for immigration complains about negative coverage attracted by his incompetence. The fact is he wouldn’t know a jihad if it were home-delivered seven days a week.


“Although he did not raise the issue, his aide called Edgard afterward and noted that Rudd had not heard from S, and would have hoped for a sympathetic call.”

Jeffrey BleichThe then US ambassador to Australia reports in a leaked email on Kevin Rudd’s desire to hear from Hillary Clinton after losing the leadership. He adds that he has “no strong point of view” on this, and that Obama has already called.


“It was a challenge but the sheep was calm and the vets gave it a mild sedation before we started the shear.”

Ian ElkinsThe four-time Australian Shearing Championship winner on shearing 42.3 kilograms of wool off a rogue sheep found wandering outside Canberra.


“Dad died peacefully in his sleep early this morning, surrounded by family. He lived a full life.”

Anthony CummingsThe son of horse trainer Bart Cummings announces his father’s death. The “Cups King” was 87.