September 26, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull flanked by members of his new ministry.


Malcolm Turnbull: just a humble cabinet-maker

Balancing enemies and allies, Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet lays the groundwork for reform while holding the party together.



Leadership change sparks civil war at News Corp

“It must have been particularly galling that when the new PM started doing the rounds of the interviewers, he began with the ABC AM, and finished with 7.30. ”

The commentators who thought Tony Abbott was their champion are desperately looking for relevance after the coup.


NSW Greens see red over Lee Rhiannon sidelining

A perceived snub to Lee Rhiannon has sparked a fresh storm for the Australian Greens.

Retiring Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes.


Adam Goodes’ bipartisan career ends but legacy will live on

His stellar career has lately been dogged by controversy, but Adam Goodes retires as a proud Indigenous man calling out his code’s racist underbelly.


Sexuality and Islam

“It’s still upsetting to know that you can’t really be yourself. You have to live as if your identities are mutually exclusive.”

Gay Muslims in the West can face lack of acceptance within their families and their religion, as well as experiencing wider prejudice against their faith, fostering a complex and contradictory identity.

Rocky beach near Bingie Bingie Point, NSW.


Indigenous fishing rights caught in the net

Coastal Aborigines claim they are being harassed by police and fisheries officers for harvesting seafood that is their cultural entitlement, with prosecutions then dropped to avoid a native title precedent.


Labour rules may work against ChAFTA

TPP a farmers’ market; US asks Xi to stop Chinese hackers; Freedom and kleptocracy; Putin’s hand in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to officers at military exercises in Russia last week.



Tim Winton
Rise for the oceans

“A government that had hoped to undermine the national consensus about the preciousness of our reef found that these people, this nation, is not for turning. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Malcolm Turnbull a class war act

“One of Labor’s key strategists says they don’t have to be explicit in playing to class envy; it is already happening. Everyone knows Turnbull is a ‘rich dude’.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Dark knight in Camelot

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Dutton for punishment


Hard-right Liberals shown the door

The election of Malcolm Turnbull was a triumph of political sanity over the disastrous two years of the Abbott experiment (Sophie Morris, “End of an error: how Turnbull triumphed”, September …

Abbott’s rotten legacy

As I read this week’s editorial (“Kicking the Abbott”, September 19-25) I let out an almighty sigh of relief: an accurate version of Abbott’s prime ministerial résumé …

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Image for article: Apple galette


Apple galette

From an almost bare pantry comes a spontaneous treat.


Image for article: Faction Man:  Bill Shorten’s  Path to Power

David Marr
Faction Man: Bill Shorten’s Path to Power

Image for article: Submission

Michel Houellebecq

Image for article: Rush Oh!

Shirley Barrett
Rush Oh!


Image for article: Bassike joins Flannel, Aesop and AUST in LA's Venice Beach


Bassike joins Flannel, Aesop and AUST in LA’s Venice Beach

Australian labels such as Bassike are hitting their mark in LA’s boho-turned-boutique-loving Venice Beach.

Image for article: An obligatory gondola ride on the canals of Venice


An obligatory gondola ride on the canals of Venice

In  Venice, everyone’s romantic sojourn provides the picture-postcard moments of everyone else’s.

Image for article: Defence department: Lee Spurr, 28, Australian rules footballer


Defence department: Lee Spurr, 28, Australian rules footballer

Late-bloomer Lee Spurr on hitting his straps with the Fremantle Dockers.

The Quiz

1. The line “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” is from which Shakespeare play?
2. Etymology is the study of what?
3. What plant is the emblem of Encyclopaedia Britannica?
4. A hologram of which singer will take to the stage next year to perform her greatest hits?
5. The majority of Sri Lankans adhere to which religion: (a) Hinduism; (b) Islam; (c) Buddhism; or (d) Christianity? (Bonus point for naming what product Sri Lanka is the world’s second-largest exporter of.)
6.  “When You Wish Upon a Star” is a song from which children’s film?
7. Who is known as the Father of Medicine?
8. What is a polygon with three sides called?
9. How many years of marriage are celebrated on a silver wedding anniversary?
10. Andrew Fekete and Cameron Bancroft are members of which Australian sports team?

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“I can just quote to you from Thucydides’ work, two and a half thousand years ago.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister draws back through history in his praise of war correspondents, skipping over another line often attributed to Thucydides: “It is frequently a misfortune to have very brilliant men in charge of affairs.”


“I don’t think they’ve done it for fun reasons, they’ve done it for dumb reasons.”

John LeeThe South Sydney Rabbitohs chief executive runs through all of the reasons for taking drugs, after a suspected overdose of prescription medication put Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray in intensive care.


“I want to move on with my life and do something where I get my own voice.”

Peta CredlinThe chief of staff to former prime minister Tony Abbott on her next move. Speaking of own voices, much of cabinet is feeling the same way.


“I don’t know what the point of Tony Abbott was but it was fun while it lasted. It was like taking heroin – it was incredibly exhilarating, and it was right that you stopped.”

John OliverThe satirist parses Australia’s former prime minister, making a strong case for the installation of blue lights in voting booths.


“I am absolutely overjoyed.”

Peter GresteThe foreign correspondent learns that his Al Jazeera colleagues, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, have been pardoned and freed from prison in Egypt.


“I am also conscious of the courage with which you have faced difficult moments in the recent history of the church in this country.”

Pope FrancisThe leader of the Catholic Church addresses America’s response to clergy abuse, applying a broad definition of courage that seems to include the bravery required to hinder police investigations and terrorise victims.