October 3 - 9, 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


The Arthur Sinodinos-Malcolm Turnbull plan for the Coalition

It was not just his popularity that won Malcolm Turnbull the leadership. There was also a long-running plan to reboot policy.



The IPA and other losers of the Tony Abbott guard

“I always thought Abbott just wasn't bright enough to chair cabinet. And I suspect Rudd thought he was too bright. The concern among those who want Turnbull to succeed is that he might be a little too much like Rudd. ”

The change of prime minister has fundamentally altered the influence of the IPA and other far-right groups and individuals in Canberra.

Family First Senator Bob Day.


Family First and the parties rallying the right

Angry at the tearing down of a conservative PM, traditionalist parties of the right are hoping to at least benefit by attracting disaffected Liberal voters, or even a notable backbencher.

A great white shark.


Global shark experts meet in Sydney to discuss rising attacks

International marine experts met this week to discuss the rising number of shark attacks in Australian waters and the technological innovations that may help to prevent them.

Rosie Batty after findings in the Luke Batty coronial inquest were handed down this week.


The shadow of  tragedy hangs over Luke Batty inquest

Hindsight and evaluation cannot alter the fate of Luke Batty. But a coroner’s report into his ‘unforeseeable’ murder has at least identified systemic failings in the handling of mental illness and domestic violence.

US President Barack Obama greets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week.


Vladimir Putin lifts Russian presence in the Middle East

Kunduz captured; US loses control but Obama soars; drug ship queries; Train gets navy intel back on track.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



James Brown
The deepening Syria quagmire

“Two principles should guide Australia’s future engagement on the Syrian conflict: a great deal more diplomatic effort, rather than military; and a much stronger dose of pragmatism.”


Paul Bongiorno
Turnbull’s gritted self-belief

“In a disturbing development for the Labor narrative that nothing has changed but the leader, Turnbull has parted ways with Abbott’s chief business adviser, Maurice Newman.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: A spot on the Black list

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Bitter resignation


Smallest victims of our treatment

Not only is “concern” not “metastasis[ing] into decency” (Editorial, “Dutton for punishment”, September 26-October 2) in the treatment of asylum seekers, even …

Song the same for Morrison

Sophie Morris has done a superb analysis (“Just a humble cabinet-maker”, September 26-October 2) on Malcolm Turnbull’s wise softly softly approach to reform to placate the Nationals …

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Image for article: Australia’s Second Chance

George Megalogenis
Australia’s Second Chance

Image for article: The Natural Way of Things

Charlotte Wood
The Natural Way of Things

Image for article: Tram 83

Fiston Mwanza
Tram 83


Image for article: Over-medicalisation: doing more harm than good


Over-medicalisation: doing more harm than good

Is a growing tendency to overprescribe tests and treatments turning the elderly into ‘professional patients’?

Image for article: Across the Simpson Desert by camel


Across the Simpson Desert by camel

Steeped in mystery and romanticism, Australia’s deserts unveil their secrets to those patient enough to traverse them on foot.

Image for article: Marathon man: Kurt Fearnley, 34, wheelchair athlete


Marathon man: Kurt Fearnley, 34, wheelchair athlete

Champion wheelchair athlete Kurt Fearnley on turning a disability into a strength.

The Quiz

1. Mahouts and oozies are the trainers of what?
2. The Pillars of Islam call for how many daily prayers?
3. True or false: Olivia Newton-John once competed in the Eurovision Song Contest.
4. What unit is used to measure the height of horses and ponies?
5. What is the name of the large, triangular bone at the base of the spine?
6. Name Australia’s new minister for defence? (Bonus point for naming how many women in Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet.)
7. In American football, a touchdown is worth how many points?
8. Which director links the films A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and The Hills Have Eyes?
9. Which English artist is known for artworks of animals preserved in formaldehyde?
10. What is the zip code of the Los Angeles suburb Beverly Hills?

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“The ABC has become increasingly left wing. Blatantly so.”

Barry Humphries

The self-satirising former satirist tells The Australian newspaper about media bias.


“My family have been nothing but supportive all the way through, of everything but my hair.”

Nat FyfeThe Fremantle footballer celebrates winning the Brownlow Medal. In fairness to his parents, he does look like he has lost a bet.


“If he stood and no one else did, we’d back him.”

John KeyThe New Zealand prime minister outlines the circumstances in which he would support Kevin Rudd to be United Nations secretary-general. Which is as close to an endorsement as Rudd has come.


“If I win, they’re going back.”

Donald TrumpThe Republican front-runner explains his plan for Syrian refugees living in the United States. Going back is also his plan on living standards and the rights of minority groups. The only thing going forward, frankly, is his hair.


“There’s obviously been a lot of dirty water under the bridge.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister continues his whistle-stop tour of conservative radio stations. It’s not fair to say that he’s white-anting, in that white ants are much more subtle.


“My 25-year history of peaceful, prayerful action speaks for itself.”

Troy NewmanThe anti-abortion campaigner complains that his visa to enter Australia was cancelled. He said the decision was “based on a pile of lies”. Much like his activism.