November 7-13, 2015

Labor leader Bill Shorten during a caucus meeting.


Bill Shorten’s life with a 17 per cent approval rating

With an appalling approval rating, but protected by Labor’s leadership rules, Bill Shorten must persuade the public he’s a man of ideas.



James Hardie’s Baryulgil asbestos mining ‘genocide’

“With the Baryulgil mob, they weren’t expected to live long enough to get the disease.”

As the next generation of a northern NSW Aboriginal community waits for signs of fatal disease caused by asbestos, compensation remains non-existent.

Prince Of Penzance’s jockey Michelle Payne with her strapper brother  Stevie Payne after winning the 2015 Melbourne Cup.


Michelle Payne inspires but fog of sleaze surrounds horseracing

“This year, in Victoria alone, five prominent trainers are facing suspension for racing horses with exceptional cobalt levels. A sixth man, veterinarian Dr Tom Brennan, admitted this year to providing false evidence in inquiries. ”

For all the heartwarming stories to come out of Tuesday’s historic Melbourne Cup, a cloud of impurity hovers over the ‘closed culture’ of the racing industry.

Harun Causevic leaves Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in August after terrorism charges against him were dropped.


Harun Causevic and the danger of control orders

As the government prepares to lower the age at which control orders can be applied to include 14-year-olds, critics question the use of a policy that upturns the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.


Big Australia’s date with density

“'Density is the solution, not the problem,' Turnbull said, although he allowed that 'it must be density coupled with amenity.' The vision, put bluntly, is this: they’re coming for our backyards.”

Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi en route to an NLD election rally in Yangon this week.


Myanmar power beckons for Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party

China boosts KMT; Turkish Kurds used in election; Hague to ponder South China Sea disputes; CCP members’ golf ban

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



James Brown
Summit silly season for global leaders begins with G20

“Right now, officials in capital cities the world over are scheduling, briefing and fretting over the feast of looming diplomatic jamborees.”


Paul Bongiorno
Goods and nervousness: Turnbull’s GST gamble

“Peter Hendy’s assessment about the cost of electioneering on big tax reform is shared by veteran Liberals who remember 1998 with a shiver up their spines.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Delicious and de-lovely

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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State of redress


Morrison upfront about approach

Thank you, Sophie Morris, for reminding us of Treasurer Scott Morrison’s recent remark to Annabel Crabb that his pre-election brutality towards refugees was to make both them and people smugglers …

Duo comparison stretches credulity

It was bemusing to read the comparison of Turnbull and Morrison to Hawke and Keating (“The Coalition’s new power pact”). There is absolutely no comparison. Hawke and Keating …

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Image for article: Tonkatsu sandwiches


Tonkatsu sandwiches

More than just a schnitzel, tonkatsu makes the perfect Japanese sandwich.


Image for article: The Brain Electric

Malcolm Gay
The Brain Electric

Image for article: A is for Arsenic

Kathryn Harkup
A is for Arsenic

Image for article: The Unseen Anzac

Jeff Maynard
The Unseen Anzac


Image for article: La Houge Bie and the Jersey War Tunnels, in the Channel Islands


La Houge Bie and the Jersey War Tunnels, in the Channel Islands

To appreciate the extraordinary ancient and modern history of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, you’ve got to dig below the surface.

Image for article: Blindness risk as myopia heads towards epidemic levels


Blindness risk as myopia heads towards epidemic levels

In some nations, a staggering 90 per cent of teenagers are short-sighted, but perhaps the problem could be arrested by simply sending children outside.

Image for article: Golden boot: James Troisi, 27, soccer player


Golden boot: James Troisi, 27, soccer player

Socceroo James Troisi on the World Cup qualifiers and the emerging Australian style.

The Quiz

1. Which book of the New Testament follows the Gospels?
2. Which country is the largest producer of coffee in the world?
3. Oscar De La Hoya is a former champion in which sport?
4. What four-letter colour is a dark or purplish brown?
5. Career of Evil is the latest crime novel by which writer?
6. Which of these countries’ flags is not red and white: (a) Monaco; (b) Austria; (c) Bangladesh; or (d) Turkey?
7. Name the recently elected prime minister of Canada. (Bonus point for naming the outgoing prime minister.)
8. How many degrees in a right angle?
9. In which US state did the shootout at OK Corral take place?
10. What is the accepted normal body temperature for a human being?

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“They said, ‘Trust me, this is in your best interest to do what we say, we’re the guys who got Eddie Obeid’ … I don’t watch the news so I didn’t know who Eddie Obeid was.”

Sophia TilleyThe girlfriend of NSW crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen’s son explains how ICAC officers seized her phone.


“I want to say to everyone else, get stuffed, because women can do anything and we can beat the world.”

Michelle PayneThe first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup talks about chauvinism in the industry.


“It’s fair to say it still will be a male-dominated sport, that’s the way it’s been for a long time and the sooner people get their heads around that the better.”

Glen BossThe jockey, who didn’t ride in this year’s Melbourne Cup, talks about the woman who won the Melbourne Cup.


“If they want to do that on a stage, that’s fine. But when someone from the public rushes up with a handkerchief...”

Ian MacdonaldThe senator complains that a witness appeared to cry under his questioning during public hearings of the inquiry into arts funding.


“I think that the test of whether any set of measures is fair is going to be whether people look at it and say, ‘Yep, that seems fair enough.’ ”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister spells out his equality test for tax reform. A similar principle works for measuring quantities when baking.


“To achieve the surplus our plan is to ensure that expenditure is less than revenue.”

Scott MorrisonThe treasurer helps to explain complex economic reasoning. The logic is compelling.