Why Turnbull’s COP21 Paris talks won’t save renewable sector

“He said when he took the prime ministership he would not roll back the anti- solar, anti-renewables and anti-climate policies. And he’s been true to his word. He has not done anything to roll it back.”

Malcolm Turnbull is signing up for global clean energy innovation, while pushing to dismantle the local sector’s funding.




The truth about Australia’s Ebola hospital

“The decision to outsource the response to a private provider was taken without the usual tendering processes. Inexplicably, though, the Health Department played no role in the decision.”

A year on from the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, Australia’s slow, privatised and ineffective response has come in for questioning.



Testifying against child sexual abuse at royal commission

The latest round of royal commission hearings bear witness to despicable cover-ups and blatant disregard for victims.



One Syrian refugee’s new life in Australia

Amid conservative calls to cancel the resettlement of 12,000 Syrian refugees in Australia following the Paris attacks, one man prepares to start his new life in Sydney.



Ending the silence on suicide

“I do think suicide should be reported and a count kept because then the extent of the problem – like the road toll – becomes clear.”

It’s long been a taboo subject, rarely spoken of in public and deliberately withheld from media reports. Now experts are seeking to destigmatise suicide – and help those at risk – by encouraging open, honest and sensitive conversation about what drives someone to want to take their own life.



Turnbull’s new team changes foreign tack

Challenge to Philippine presidential candidate Grace Poe. Japan resumes whaling. Vanuatu corruption claims a third of parliament. Yemeni island bans popular narcotic.




Chris Fotinopoulos
The right to die at home

“I remember the hospice nurse telling me, ‘We will all face this moment in our life.’ To which I asked, ‘Yes, but why here? Why can’t life end in the place that means everything to this dying person?’”



Paul Bongiorno
PM Malcolm Turnbull hits a rough spot with Mal Brough

“Why would Turnbull give the portfolio of special minister of state to a man who has a cloud over his treatment of the very institutions he is now charged with administering?”



Brough justice

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flys about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Tax craven



An education in tolerance

Thank you for that editorial you wrote about a disgraceful lack of human empathy (“ ‘Left like a dog, to die’ ”, November 28-December 4) and you rightfully pointed out that we all …


Australia pays a price for port deal

Sophie Morris’s article, “Port in a storm” (November 21-27), points to a much larger problem afflicting Australia. Darwin is Australia’s gateway to Asia. Australia and …

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Daniel Johns pushes forward with debut solo album, Talk

Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns’ ‘future soul’ album Talk is likely to be just his latest remodelling.


Joshua Oppenheimer’s ‘The Look of Silence’

A documentary examining Indonesia’s anti-communist purges in the mid-'60s highlights the repression of the nation’s history and its lasting effects.


Unceasing wonder

Forgiveness in the face of personal suffering.




History lives on through interactive holography

Major advances in holography are the foundation of a project to preserve stories of Holocaust survivors for future generations as an interactive, personal experience.



Speaking Inuktitut: just mind your Js and Qs

Crossing the Arctic’s Northwest Passage is difficult enough, but an even greater challenge lies in the local language, Inuktitut.



Higher goals: Sam Kerr, 22, soccer player

Matildas player Sam Kerr on the game she loves and the battle for fair pay.



Garry Kasparov
Winter Is Coming


Gloria Steinem
My Life on the Road


Nicki Reed
Unmarry Me

The Quiz

1. Who sings the theme song for the new Bond film, Spectre? (Bonus point for naming the song.)
2. The island of Corsica is part of which country?
3. What is the name of the plantation in Gone with the Wind?
4. According to Greek mythology, who went in search of the Golden Fleece?
5. What is the name for a mammal that lays eggs?
6. How many Test cricket wickets did Mitchell Johnson take: (a) 313; (b) 413; or (c) 513?
7. Which US president proclaimed December 7, 1941, “a date which will live in infamy”?
8. Who did opera singer Joan Sutherland marry in 1954?
9. A Scouser hails from which English city?
10. The collarbone is also known by  what name?



“If we want to cut the head off the hydra that is extremism in this country, we’ve got to identify where the funding for it comes from.”

Cory BernardiThe Liberal senator complains that his inquiry to link halal certification to terrorism found no link between halal certification and terrorism. Links between the right wing of the Liberal Party and ill-informed bigotry are still being probed.


“Julie Bishop’s claim that the cabinet was solidly behind me was rendered ridiculous by the leaking that so obviously took place.”

Tony AbbottThe former PM defends his government by highlighting the parlous state of his government, rejecting any polite suggestions to the contrary.


“This behaviour is more juvenile activity and quite bizarre.”

Anthony SpenceThe magistrate upbraids a production assistant from SBS’s Dateline, Nicholas Hogan, 32, for drinking 10 pints and then posting on Facebook that he would kill a police officer “in the name of Allah”. Hogan’s lawyers said it was “Chaser-style” satire and he was “very intoxicated”.


“I doubt Father Vallejo Balda would have slept with me because he does not go for women.”

Francesca ChaouquiThe public relations expert the Pope hired for the Vatican’s anti-sleaze committee, who faces prison for allegedly leaking against the Vatican, denies having sex with the priest who is alleged to have leaked with her.


“When a major international manufacturer decides they will unilaterally force through a price hike without justification, we will resist that.”

Coles spokesmanThe supermarket chain complains of rises in the cost of Tim Tams and Campbell’s stocks. Because they would never use their market position to unfairly set prices.


“Chris Kenny loses a media column. Chris Mitchell gains a media column. I don’t think my Monday mornings are going to change that much.”

Mark ScottThe ABC’s managing director greets news that The Australian’s outgoing editor-in-chief will write a column. Mitchell is replaced in the top job by Daily Telegraph editor Paul “Boris” Whittaker.