January 30 – February 5, 2016

Senator Bill Heffernan.


Friction between factions as disunity threatens Liberal Party

“The oldest rule in politics is that disunity is death, and the NSW branch of the Liberal Party is now looking very disunited indeed.”

A 30-year war that is once again spilling over destroys Malcolm Turnbull’s claim the Liberal Party is free from factional infighting and backroom deals.



Inside corrupt sports betting

“I spoke with someone from an illegal gambling syndicate, and these guys are worth five times the value of Adidas.”

Recent allegations concerning top-level tennis highlight a growing market in corruption that goes hand in hand with a rise in online gambling.

The screen at a stock brokerage in Huaibei, China, shows falling prices in January.


Australia’s two economies

The mining sector rides waves of China's confidence, while the rest of the country enjoys jobs growth and affordable prices. Does it make sense to speak of an ‘Australian economy’?

An armed  Afif Sunakim during January’s attacks in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.


Jakarta terrorism’s roots in oppressed Aceh

“This is the blowback from a long forgotten war. The Jakarta bombers were willing to die for revenge at what they see as justified retribution for the suffering they have endured.”

January’s Jakarta terrorist attacks have their roots in the oppression and unrest of Aceh’s hidden war.

A protester holding an anti-racism sign is removed from a Donald Trump campaign rally in Iowa this week.


First stop, Iowa, as primaries get started

Demographic insecurity. Australian submarine tender.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Quentin Dempster
ABC appoints Michelle Guthrie after flawed selection process

“Only two people were interviewed by the full ABC board for leadership of Australia’s “most trusted and creative media organisation” and the salary of about $1 million that goes with it.”


Paul Bongiorno
Tony Abbott leading the conservative fight from the backbench

“Instead of merely being a lightning rod for internal dissent, Abbott intends to lead it in public as well. He knows he won’t be returning to the ministry. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Victims of Sharri law

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Absent empathy


Palmer must pay for mistakes

While most people have no objection to an individual or company enjoying great profits as a result of clever business acumen, the notion that an individual or company has the private right to these profits …

Actions done in our name

In light of the alleged apparent official indifference over a long period to the plight of Behnam Satah by Australian government ministers (Di Cousens, “Manus witness warned: ‘It’s very …

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Image for article: Hamburgers with zucchini pickle


Hamburgers with zucchini pickle

A well-built hamburger is a beautiful thing.


Image for article: The High Places

Fiona McFarlane
The High Places

Image for article: The High Mountains of Portugal

Yann Martel
The High Mountains of Portugal

Image for article: The North Water

Ian McGuire
The North Water


Image for article: The unwelcome guest


The unwelcome guest

The author's prognosis for a brain tumour was blunt: there was no cure. It is a fact she has been making sense of since.

Image for article: A tour of Mumbai’s Dharavi slums


A tour of Mumbai’s Dharavi slums

Mumbai's sprawling Dharavi slums are a key manufacturing centre.

Image for article: Playing for peace: Ali Abbas, 29, soccer player


Playing for peace: Ali Abbas, 29, soccer player

Soccer player Ali Abbas on putting religion aside and playing to make people happier.

The Quiz

1. Which Stevie Wonder hit features the lyric: “Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past.”
2. The Mantiqueira Mountains lie on which continent?
3. Marmoset, macaque and mandrill are all types of what animal?
4. Born in London in 1947, David Robert Jones was better known by what stage name?
5. Alexis Tsipras is the prime minister of which country?
6. What city is home to Columbia University?
7. Valentina Tereshkova is best known for what achievement?
8. Most commercial canned baked beans are made using which variety of bean?
9. Who is the youngest Australian Open tennis singles champion? (Bonus point for naming the oldest.)
10. On the Australian Securities Exchange, which company has the ticker code WOW?

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“I’ll fuck that dog. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t have a sexuality.”

Mitchell PearceThe captain of the Sydney Roosters celebrates Australia Day by attempting to kiss a woman, simulating sex on her dog and then urinating on himself, which is an admittedly avant-garde re-enactment of the First Fleet entering Port Jackson.


“I felt really sad that they did not have the courage to go with an LGBTI person. I thought it was time.”

Cate McGregorThe transgender activist complains she was not made Australian of the Year. She called David Morrison “a weak and conventional choice” – like Patrick White in 1973, who was quite LGBTI.


“Google et al broke no tax laws. Now paying token amounts for PR purposes. Won’t work. Need strong new laws to pay like the rest of us.”

Rupert MurdochThe billionaire complains about the few hundred million in British back taxes paid by Google, somewhat ignoring the pathetic amount of tax his own companies pay.


“In Tasmania these days, there are harsher penalties for saving a tree than for endangering a child.”

Bob BrownThe former Greens leader reflects on being arrested at a peaceful protest to protect the Lapoinya forest from logging in North-West Tasmania. He faces five years in prison.


“Talk about innovation without a commitment to quality education is just talk.”

Bill ShortenThe opposition leader announces Labor would fund further rollout of the Gonski plan if elected. In fairness, though, pretty much everything said in opposition is “just talk”.


“That artist of yours is no good. He’s made me look like a big, fat, greedy cunt.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe then businessman allegedly upbraiding gallery owner Ray Hughes over a portrait by Lewis Miller. Hughes is said to have replied: “He is a realist painter, you know.”