February 6 – 12, 2016


President Barack Obama meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last month.


An open-cut mine in Queensland, one of thousands that will require rehabilitation.
International Trade Union Confederation chief Sharan Burrow.
Plaintiff M68’s Australian-born daughter, who now faces deportation to Nauru.
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz embraces his wife, Heidi Cruz, after winning the Iowa caucus this week.


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Forecasting Larry Marshall


Domestic violence toll underreported

Re “Lateral damage” (Jill Singer, January 23-29), in addition to the reported two women a week being killed by a person known to them, I was told by a nurse who worked with families …

Sharing the journey

I wept as I read Georgia Blain’s article (“The unwelcome guest”, January 30-February 5). I wept for my friend who was also diagnosed with a glioblastoma last September. As I read Georgia’s …

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Image for article: The Noise of Time

Julian Barnes
The Noise of Time

Image for article: A Murder without Motive

Martin McKenzie-Murray
A Murder without Motive

Image for article: The Interpreter

Diego Marani
The Interpreter


Image for article: Granny’s home


Granny’s home

Why memories of a Scottish grandmother’s solid love and sturdy wisdom remain strong.

Image for article: Finding family in Salt Lake City


Finding family in Salt Lake City

Thanks to its vast genealogical archives in Salt Lake City, the Mormon Church provides a peerless facility for tracing ancestry.

Image for article: Wild ride: Toby Price, 28, off-road motorcycle racer


Wild ride: Toby Price, 28, off-road motorcycle racer

Dakar Rally winner Toby Price on the thrill of racing and the pain of broken bones.

The Quiz

1. On which Caribbean island was singer Rihanna born?
2. What is the world’s largest flightless bird: (a) ostrich, (b) emu, or (c) cassowary?
3. Which team won the 2016 Big Bash League championship?
4. The BART public rail system operates in which United States city?
5. How many films are nominated for this year’s Best Picture Oscar?
6. In electronics, what does the abbreviation LCD stand for? (Bonus point for naming what LED stands for.)
7. Which extends further north: (a) Turkey, (b) Japan or (c) North Korea?
8. Which physicist stated, “God is subtle, but He is not malicious”?
9. What is the name of Scout’s brother in To Kill a Mockingbird?
10. What, beginning with “l”, is the practice of shaping and polishing stones?

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“I had four $5 notes and I was counting to see whether I could get a pizza... It’s like I’m Scrooge McDuck.”

Clive PalmerThe miner explains why he was photographed counting fivers in question time. And here we were thinking he was just tallying unpaid worker entitlements.


“Who’s to say she wasn’t wearing an invisible tracksuit?”

Bruce MacKenzieThe Port Stephens mayor defends a stubby holder included in a welcome pack for new citizens, featuring a seemingly naked woman holding an Australian flag. The excuse also holds for his 1997 charges of negligent driving and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.


“If I stood as an advocate for the liberation of the golliwog and for probably culling possums, I think I’d be overwhelmingly re-elected.”

Jeff KennettThe former Victorian premier explains his love of racist children’s toys, of which he has 50. It’s almost as offensive as that time he likened gay football coaches to paedophiles.


“The fundamental mistake I made was failing to understand the long-term repercussions that arise from child sexual abuse.”

Peter HollingworthThe former archbishop of Brisbane apologises for allowing a paedophile to be harboured in his church. Which seems like a bit more than a “mistake” – all things, such as human decency and the law, considered.


“This was a case of democratic innovation.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister maintains the need for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. By “democratic innovation” he means, “outsourcing the work of the parliament to the people, at great expense, because I am without the courage to do my job”.