February 13 – 19, 2016

Member for Mackellar Bronwyn Bishop.


The failed factional campaign to unseat Bronwyn Bishop

Having seen off myriad interventions and a plan to parachute Kate Carnell into her seat, Bronwyn Bishop is not going anywhere.



Closing the Gap a ritual of empty words

“In my working life, I have never seen Aboriginal affairs at such a low point. There is no engagement, there is no respect.”

Malcolm Turnbull’s first Closing the Gap address acknowledges shortcomings and delivers platitudes but fails to make progress.

Books banned in mainland China on sale in a Hong Kong bookstore.


China cracks down on Hong Kong publishers

China’s abduction and arrest of publishers of scandalous books in Hong Kong is being seen as a brazen challenge to the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement.

Little red flying foxes in Casino, NSW.


Migrating bat colonies wreak havoc in northern NSW

NSW Northern Rivers residents are losing sleep as their towns succumb to chattering, defecating flying foxes. But rather than moving on the colonies, is the better answer to adapt to their existence?


Stuart Robert and political donations

“The line between a payment which increases access to an elected official and a payment which influences the official conduct of an elected official is not always easy to discern.”

The Stuart Robert scandal highlights deep flaws in the system when it comes to political donations, accountability and influence.

Amid the rubble following Russian air strikes in residential areas of Aleppo, Syria.


Vladimir Putin’s Aleppo air strikes a boost for al-Assad

North Korea causes security headaches for China; Sanders and Trump in New Hampshire.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Richard Ackland
Trans-Pacific Partnership to stall climate change action

“People who have read the TPP document in the search for safeguards have been disappointed to find that the term ‘climate change’ does not appear once.”


Paul Bongiorno
Turnbull’s states of pay over GST and tax reform

“Tinkering with Medicare, or at least appearing to, is almost as dangerous for a conservative government as wanting to raise the GST. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Heroes of the Justice League

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Offshore dissension


Men’s groups must take responsibility

Once again there are complaints from men’s groups claiming rights and/or entitlements regarding Family Court decisions. Nijole Cork’s “The men hijacking family law reforms” …

Need for Family Court reform

Nijole Cork’s article certainly “plays the man, not the ball”. My personal experience is that (despite the rhetoric otherwise), gender bias determines the Family Court’s preferred …

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Image for article: Seafood salad with potatoes and fennel


Seafood salad with potatoes and fennel

The simple, rustic charm of a summer seafood salad.


Image for article: That Devil’s Madness

Dominique Wilson
That Devil’s Madness

Image for article: Credlin & Co.

Aaron Patrick
Credlin & Co.

Image for article: Fear Is the Rider

Kenneth Cook
Fear Is the Rider


Image for article: 3D printing for surgery


3D printing for surgery

3D printing is revolutionising surgery, from implants to regeneration. Might organ donation become a thing of the past?

Image for article: A disco cruise to the South Pacific turns downbeat


A disco cruise to the South Pacific turns downbeat

What does it say about cruise-loving Australians when the buffet and booze take precedence over sight-seeing?

Image for article: Turning tables: Melissa ‘Milly’ Tapper, 25, table tennis player


Turning tables: Melissa ‘Milly’ Tapper, 25, table tennis player

Paralympian Milly Tapper’s dream to also compete in the able-bodied Olympics.

The Quiz

1. Name the fastest man over 100 metres.
2. The Škoda automobile company was founded in which country? (Bonus point for naming the current parent company.)
3. The Pritzker prize is awarded in what field?
4. What is the currency of the Philippines?
5. The upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo is called Finding …?
6. The root word biblio refers to what?
7. A 40th wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with which gemstone?
8. Titania is the largest of the moons of which planet?
9. What are the given names of the artist Rubens?
10. Which highland clan massacred their MacDonald hosts in cold blood at Glencoe on February 13, 1692?

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“This is really an award for Australia.”

Greg HuntThe environment minister is named “Best Minister in the World” at a cereal box of a gathering called the World Government Summit. Greg’s being modest, of course: he set back climate action, degraded the barrier reef, and pandered to coalmining interests all on his own.


“Fuck, that’s risky shit.”

Bill HeffernanChairman of the senate rural and regional affairs and transport legislation committee shares with the parliament his concerns about cross-runway landings at Melbourne Airport.


“Ian has worn his Rolex every day since its purchase to remind himself of the hard work it took to obtain it.”

Ian GoodenoughThe Liberal MP celebrates his watch in a third-person press release dedicated to the purchase. Ian really likes Ian’s watch.


“The Crown’s inserted inference is a very long bow to draw.”

Braddon Hughes, SCThe barrister representing Eddie Obeid in a case over contentious cafe leases employs a defence based largely on mixed metaphor.


“The main complaints seem to be that you can’t drink ’til dawn anymore and you can’t impulse-buy a bottle of white after 10pm.”

Mike BairdThe NSW premier, whose main complaint is that he gets asked for ID every time he orders a Shirley Temple, defends his lockout laws. The same tough laws that forced his predecessor to set up a black market in home-delivered Grange.


“Isn’t it the case the prime minister has one choice: sack the minister, or sack your ministerial standards?”

Bill ShortenThe opposition leader weighs into the Stuart Robert imbroglio. For a man whose entire career has been based on doing numbers – ruthlessly, brutally – you would think he could count to two.