April 9 – 15, 2016

Treasurer Scott Morrison (right) speaks to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during question time.


Inside the Malcolm Turnbull-Scott Morrison divide

“Turnbull and Morrison, although I don’t think they hate each other, have had trouble singing from the same song sheet.”

Seven months into their partnership, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are struggling to reconcile their different styles.



Wilson Security’s appalling record on Nauru

“Wilson Security is in effect the on-island Gestapo. Because of Nauruan police apathy Wilson becomes the be all and end all.”

As stories emerge of contractors beating children on Nauru, Wilson Security’s entire operation looks increasingly broken.

Image for article: Australian miners in South Africa


Australian miners in South Africa

“The correspondence ended: ‘It is easier to support us, than work against us.’”

In the wake of a local activist’s murder, Australian mining interests in Africa are being called into question.

Image for article: The yacht owners helping to rebuild cyclone-ravaged Fiji


The yacht owners helping to rebuild cyclone-ravaged Fiji

As another tropical cyclone makes Fiji’s recovery even more difficult, yachties are working with the Fijian government to get aid where other vessels can’t.


Sports gambling, advertising and the Barry O’Farrell review

“On the biggest issue of all, the wall-to-wall TV advertising of gambling services, the reform advocates expect nothing. ‘There’s an election coming…’ ”

As sports gambling becomes more ubiquitous – stimulated by TV advertising targeting young men – an inquiry focused on the illegality of offshore wagering rather than the dire social consequences is being sat on by government.

Image for article: Rich and famous left to wear Panama hack


Rich and famous left to wear Panama hack

Wealthy ‘countries’ unto themselves; Sanders and Cruz win Wisconsin; all eyes on downed Syrian jet.



Jim Middleton
Malcom Turnbull’s challenge for real voting reform

“Instead of having the ballast that encouraged them towards the centre, party apparatchiks now worry about clinging on to members who increasingly represent the edges rather than the mainstream.”


Paul Bongiorno
The Coalition’s Delusional Conservatives explained

“If you compromise with zealots all you do is encourage them to keep threatening to blow up the joint. And don’t worry: Turnbull is learning that at great cost. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Where’s Hendo?

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Time for royal commission into banking


Cycle of mediocrity

The advice contained in Rob Oakeshott’s opinion piece (“Moment of truce”, April 2-8) aimed at Liberal and Labor party leaders Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten is well-intentioned, rational …

Tax move ends Turnbull’s run

In a memorable critique Nick Feik called Tony Abbott an “unserious man”, a dilettante, a man without convictions (May 10, 2014). To my surprise, I now believe that the same terms would …

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Image for article: Our Man Elsewhere

Thornton McCamish
Our Man Elsewhere

Image for article: Oliver of the Levant

Debra Jopson
Oliver of the Levant

Image for article: A History of Violence

Óscar Martínez
A History of Violence


Image for article: From Paris to Venice with illness and kindness


From Paris to Venice with illness and kindness

When travelling with a sick child, the journey between the glamorous cities of Paris and Venice becomes anything but stylish.

Image for article: Computer coding for the future


Computer coding for the future

Born in the computer age, ‘digital natives’ have little clue as to what goes on behind the reflective screen, leaving levels of tech literacy dangerously low.

Image for article: Triple threat: Courtney Atkinson, 36, triathlete


Triple threat: Courtney Atkinson, 36, triathlete

Triathlete Courtney Atkinson on his bid for a third Olympics.

The Quiz

1. What is Australia’s oldest bank? (Bonus point for giving its founding name.)
2. What is the title of David Bowie’s final studio album?
3. The Stawell Gift is run over what distance?
4. Which actors play the protagonists in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?
5. Name the largest muscle in the human body.
6. What is the second book of the Bible’s Old Testament?
7. Which is larger: a gigabyte, terabyte or megabyte?
8. True or false: New Zealand will adopt a new flag following a referendum last month.
9. The mathematical formula “a squared plus b squared equals c squared” is more commonly know as…?
10. Minsk is the capital of which Eastern European country?

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“I don’t know. Maybe because my face is real and his face is not?”

Marlon SamuelsThe West Indies cricketer speculates on why Shane Warne does not like him. In fairness, it often looks as if Shane Warne’s face doesn’t like Shane Warne either.


“I’ve been the most popular member for Tangney that there’s ever been and they’ve stabbed me in the back for that.”

Dennis JensenThe Liberal MP complains about losing preselection. He blames the media, for telling people what he’s like.


“That was quite a few years ago now. Exactly what the level was, was a bit of a distant memory.”

Simon BirminghamThe education minister continues his support for the deregulation of university fees. Student debt is of such little concern to him that he can’t actually remember his own.


“It has never been my burning ambition to be the leader of the party, but if circumstances arose … I am prepared to do it.”

Kevin AndrewsThe former defence minister offers himself to the service of his party. He remains as deluded as his hair colouring.


“Lisa’s too white.”

Karl StefanovicThe breakfast television presenter bemoans the fact his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, was not nominated for a Gold Logie. The awards had inadvertently allowed an Asian woman and a Muslim man to be nominated.


“He died, as was his wish, at home. His family were by his bedside."

Jack EllisThe son of one of Australia’s great stylists, Bob Ellis, confirms the writer’s death. In line with Ellis’s wishes, the Newspoll published on Tuesday had Labor leading.