April 23–29, 2016


Pauline Hanson posing for her Facebook page, “Please Explain”.


Image for article: 60 Minutes crew released in Beirut
The author’s grandfather, James Millard Stewart.
Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs.
Supporters of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff rally against her impeachment, in Brasilia this week.


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The mystery of the Hanson fad


Missing the criminals

“Liberals in deep with the banks” (Mike Seccombe, April 16-22) gives a rare insight; I am grateful for his work. An ancillary matter annoyed me during the recent Heydon royal commission into trade …

Worth the wait on banks

If Malcolm Turnbull runs true to recent form, public opinion will force him to back down on his opposition to a royal commission into the banking industry. But there is a risk in him establishing a royal …

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Don DeLillo
Zero K

Image for article: Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

Toni Jordan
Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

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Hope Jahren
Lab Girl


Image for article: À propos de Pittwater


À propos de Pittwater

How our shifting perceptions of art reflect the moment we’re at in our lives.

Image for article: The Greek island of Kythera


The Greek island of Kythera

As well as its important place in ancient Greek mythology and history, Kythera has an association with Australia going back a hundred years.

Image for article: All fired up: Ruan Sims, 34, rugby union/league player


All fired up: Ruan Sims, 34, rugby union/league player

Ruan Sims on the similarities between football and fighting fires.

The Quiz

1. In which country is the opera Lucia di Lammermoor set?
2. In computer terminology, the abbreviation URL stands for…?
3. True or false: sugar is a carbohydrate.
4. What, starting with ‘l’, is the name of a maker of stringed instruments?
5. In Einstein’s equation E = mc², what does the ‘c’ stand for?
6. Myanmar was previously known by what name? (Bonus point for naming the decade in which the official name change occurred.)
7. What does a lepidopterist collect?
8. How many sixes did Don Bradman hit in his Test cricket career: (a) six; (b) 36; or (c) 106?
9. Which city in New Mexico is famous for its alleged links to UFOs?
10. What 2000-2007 television series featured Spy and The Boss star Melissa McCarthy?

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“It doesn’t seem to me that the science is settled at all. But I’m not a scientist. I’m agnostic, really, on that.”

George BrandisThe attorney-general continues his rhetorical departure from reality on the subject of climate change, the right to be a bigot being a subset of the larger right to be wrong.


“I think it’s because they were born with a silver spoon up their rear end.”

Jacqui LambieThe senator explains her poor working relationship with the Coalition. And with cutlery generally.


“He looked like he was auditioning for The Godfather … It’s going off like a frog in a sock telling people that if you come into this nation and you don’t obey our laws, you’re in trouble.”

Barnaby JoyceThe deputy prime minister enthuses over the pro-quarantine video made by Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard, after Heard escaped conviction for illegally importing two terriers. As a deterrent, the video was a poor second to Joyce’s initial plan, which centred around killing the dogs.


“I emphatically reject reports I pushed Cathy McGowan.”

Sophie MirabellaThe former member for Indi categorically denies pushing the current member for Indi. Nor did she call her names or write mean things about her in the bathrooms.


“A quick question to all my left wing friends out there… is it wrong for two homosexual men who are brothers to sleep with eachother?”

Edwin NelsonThe NSW Liberal staffer uses Facebook as a “training ground” for arguments against marriage equality. In answer to his question, it’s quite wrong to spell it “eachother”.


“I bear in mind that in sentencing these two prisoners, I do not make them guinea pigs to bear the brunt of punishment for those who are not here and have not been prosecuted.”

Nicholas KirriwomThe judge in the Reza Barati case sentences Joshua Kaluvia and Louie Efi to 10 years in prison for murdering the asylum seeker. They will both be out in three.