April 30–May 6, 2016

Children detained on Nauru, photographed by an adult asylum seeker.


Manus, Nauru detention: this is not our Australia

As PNG rules detention on Manus Island illegal, the situation on Nauru worsens daily, with self-harm and child suicide attempts rife.



The strange politics of negative gearing

“As recently as February, Scott Morrison said there were ‘excesses’ in the system. The same week, the now trade minister Steve Ciobo said there was ‘possibly scope to make some reform’.”

By picking a battle over investment incentives, the Coalition and the opposition are looking to fight the election at opposing ends of the “Australian dream”.

The dire state of Tasmania’s hydro dam levels is apparent at Lake Gordon.


Tasmania’s power crisis

Mismanagement of Tasmania’s once-abundant hydroelectric resources combined with the driest year on record see the state on the brink of wintertime power cuts.

Aimee Rose, 19, until recently was one of the country’s many hidden jobless.


ABS unemployment figures overlook the hidden jobless

The ABS unemployment figure, used to direct government policy, ignores hundreds of thousands of jobless Australians.


The failed state of PNG

“It is a failed state, and has been for some years. Within government the struggle between good and evil is over. It is now a kleptocratic government. The only struggle is over who gets how much.”

In exchange for its part in Australia’s offshore detention regime, Papua New Guinea’s corrupt governance has been ignored, leaving the country on the brink of collapse.

A worker passes a poster of a Barracuda-class submarine at the French shipbuilder DCNS.


French subs builder’s record of corruption

Offshore troops still in the shadows; Trump swaps gimmicks for cynic

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



James Wheeldon
Heads must roll at corporate regulator ASIC

“ASIC’s Chairman, Greg Medcraft, is a lobbyist and deal-maker at heart, a member of the CEO club. He does not have a law enforcement mindset.”


Paul Bongiorno
Coalition attempts to win votes with submarine politics

“Turnbull’s big effort to refloat the Liberal vote in South Australia may work. Much will depend on how forgiving the threatened car industry workers and their families are.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Maiden voyage in the dock

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Bribe and prejudice


Other ways to secure housing

I don’t disagree with Clem Bastow’s analysis of the abyss between income and housing prices (“Argument of broken dreams”, April 23-29). It’s undeniable that current …

Don’t help Hanson campaign

I would take issue with your editorial “The mystery of the Hanson fad” (April 23-29). Initially, because there is no mystery: Pauline Hanson’s views may well be rife, but they …

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Image for article: Dodge Rose

Jack Cox
Dodge Rose

Image for article: Gotham

Nick Earls

Image for article: Beyond Belief

Hugh Mackay
Beyond Belief


Image for article: UK doctors heading to Australia


UK doctors heading to Australia

Rural Australia could be the beneficiary of an influx of young British doctors looking abroad to escape swingeing cuts to junior contracts in their homeland.

Image for article: Ermenegildo Zegna and Achill farm


Ermenegildo Zegna and Achill farm

The New South Wales sheep farm that has entered an innovative partnership with Italian luxury brand Ermenegildo Zegna.

Image for article: Double vision: Shelley Chaplin, 31, kayaker and wheelchair basketballer


Double vision: Shelley Chaplin, 31, kayaker and wheelchair basketballer

Why Shelley Chaplin won’t let her disability stop her doing anything.

The Quiz

1. Who is the evil villain in the animated film Aladdin?
2. What colour is the dot at the centre of the Google Chrome logo?
3. Who led the German offensive in North Africa in 1942?
4. Which common herb is known in the United States as cilantro?
5. The ITV detective drama Grantchester is set in the 1950s in which English county?
6. Is Milford Sound on New Zealand’s North or South Island?
7. Name the current Australian men’s 50-metre, 100-metre and 200-metre freestyle champion?
8. Which paper measure is smaller: (a) A3, (b) A4, or (c) A5?
9. Where in the body are the metatarsals?
10. Dan Morgan, Ben Hall and Martin Cash were all famous what?

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“A true sense of inclusiveness that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. And finally that special larrikin mentality that does not take itself too seriously.”

Peter LofgrenThe designer on what inspired the ABC’s new font. The font will also have “a coastal and outback feel” reflecting “the open spaces of a wide brown land”. Every letter is cut from a lamington.


“It was an internal mistake.’’

Kjeld Kirk KristiansenThe Lego vice-chairman expresses regret at refusing artist Ai Weiwei’s request for bulk Lego blocks for a work in Melbourne. The real mistake, though, was the earnest, excessively didactic work Weiwei ultimately produced.


“He’s a little moron ... He has the intelligence of an empty ashtray. He is the perfect example of the Grand Theft Auto generation who thinks he lives in a video game.”

Sven MaryThe lawyer for Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam gives his client a character reference in the French newspaper Liberation.


“We have caused them enough suffering already. This is a sick game and it needs to end.”

Melissa ParkeThe Labor MP finds conscience where her party has none. It might be a sick game, but Richard Marles is very proud of the straight-to-jail rules.


“If Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 per cent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card.”

Donald TrumpThe Republican frontrunner reminds us of how all the other female US presidents cruised to power. In line with traditional payment models, it is hoped she gets 80 per cent of the vote.


“Millions of pounds of public money were spent retelling discredited lies.”

Andy BurnhamThe British shadow home secretary criticises police for their defence of conduct during the Hillsborough disaster. An inquest this week found police culpable and the 96 dead to have been unlawfully killed. The Sun kept the truth off its front page.