June 11-17, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten at the RSL Centenary in Melbourne this week.


Turnbull and Shorten seek to define their character

“In Labor HQ, they think the turnbull video reveals some kind of deficit. One source ventures that it’s the kind of thing you would expect from the Labor side.”

As Malcolm Turnbull releases a video about his single-parent childhood, the Coalition and Labor are working overtime to sell their chiefs’ ‘authentic’ styles.



Women on Nauru report documents abuse

“If you hit an officer you would be jailed but if someone is being raped, no investigations for them because they are asylum seekers or refugees.”

A new report into the treatment of women on Nauru confirms the dysfunction of offshore detention and the government’s indifference.

NSW premier Mike Baird.


NSW premier Mike Baird’s flaws beginning to show

Mike Baird’s winning ways are losing their lustre as critics accuse him of pushing NSW towards being a privatised police state.


Michelle Guthrie begins managing direction at the ABC

“Guthrie emphasises the importance of content and quality, implicitly questioning the corporation’s Scott-era emphasis on chasing ratings.”

The ABC’s new managing director has taken the reins with a focus on substance and a return to international broadcasting.

Forest red-tailed black cockatoos.


The battle to save WA’s endangered black cockatoos

A proposed gravel mine in the hills south of Perth threatens to devastate the breeding habitat of three federally protected black cockatoo species, incensing local residents devoted to their protection.

Supporters of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wave American flags at a primary night event in Brooklyn this week.


Hillary v Donald: lines blur for conservatives

UN turns blind eye on Saudi record in Yemen conflict; Saudi prince’s plan to wean kingdom off oil.

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Marcia Langton
The silence on Indigenous issues in the 2016 election

“The media coverage of Indigenous issues spins on a few old shibboleths. To talk about anything else is too difficult, too serious. It doesn’t keep First Australians where they are supposed to be; doesn’t use the same old stories to keep us in our place. ”


Sean Kelly
The two battles of the 2016 election

“That is all you need to know about election 2016. It is a battle of two battles. The Coalition needs voters to see it as a choice between stability and instability. The ALP needs the same voters to decide their vote based on fairness versus unfairness.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Les Patterson serves the world

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Failed state


A bleak prediction

Martin McKenzie-Murray (“The real story on the Barrier Reef”, June 4-10) has nailed the current reef crisis comprehensively. It is a tragedy that we are at the mercy of an irresponsible environment minister …

Man-made response

Thanks for the excellent article on the health of the Great Barrier Reef. I would, however, like to take an opportunity to express umbrage with the writer’s assertion that, and I quote, “Today, experts …

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Image for article: Black pepper crab


Black pepper crab

A lesser known mud crab dish with Singaporean spice.


Image for article: In the Darkroom

Susan Faludi
In the Darkroom

Image for article: The Dry

Jane Harper
The Dry

Image for article: Smoke

Dan Vyleta


Image for article: ‘The Pool’ at the Venice biennale


‘The Pool’ at the Venice biennale

The new DCM-designed pavilion at the Venice architecture biennale is host to a very Australian public space – the swimming pool.

Image for article: Alpha 60 design for MONA


Alpha 60 design for MONA

Sibling-run label Alpha 60 design uniforms for Tasmania’s MONA and look to international expansion.

Image for article: Different strokes: Jarrod Poort, 21, long-distance swimmer


Different strokes: Jarrod Poort, 21, long-distance swimmer

Open-water swimmer Jarrod Poort’s plan to make waves in Rio.

The Quiz

1. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, lies on which river?
2. Before solving crime on the TV series Criminal Minds, actor Thomas Gibson starred in which sitcom that ran from 1997 to 2002? (Bonus point for naming his main co-star.)
3. Which novel by Hunter S. Thompson was subtitled A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream?
4. The largest gold nugget ever found was called “The Welcome …”?
5. Which colours make up the Torres Strait flag?
6. Which US city is home to the Liberty Bell?
7. Which Maltese-born physician coined the term “lateral thinking”?
8. What is the name of the Japanese sharemarket index?
9. Muhammad Ali, fighting as Cassius Clay, won a gold medal for boxing at which Olympic Games?
10. Which television personality was awarded this year’s Gold Logie?

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“No, not selling penis pumps. My domain name has been bought by these ‘guys’. Any help is welcome in ending this cybersquat!”

Rob OakeshottThe former member for Lyne explains he is not using his website to sell sex aids. Which is a shame: his speech on forming minority government was an incredible advertisement for lasting longer.


“I don’t see headlines that read, ‘Brock Turner, Guilty of drinking too much and the sexual promiscuity that goes along with that.’ ”

statementThe woman sexually assaulted by US Olympic hopeful Brock Turner reads a letter to her attacker. Turner defended his crime. His father complained the swimmer had lost his appetite for steaks.


“All of his organs failed but his heart wouldn’t stop beating. For 30 minutes… his heart just kept beating.”

Hana AliThe daughter of boxer Muhammad Ali describes his death. He was 74.


“I got the termination notice. No worries, crack on. It was always a side show.”

Andrew HastieThe member for Canning in Western Australia confirms he was sacked from the Army Reserve for using a photograph of himself in uniform in campaign material. Of all the bad things that can be done in uniform, running for the Liberal Right is up there.


“This karaoke sequel announced recently would be totally ridiculous.”

Bill CurbishleyThe manager of The Who condemns plans to make an unauthorised sequel to their film Quadrophenia. It is a touch risky throwing around phrases such as “totally ridiculous” when your original starred Sting as a mod bellhop.


“It is clear the ferocity of this storm was such that the damage has been unbelievable up and down the coast.”

Mike BairdThe NSW premier surveys damage from storms that lashed the state, killing three people. Similar storms devastated parts of Tasmania.