July 2 – 8, 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten during the campaign.


Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten’s final pitches

Turnbull trades on economic uncertainty: stick with the Coalition and its plan for innovation and tax cuts. Shorten emphasises Labor’s social policies – especially those with which Turnbull might agree.



Greens, Xenophon eye jaundiced major party voters

“Challenging the Greens for third-party status is the election campaign’s greatest wildcard – the South Australian senator Nick Xenophon.”

The Australian Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team square off for third-party status.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten during the leaders’ debate at the National Press Club.


The $250 million federal election question

When it comes to election campaigns, it’s easier to sell the negative over the positive – at a massive cost to taxpayers.


Hope for a federal ICAC

“The right wing of the NSW ALP is so seared by the damage to its standing as a result of various ICAC findings that it cannot divorce factional political pain from the general betterment of government.”

The Greens have been calling for a federal anti-corruption commission for years, meeting fierce resistance from the major parties. Now, finally, a refreshed crossbench may breathe new hope into the endeavour.

Demonstrators in Trafalgar Square proclaim their unhappiness with Brexit.


What next after Brexit?

As the reality of Britain’s Brexit vote sinks in, racism and economic uncertainty are on the rise, amid wild speculation over what might happen next.


The Australian Christian Lobby’s bid for influence

“The ACL’s intemperateness is owing to a sense of great urgency. The balance of public opinion has shifted against them [on issues of sexuality]. Society is pluralist, meaning they have to make their case rather than just saying, ‘This is what God wants.’ ”

The Australian Christian Lobby has a high profile as a religious organisation seeking to influence government policy, but are its claims of intolerance and censorship a sign it realises it is out of step with a secular society?


Stinging London looks for a Brexit strategy

Boris dancing?; Nukes subplot; Istanbul attack; Timor recruits US

Boris Johnson (centre) sits next to his father, Stanley (left), on a tube train in London last week after bumping into each other by chance.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Michael West
How business lobbyists trump your vote

“The rise of private power is far more critical to the future of Australians than are the policy tweaks on offer from the major parties in today’s election. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Turnbull’s moment of truth

“What is clear is that Turnbull’s rush of blood to the head in calling a double dissolution to clean out the obstructive senate is sure to prove foolhardy. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Going hell for leather

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Show this mob doubt


The Earth under threat

Naomi Klein (“Climate control”, June 25-July 1) argues eloquently that, although climate change will ultimately be an existential threat to all of humanity, “in the short term we know that …

Australia has duty of care

In Martin McKenzie-Murray’s incisive exposé (“Criminal charges possible regarding detention”, June 25-July 1), there’s an intriguing revelation by omission by the Commonwealth’s …

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Image for article: Twice-cooked chocolate soufflé


Twice-cooked chocolate soufflé

An election special: a soufflé that rises twice.


Image for article: The Girls

Emma Cline
The Girls

Image for article: The Toymaker

Liam Pieper
The Toymaker

Image for article: Firing Line: Australia’s Path to War

James Brown
Firing Line: Australia’s Path to War


Image for article: The eternal New Age in Palm Springs, California


The eternal New Age in Palm Springs, California

The Californian desert city of Palm Springs, former haven of Liberace, Sinatra and Monroe, transports the visitor to a timeless Space Age.

Image for article: Photographing #LetThemStay


Photographing #LetThemStay

A gathering of five community leaders for a photograph in a Brisbane church aims to further focus attention on the plight of offshore asylum seekers.

Image for article: Back in the game: Blake Austin, 25, rugby league player


Back in the game: Blake Austin, 25, rugby league player

Canberra Raiders’ Blake Austin on the beautiful language of sport.

The Quiz

1. Which actor links the characters Lieutenant Pete Mitchell,  Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee and Sergeant Ron Kovic?
2. Corona beer is produced in which country?
3. Which artist born on July 19, 1834 is particularly associated with the subject of dance?
4. Litchfield National Park is in which Australian state or territory?
5. Queenslander Danielle Prince will compete at the Rio Olympics in what sport?
6. What fruit’s name is given to any full moon in the month of June?
7. Rising with the Sun is the seventh studio album by Australian band The Cat …?
8. Who wrote the poem Scots of the Riverina?
9. Burghul is a type of which cereal grain?
10. Malcolm Turnbull is the federal member for which seat? (Bonus point for naming Bill Shorten’s electorate.)

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“Unity is the prerequisite – it’s the green fee you pay to get on the golf course of national government.”

Bill ShortenThe opposition leader confirms politics is a members-only club that often excludes women and minorities, and where excellence is a handicap.


“This, undoubtedly, is a criminal act of hate, but it is the act of a person or group not the greater whole.”

Yahya Adel IbrahimThe imam responds to an attack on Thornlie Mosque in Perth, where a petrol bomb was used to set a car on fire on Tuesday and the words “Fuck Islam” were sprayed on a wall.


“The incident involving Michael Diamond has, in our view, put our sport in a position which is inappropriate.”

Damien MarangonThe chief executive of Shooting Australia explains the double gold medallist will not compete at the Rio Olympics. Which finally answers the question: Is it okay to drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.159, a shotgun and 150 rounds of ammunition in your car?


“When I think about one line in that, I think, ‘Yeah, I probably could have said that a little bit better.’ ”

Luke SimpkinsThe Liberal MP backs away from his assertion that people eating halal products could be “unwittingly converted to Islam”. Which is exactly what you would expect someone who accidentally ate halal-certified Vegemite to do.


“The justice system has operated and the verdict speaks for itself.”

Mike BairdThe NSW premier celebrates Eddie Obeid’s conviction for misconduct in public office. Baird’s “zero tolerance” for corruption extends to cutting the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s budget and slashing its staff by 15 per cent.


“I am making that prediction, but only time will tell. You can note that down.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister sort of commits to leading his party to the 2019 election, if all goes well. Presumably, this is a non-core prediction.