July 23 – 29, 2016

Senator-elect Pauline Hanson.


How Pauline Hanson changes politics through fear

Pauline Hanson is back exhorting the same old message: fear and racial intolerance. And once again she’s set to change the political landscape.



PM Malcolm Turnbull faces down internal dissent

“Having no money and no members may be one conjoined problem, but lacking clear policies that actually connected with people was another problem entirely.”

Malcolm Turnbull faced a disunited Coalition party room, as members complained about the election campaign and threatened to revolt on policy.

Protesters outside the Art Gallery of New South Wales campaign against merger plans for Sydney art colleges.


Grim picture for visual artists and Sydney art colleges

Visual arts education is under siege as plans to merge Sydney colleges spark accusations economic rationalism is triumphing over creative endeavour.


High stakes as online gaming bets on Northern Territory

“The reason they’re in Darwin is not for the lifestyle. It’s because of the relatively low tax regime.”

Relaxed regulations surrounding online gambling have turned the Northern Territory into a haven for sports betting agencies.

Donald Trump on day three of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, this week.


Republican National Convention green lights Donald Trump

The Republican National Convention to install Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate has put on show bitter internal divisions and the rancorous tone with which his campaign will attack the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (centre) at a funeral for his campaign manager, Erol Olcak, and others killed in last week’s failed coup.


Nice terror, police killings fuel global right’s message of fear

Republicans drop ‘two-state’ solution; Erdoğan consolidates power after coup; envelope journalism by app.

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Guy Pearse
Truth about Australia’s coal industry and climate policy

“The significance of the industry to the economy is in freefall, and it has happened in spite of huge increases in coal export volumes ... We’re left with an industry of much less value doing far more harm.”


Paul Bongiorno
The ins and outs of Malcolm Turnbull’s expanded cabinet

“For a prime minister who had just won an election, Turnbull’s hold on authority is remarkably precarious. ‘He’s a sitting duck and he knows it,’ was the way one of his MPs put it.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Hoist with his own pedantry

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Wrong division


Hold leaders to account

Andrew Wilkie (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “Up in arms”, July 16-22) is Australia’s equivalent of Daniel Ellsberg or, more recently, Edward Snowden. An insider whose access to the unfiltered …

Why Pauline Hanson did not get my vote

I am concerned about workers getting a fair go. Workers all over the world. I am also convinced Pauline Hanson (“Why Pauline Hanson got my vote”, Letters, July 16-22) does not …

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Image for article: Pot roast pears


Pot roast pears

A perfect rich, wintertime dessert.


Image for article: The Hate Race

Maxine Beneba Clarke
The Hate Race

Image for article: Year of the Wasp

Joel Deane
Year of the Wasp

Image for article: The Windy Season

Sam Carmody
The Windy Season


Image for article: In sickness and in health


In sickness and in health

As her partner bears witness to all the ambiguity her illness entails, the author has learnt what it means to truly love.

Image for article: IFTTT technology and the Oticon Opn hearing aid


IFTTT technology and the Oticon Opn hearing aid

The life-changing hearing aid that connects via Bluetooth to doorbells, appliances and fire alarms.

Image for article: Full speed ahead: Chelsea Angelo, 20, race-car driver


Full speed ahead: Chelsea Angelo, 20, race-car driver

V8 driver Chelsea Angelo on raw talent, sexism and going really, really fast.

The Quiz

1. On which TV program did Pauline Hanson famously say, “Please explain?”, when asked if she was xenophobic? (Bonus point for naming the reporter who asked the question.)
2. The song “Pure Imagination” features in what 1971 musical fantasy film?
3. What is the name of the British cartoon strip character Dennis the Menace’s dog?
4. What is both the name of a type of fish and a diving manoeuvre?
5. In physics, what does the letter ‘v’ represent?
6. What is the term for a surfer who rides with his or her right foot forward on the board?
7. Which novel begins, “All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”?
8. Which country is home to the Dalmatian Coast?
9. Disregarding jokers, how many playing cards are there in a standard deck?
10. Which country won the 2016 UEFA European Championship?

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“This was my mistake, and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs Obama. No harm was meant.”

Meredith McIverThe family friend who wrote Melania Trump’s plagiarised campaign speech takes the blame for lifting sections from Michelle Obama’s earlier speech. It’s the first speech in his campaign, incidentally, where harm was not meant.


“At the moment the most important thing is to get home with my family, especially to my two boys who believe their dad is never coming home.”

Adam WhittingtonThe agent in Channel Nine’s botched child abduction operation celebrates his release from a Lebanese prison. Nine’s credibility is yet to post bail.


“No matter what is the penalty ... we will still continue to fight against suppression from the government.”

Joshua WongThe student who led Hong Kong’s mass pro-democracy rallies is found guilty of unlawful assembly. He faces five years in prison.


“If it’s not there, it means it’s somewhere else.”

Paul KennedyThe project director for the Dutch company leading the underwater search for MH370 explains both the rules to hide and seek and the fact he may have spent two years looking in the wrong place.


“The lack of fish was the most shocking thing.”

Justin MarshallThe Coral Watch chief investigator describes a “complete ecosystem collapse” in certain parts of the Great Barrier Reef, were he saw half as many fish as usual and some species not at all. Paul Kennedy has been sent to look for them.


“I would like to see it stopped now for Australia because I want to feel safe, as all our citizens do, when they go out to celebrate Australia Day.”

Sonia KrugerThe television host calls for an end to Muslim immigration. Waleed Aly later said Kruger was not evil, but was eerily silent on her brother Freddy.