August 27 – September 2, 2016

Firefighters at the Williamtown RAAF base during a simulated drill.


Exclusive: Toxic chemical conflict on Defence sites

“Weaker safety standards could be seen as an attempt to reduce ... the numbers of people the government has to compensate.”

Consultants paid millions by Defence helped revise chemical safety standards that could shield the department from multiple compensation claims.



Former IPA head: radicals ‘hijacked’ think tank

“In no time flat, the IPA went ‘from being a broad supporter of the postwar consensus to a critic of that model and an advocate of the radical liberalisation of the Australian economy’.”

After early co-operation with Bob Hawke, Roger Neave watched as the IPA became the radical propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

A file photo of asylum seekers held on Nauru, at right, talking through a fence with international journalists.


The dysfunction of offshore detention on Nauru

As the Coalition defends offshore detention in the wake of leaked files, former Nauru social workers and government officials paint a picture of utter dysfunction.


The future for retail giant David Jones

“Woolworths wants private labels to account for up to a fifth of David Jones’ sales compared with just 3.5 per cent two years ago.”

Now in South African hands and with its headquarters set to relocate from Sydney’s CBD to the Melbourne suburbs, David Jones is seeking ways to stay ahead of the retail curve.

Senators-elect Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch pose for a photo before an induction for new senators at Parliament House on Tuesday.


New senate ready to deal

As new senators arrive in Canberra for induction, the horsetrading has already begun.

The Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs.


People’s tribunal finds Australia guilty over nuclear weapons

Weasel words at UN working group; Turkish president moves to head off Kurds; Russia ‘shows off’.

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Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell
Silicon folly: The pitfalls of innovation policy

“When cast as a guiding light for policies of all kinds, ‘innovation’ turns attention away from fundamentals such as health, labour and infrastructure policy.”


Paul Bongiorno
Jelly roll Shorten

“While Turnbull is confident the plebiscite vote will pass, the republic, another of his magnificent causes, looked a no-brainer only to fail amid confusion and skulduggery.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Artful dodginess

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Tax craven


Defying the Refugee Convention

I was (somewhat) heartened by Karen Middleton’s article “Shifting debate on offshore detention”, August 20-26. The recent material published by The Guardian reinforces the extensive …

Manus and Nauru must be closed

How many more articles about the plight of refugees (ostensibly within the supposed care of our government) do we have to have (see the excellent articles by Paul Bongiorno, “Shameless in Canberra”, …

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Image for article: In Other Words

Goenawan Mohamad
In Other Words

Image for article: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

Melina Marchetta
Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

Image for article: The Cosmopolitans

Anjum Hasan
The Cosmopolitans


Image for article: Competitive preserves at the Royal Show


Competitive preserves at the Royal Show

Rekindling a passion for competitive jam making at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Image for article: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo’s streets bear the scars of the Bosnian War siege, but people are pursuing a relaxed approach to life.

Image for article: No shortcuts: Natalie Medhurst, 32, netballer


No shortcuts: Natalie Medhurst, 32, netballer

Australian Diamonds’ Natalie Medhurst on stepping up for her country and giving back to society.

The Quiz

1. The term “ursine” means related to or resembling what animal?
2. Sergei Prokofiev composed the score for a ballet based on which William Shakespeare play?
3. On which island did an exiled Napoleon Bonaparte die?
4. Michael Phelps retired from swimming this month with how many Olympic gold medals? (Bonus point for naming from which country the swimmer who defeated him in the 100 metres butterfly at Rio 2016 came.)
5. What Spanish name means “snow-covered mountain range”?
6. Who wrote the short stories “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Happy Prince”?
7. Scoot is a budget offshoot of which major airline carrier?
8. What is the name of the green colouring substance of leaves and plants?
9. Louise Hearman won this year’s Archibald Prize with her portrait of which entertainer?
10. In which nursery rhyme did the dish run away with the spoon?

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“We don’t like them and they don’t like us. It is astounding that the ABC thinks that Swisse is an appropriate brand partner.”

Nick MurrayThe executive producer of ABC shows Gruen and The Checkout criticises a deal that makes the vitamin company a partner of the ABC’s Asia-Pacific arm. It is a rather novel way to get back moneys lost in a defamation action.


“No one is born racist ... it’s ingrained in them somewhere down the track.”

Eddie BettsThe Adelaide Crows footballer responds to an incident in which a woman threw a banana at him. People are born privileged and stupid, however.


“Will Bill Shorten step up to the plate on budget repair in this parliament, or will he be like jelly on that plate – the wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble jelly on a plate?”

Mathias CormannThe finance minister loses his train of thought and ends up making a delicious trifle.


“She loves the camera and she loves to see her own name in the paper. That’s the start and finish of Sarah Hanson-Young.”

Peter DuttonThe immigration minister responds to a decision by Nauru to refuse a visa to the Greens senator. Dutton hates the camera and most other devices used to document abuse.


“There has been no indication whatsoever that any radicalisation or political motives exist.”

Ray RohwederThe Queensland detective superintendent dismisses speculation that Islamic terrorism was a factor in the murder of British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung.


“Much of the village has disappeared.”

Sergio PirozziThe mayor of Amatrice, one of the central Italian towns destroyed by an earthquake on Wednesday, describes the damage. At least 247 people were killed.