September 10–16, 2016

Sam Dastyari fronts the  media in Sydney on Tuesday.


Political donations and Sam Dastyari’s downfall

As the Sam Dastyari donations scandal continues to unfold, both sides of politics, and the crossbench, are flirting with reform.



The Tromp family’s crisis

“Even folie à deux, involving just two people, is extremely rare. I’ve never seen that, and certainly nothing resembling a shared family delusional system of this kind. ”

Reports of the Tromp family’s sudden flight from their home, and their discovery one by one in confusion and distress, gripped the public imagination. How much do we know, and how much have we a right to know?


Inside the split at the Climate Change Authority

“While the government could not abolish the Climate Change Authority, it continued to try to weaken and tame it. In truth it was weakened already…”

The body that provides government with advice on global warming is being pulled apart by politics, yet may prove more effective than ever.

Protesters at the University of Sydney open day.


Campus assaults

Despite a campaign to develop better support services for victims of sexual assault on campus, students say universities are more concerned for their own reputation.

Lawyer and author  Madeline Gleeson.


Madeline Gleeson on an end to offshore processing

Lawyer and author Madeline Gleeson says there are positive elements in Australia’s asylum-seeker policy, but a lack of political will to abide by the Refugee Convention.

Nathan Law, centre, addressing a rally in Causeway Bay following his win in Sunday’s Legislative Council election.


China tightens grip on its citizens abroad

Chinese donations scare overblown; Building with LegCo; Trumputin hacks; Riady to come clean

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



John Martinkus
Forbidden island

“Nauru is a client state of Australia and does exactly what Canberra orders. For the prime minister to claim otherwise is downright fanciful.”


Paul Bongiorno
ALP senator Sam Dastyari’s Chinese payment mistake

“The irony is that Dastyari hadn’t broken any of the disclosure rules. He even declared his dumb mistake. But what gave the government attacks force is that he appeared to have been caught out telling his Chinese donors what they wanted to hear. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Woo hoo for who’s who

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Cash register


Who to trust on medical evidence?

Thank you for shining a light on supplement companies that may have dubious evidence for the efficacy of their products (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “Inside Swisse and its vexed ABC deal”, …

Pushing a tax lie

I get tired of the Liberal government and its financial whiz-kids, Scott Morrison and his ministerial assistants, rabbiting on about the “taxed-nots” (Editorial, “Tax craven”, August 27-September …

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Image for article: Madeleines filled with lemon curd


Madeleines filled with lemon curd

The timeless Proustian confection, with a lemon twist.


Image for article: Bright, Precious Days

Jay McInerney
Bright, Precious Days

Image for article: The Schooldays of Jesus

J. M. Coetzee
The Schooldays of Jesus

Image for article: Grant & I

Robert Forster
Grant & I


Image for article: Dealing with death


Dealing with death

As her father slips closer to death, the author assumes a peripatetic, reflective rhythm, travelling between her rural Tasmanian home and an inner-Melbourne hospice.

Image for article: Finding solace amid Iceland's tourism boom


Finding solace amid Iceland’s tourism boom

Amid the violent geology of Iceland, with its volcanoes and hot geysers it is the stillness that lingers in the memory.

Image for article: Among Giants: Nick Haynes, 24, Australian rules footballer


Among Giants: Nick Haynes, 24, Australian rules footballer

GWS Giants defender Nick Haynes ahead of his team’s qualifying final against the Sydney Swans.

The Quiz

1. Leaves of Grass is a poetry collection by which American writer?
2. Which star of Bridget Jones’s Baby co-wrote the screenplay?
3. Flushing Meadows is in which New York City borough? (Bonus point for naming how many boroughs comprise NYC.)
4. Who was the first woman to be elected as the head of a Muslim state?
5. Ithaca, Naxos and Kythira are islands of which country?
6. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is set to become the world’s largest…?
7. By what name is the man born  Lhamo Thondup on July 6, 1935 better known?
8. In golf, an eagle is how many strokes under par?
9. Who co-founded Marxist theory?
10. Roy Lichtenstein was a leading figure of which art movement?

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“I’m not sure that you will ever have a 50/50 thing… Women play a significantly greater part of filling the caring role in our communities, which inevitably will place some limits on their capacity.”

John HowardThe former prime minister expresses doubts about equal representation of women in parliament. In fairness, his mother had to care for him at home until he was 32.


“I will swear at you in that forum.”

Rodrigo DuterteThe president of the Philippines cautions Barack Obama against mentioning extrajudicial killings to him, also calling him a “son of a whore”. Obama later cancelled their meeting.


“I’m paying a price for a mistake.”

Sam DastyariThe Labor senator laments the decisions that preceded his resignation from the frontbench. He paid the price, but only after asking three separate Chinese developers if they would pay it for him.


“She’s trigger-happy and very unstable, whether we like it or not.”

Donald TrumpThe Republican presidential candidate raises his concerns over Hillary Clinton’s military policy. Trump has previously promised to invade Syria, invade Libya and reinvade Iraq, mostly for oil.


“A treaty is something that two nations make with each other, and obviously Aboriginal people are the First Australians, but in the end we’re all Australians together, so I don’t support a treaty.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister explains his view that a treaty with Indigenous Australians would divide the country. What he really means is “repair the” divide “in” the country.


“I do not merely love Rayya; I am in love with Rayya.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of Eat, Pray, Love announces she is in a relationship with her best friend, Rayya Elias. The realisation of their love came after Elias was diagnosed with terminal cancer.