September 24–30, 2016

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.


Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s lack of preparedness on organised crime

The focus on asylum seekers has left the immigration department lacking intelligence capabilities and measures to combat crime.


Black Angus cattle, whereabouts unknown.


Questions over Nant Angus and whisky investment schemes

It was an elaborate scheme: invest in Nant whisky, to be drunk in Nant bars, eating Nant beef from Nant cows in which you had also invested. Except the cows are hard to track down, the whisky takes years to mature and your 9.55 per cent return looks a long way off.


Unions poisoned by ALP affiliation

“As soon as affiliation comes, so come all the apparatchiks and the wannabes. It’s mighty healthy for a union not to have that.”

With plotters using the labour movement as a means to amass power, unions have become vulnerable to rorting and the erosion of workers’ rights.


FIFA pushes for Football Federation Australia reform

“The current FFA Board is no less ‘stacked’ than the former Soccer Australia board was. It’s simply stacked another way.”

It may not be long since FIFA itself was rocked by scandal, but now soccer’s world governing body is in Australia to push through reforms to Football Federation Australia.

Tim Flannery


Tim Flannery names his three priority areas in addressing environmental concerns.

Environmentalist and chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council Tim Flannery explains the need to overcome the vested interests against climate change action and how to best use an innovation fund.

Members of the Syrian Civil Defence extinguish burning trucks carrying aid on the outskirts of Aleppo this week, after a convoy was hit by air strikes.


Syrian truce over as aid convoy bombed

US bill for wars estimated at $5 trillion; Putin gains more seats; Anti-immigrant party joins Berlin’s local parliament; Labour activist found guilty after Thai factory exposé

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Guy Rundle
Urban stall

“Properly curated, Sydney and Melbourne could preserve their high standard of living. Extrapolating current trends, they will become sinks of inequality, blight and obliterated heritage.”


Paul Bongiorno
Malcolm Turnbull at the United Nations General Assembly

“If ever leadership was needed it is now, before these corrosive views are allowed to destroy the multicultural cohesive society Australia has become.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Assisting themselves with their inquiries

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Work to be done


Collaboration required

The independents in the senate continue to disrupt the traditional balance of power in that chamber. Malcolm Turnbull prides himself on being an innovative kind of guy and his business history supports …

More plebiscites the answer 

Since we are being asked by our government to vote on the vital social issue of same-sex marriage (Mike Seccombe, “Battlelines drawn on same-sex marriage plebiscite”, September 17-23) …

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Image for article: Steamed five-spice chicken and egg fried rice


Steamed five-spice chicken and egg fried rice

Add some spice to fried rice with this juicy, succulent chicken.


Image for article: Here I Am

Jonathan Safran Foer
Here I Am

Image for article: Commonwealth

Ann Patchett

Image for article: The Easy Way Out

Steven Amsterdam
The Easy Way Out


Image for article: Facing the end


Facing the end

On the farm with her dying father, the author ponders the complexities of grief and the path she will take when facing her own mortality.

Image for article: The best wines of spring 2016


The best wines of spring 2016

A guide to the season’s primo vino.

Image for article: Rebounding: Lauren Jackson, 35, basketballer turned administrator


Rebounding: Lauren Jackson, 35, basketballer turned administrator

Lauren Jackson on the intensity of being one of the world’s best basketballers, and the heartache of retiring.

The Quiz

1. What word describes both the equipment relating to the saddling and harnessing of horses and a long stitch used to fasten seams?
2. Which is further south: Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope?
3. Protanopia and tritanopia are types of which condition?
4. What is the principal monetary unit of Sweden?
5. The young lovers Demetrius, Lysander, Hermia and Helena feature in which William Shakespeare play?
6. River Rocket is the recently born son of which celebrity.
7. Which naturalist wrote the autobiographical work My Family and Other Animals?
8. Which actor was born Jerome Silberman in 1933?
9. Name two of the four cities bidding to host the 2024 summer Olympics.
10. Who is North Korea’s supreme leader? (Bonus point for naming his predecessor.)

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“Your pronunciation is very bad.”

Aung San Suu KyiMyanmar’s leader corrects Kevin Rudd at an Asia Society meeting in New York. It’s a soft “c” in “sociopath”.



Bill LeakThe cartoonist draws gay rights advocates as Nazi soldiers. Presumably because the letters SS appear in the acronym for same-sex marriage, and because he has the wit of a freshly polished doorknob. Wait until he finds out about the acronyms for School Sport Victoria and the Australian Council of Social Service.


“I said something to Gilda about Michelle not being her boat nigger, but it came out wrong.”

Julia Sloane

The Real Housewives of Auckland cast member explains a racial slur she used to describe a black woman during the show. One day, years from now, a child will go to Book Week dressed as her.


“Our whole family has been dragged through the mud. She is a 17-year-old teenage girl and they should at least have done some checking.”

Steven Arman

The father of a school leaver who was splashed on the cover of The Daily Telegraph as a “new breed of bludger” explains that his daughter is neither uneducated nor unemployed. The paper said that might be true but if you look at data from 1998 onwards the Earth is actually cooling.


“Following the news that has shocked celebrity watchers worldwide we can confirm we have separated Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s figures.”

Madame TussaudsThe wax museum responds with grace to news of the actors’ impending divorce. Models of their six children will be melted down and used to expand Jennifer Aniston’s smirk.


“I’m a great fan of subways generally.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister finds seven truthful words to speak on his trip to New York, before he got back to lecturing the world on refugee processing.