November 5–11, 2016

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton at Parliament House on Wednesday.


Contradictions in Dutton’s refugee life ban

“Some in the government are concerned the change won’t act as a deterrent because it introduces the prospect asylum seekers may eventually reach an attractive third country.”

As the government announces a lifetime ban on boat arrivals ever visiting Australia, criminals deported to New Zealand can find their way back.



Exclusive: Safe Schools head Roz Ward speaks

“My team, who I’d been supporting through all of this shit, were suddenly told they should not talk to me and I was told I should not talk to them.”

Roz Ward speaks for the first time about the concerted attacks on her character and the Safe Schools program she leads.

Cardinal George Pell.


George Pell evidence rejected in royal commission counsel submissions

Newly published counsel to the child abuse royal commission rejects Cardinal George Pell’s evidence regarding known church abusers.

Fisherman Zed Sabino in his front yard in Regencia, Linhares, Brazil.


BHP Billiton’s Brazil disaster a year on

One year after an iron ore tailings dam part-owned by BHP Billiton burst its banks, locals of a Brazilian village lament ruined livelihoods and uncertain health risks.


The truth about claims of a faulty welfare system

“The government and its media surrogates would have you think the worst, which is why they publicise the most extreme cases they can find. The hypothetical single mother featured in The Australian was in no way typical. ”

Recent attacks on those who receive social security payments – and on the welfare system itself – are born of manipulated statistics and the government’s philosophy of a carrot for the rich and a stick for the poor.

Ammon Bundy (right) speaks to the media in Oregon earlier this year.


US faces increase of white patriot games following Bundy acquittal

Asia-Pacific chaos; upping the ante for American allies.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Tony Windsor
Time to get the politics out of education policy

“It is difficult to fully comprehend the Gonski model and it is easy to find political angles to play. To achieve real progress we need to condense the debate to a basic question: Will it lift the individual?”


Paul Bongiorno
Rudd and Abbott return to spite Turnbull

“One Liberal says when Rudd quit as foreign minister, at a dramatic press conference in Washington, it was to blow up the government. Why would Turnbull risk it with Abbott?”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Shelving the sorrow

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Dutton’s terrible invention


WikiLeaks and the US election

While your front-page story (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “What is going on with Assange?”, October 29-November 4) was quick to criticise Julian Assange, and accuse him of “carrying …


More of the same

Can anyone think of a single thing the government has done since Christmas? I’m struggling. No doubt this lack of activity is feeding into voters’ disappointment in Malcolm …

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Image for article: Roast artichokes with almonds and mint


Roast artichokes with almonds and mint

Don’t be put off by the preparation – an artichoke is a delicate and delicious delight.


Image for article: The Dark Flood Rises

Margaret Drabble
The Dark Flood Rises

Image for article: Frantumaglia

Elena Ferrante

Image for article: Storm in a Teacup

Helen Czerski
Storm in a Teacup


Image for article: Magnetic technology for early onset scoliosis


Magnetic technology for early onset scoliosis

For sufferers of early onset scoliosis, new magnetic technology is helping to correct deformity without the need for multiple invasive procedures.

Image for article: The last days of the family-owned fun parks


The last days of the family-owned fun parks

Rising costs and diminishing interest have left many family-owned fun parks forgotten and forsaken, awaiting the developers’ wrecking ball.

Image for article: Pushing through: Adam Gotsis, 24, American football player


Pushing through: Adam Gotsis, 24, American football player

Melbourne-born Adam Gotsis on the high-pressure world of America’s NFL.

The Quiz

1. Name the prime minister of Canada.
2. Which vegetable has varieties that include kennebec, sebago and Dutch cream?
3. Which mare was named the 2015-16 Australian Horse of the Year?
4. How many lines comprise the London Underground?
5. String theory is associated with which branch of science?
6. Who is featured on the new Australian $5 note?
7. Which politician has been the federal member for the Queensland electorate of Kennedy since 1993?
8. Name the most recent memoir by author Elizabeth Gilbert? (Bonus point for naming her 2006 debut memoir.)
9. What colour is the gemstone tanzanite?
10. What do thalassophobics have an intense fear of?

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“It was a brilliant perspective cartoon that made the point.”

John HowardThe former prime minister defends Bill Leak’s cartoon of a drunk Indigenous man unable to recall his son’s name. People say Howard has no sense of humour, but he did make George Brandis sports minister once.


“Unlike most of my colleagues down under, I’ll be cheering on a Trump victory.”

Cory BernardiThe deeply religious senator confirms he looks forward to the end of days and the fiery judgement it will bring with it.


“Andrew Robb was an outstanding trade minister. But Andrew’s left the parliament and he’s pursuing a career.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister defends Robb’s choice to take up a position as economic adviser to Landbridge Group, the Chinese operator of the Port of Darwin.


“This is a constitutional matter, and boy am I sharp on the constitution (the real law of Australia) so this is right up my vegie patch.”

Rod CulletonThe One Nation senator squares for a High Court fight over the legality of his office. Culleton’s vegie patch is presumably just beside the tow truck whose key he stole.


“St Pope John Paul II had the last clear word on this and it stands, this stands.”

Pope FrancisThe head of the Catholic Church dismisses vicious rumours of his progressiveness, confirming that women priests will never be ordained in his faith.


“They are going to make movies about this game, this series, this team.”

David RossThe retiring catcher from the Chicago Cubs celebrates winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years. You wait all that time to win just so Tom Berenger or Charlie Sheen can play you in the adaptation.