November 12 – 18, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump.


The blank face of a new America

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency is a symptom of the decline of America and the numbness of its new reality.


Image for article: Millers Point residents challenge Barangaroo casino in court


Millers Point residents challenge Barangaroo casino in court

A Land and Environment Court challenge to James Packer’s proposed casino tower at Barangaroo may yet turn the odds against the Crown Resorts proposal.


FFA, FIFA, match-fixing and sports integrity

“While the Southern Stars case has been revered as one of world’s best-run match-fixing stings, Mike Pride wonders how much bigger it might have been.”

As a soccer player banned for match-fixing seeks to have Football Federation Australia permit him to rejoin the game, a former FIFA integrity official warns such a move would make a mockery of the fight against corruption in the sport.


The new debate over section 18C and free speech

The door has reopened on changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, with Malcolm Turnbull announcing a review of the legislation.


John Hewson on the negativity of opposition politics

“‘It’s pretty well known what needs to be done,’ says John Hewson, ‘and there is a fair degree of bipartisan agreement, if you discount short-term politics. But politics always cuts across it.’”

Feeding on the power of negativity, opposition parties are able to win over the electorate. But, as former Liberal opposition leader John Hewson points out, it means no one is rising to power with a clear policy agenda.

US citizens watch the presidential election results in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.


Donald Trump rides the end of the American Dream

Asia surprised at Trump win; ANZUS as usual.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Guy Rundle
How the progressives got it wrong

“Those outside the progressive class have held on for a decade or more waiting for real recognition of their demands. Denied it, a chunk of them broke off and voted Trump into power. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tries to shift focus

“Malcolm Turnbull’s intemperate attack on Gillian Triggs is a sure indication of the heat the PM is feeling from his hard-right flank. That he panders to it in such a ham-fisted way has many on his own side despairing.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Arch Deakin

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Faceless man

Image for article: Faceless man


Demonstrating support

With relief I have read this week’s editorial addressing the shameful newest twist in the federal government’s disgraceful treatment of the asylum seeker issue (“Dutton’s terrible …

Buck stops with Turnbull

Your editorial spells out clearly the latest example of cruelty being inflicted on refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. While agreeing with you that “Dutton has neither the care nor intelligence” …

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Image for article: Grilled broccolini, yoghurt dressing and hazelnuts


Grilled broccolini, yoghurt dressing and hazelnuts

There’s no reason not to have a vegetarian barbecue.


Image for article: The Terranauts

T. C. Boyle
The Terranauts

Image for article: Beyond the Vapour Trail

Brett Pierce
Beyond the Vapour Trail

Image for article: Children of the New World

Alexander Weinstein
Children of the New World


Image for article: New York City wakes to Donald Trump President-elect


New York City wakes to Donald Trump President-elect

As the United States registered Donald Trump’s election success, a stunned New York City woke up to a new day.

Image for article: Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas


Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

The adult fantasy land of the Las Vegas Strip offers freedom from responsibility and shame, and ultimately, freedom from being yourself.

Image for article: Hitting it hard: Grace Harris, 23, cricketer


Hitting it hard: Grace Harris, 23, cricketer

Cricketer Grace Harris on smashing boundaries and her love of ice-cream.

The Quiz

1. In the animated television series The Simpsons, what colour is Marge Simpson’s hair?
2. What does the acronym UNICEF stand for?
3. Who is the patron saint of travellers?
4. What voice pitch comes between bass and tenor?
5. Which horses finished second and third in this year’s Melbourne Cup?
6. How much did the National Gallery of Australia pay for the Jackson Pollock artwork Blue Poles in 1973: (a) $1.3 million; (b) $10.3 million; or (c) $13 million?
7. A honey bee has how many eyes?
8. Which Brontë sister wrote Agnes Grey? (Bonus point for naming the pen name under which it was first published.)
9. Who is the speaker of the house of representatives in the Australian parliament?
10. Does Malawi have a coastline?

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“Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division.”

Donald TrumpThe reality television star, who led the most divisive campaign in US history, who played on fear of Muslims, who promised to build a wall and deport Mexicans, who encouraged the support of white supremacists, tells the first lie of his presidency.


“Labor have had about as many different positions as perhaps there are in the Kama Sutra. In fact, the leader of the opposition had quite a few flexible positions.”

Kelly O’DwyerThe minister for revenue makes a point about superannuation. We would all happily move to 12 per cent contributions now if it avoided ever again picturing Bill Shorten having sex.


“The closure of the ride is the only respectful and appropriate course of action.”

Deborah ThomasThe chief executive of Ardent Leisure announces Dreamworld will demolish a ride that killed four people. The “only respectful and appropriate course of action” took only two weeks to reach and was only announced under cover of the US election result.


“The politics of fear and division have never created one job. Never come up with one invention. Never started a new business.”

Russell BroadbentThe veteran Liberal repudiates race baiting inside the parliament. He was right about almost everything except new jobs: bigotry has created at least a dozen in his party room.


“You’ll notice I’m wearing red, not blue.”

Julie BishopThe foreign minister notes the shifting fortunes during the US election count on Wednesday. She had earlier implied she was backing Hillary Clinton, who now knows how Tony Abbott felt.


“This is painful, and it will be for a long time.”

Hillary ClintonThe Democratic candidate concedes Donald Trump’s victory. An American president can mock former soldiers, criticise the war dead, boast about sexual assaults and refuse to pay income tax, but they must never ever send unsecured emails.