‘Our hope is destroyed after every good news’

With details unresolved, refugees on Manus and Nauru are bringing cautious optimism to talk of US resettlement.



Exclusive: White Ribbon splits on direction

“The manner in which White Ribbon has approached conflict or competition with other organisations has at times verged on contemptuous.”

Senior staff within the anti-violence against women group have criticised its leadership’s focus on business and celebrity at the expense of its cause.


CSIRO’s workplace stalemate

A deadlock in enterprise bargaining negotiations at CSIRO may have revealed the roadmap for reintroducing WorkChoices in the public service by stealth.


The court case behind Australia’s first recognised same-sex marriage

As half of Australia’s first federally recognised same-sex marriage, and divorce, Grace Abrams has spent her life battling perceptions of her gender.


SA’s citizen jury defies royal commission

“Can you think of a harder topic to discuss than a high-level nuclear waste storage facility, potentially on Indigenous land? I do feel like I’ve walked out of 10 rounds of wrestling with an 800-pound gorilla.”

SA’s citizen jury, which rejected the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission's pro-storage stance, reveals the democratic tension when governments open decision-making to the people while seeking a predetermined outcome.


Shinzō Abe tries to get a read on US-Japan alliance

Third arrow misfire; Vlad-handing; LDP bloodline flows Down Under; Trump’s Razzie.



Jane McAdam
Defending the Refugee Convention

“The drafters of the refugee convention were well aware that protection was not a way to short-circuit migration controls – on the contrary, refugee status determination demands the most stringent checks of any.”


Paul Bongiorno
Political games over refugees and 457 visas

“Shorten didn’t need Trump to prompt him to take his message to communities with high unemployment that are resentful. This week, He made his 20th visit to regional Queensland for the year. ”


Klein energy counsel

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial



Blunting democracy


Mighty lesson for Labor

While conservatives are busy celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, Bill Shorten and the ALP should be listening and learning (“Progressive class warfare”, Guy Rundle, November 12-18). …

Sanders the only option for real change

I congratulate The Saturday Paper for a thorough review of the implications and consequences of a Trump presidency. However, I take issue with Guy Rundle’s thesis that “Clinton’s …

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Shortcake and sweet

A delicious cake with an extra special edge.


Zadie Smith
Swing Time

Stan Grant
The Australian Dream: Blood, History and Becoming

Bernhard Schlink
The Woman on the Stairs



The neglected world of comorbid disorders

Anorexic and abusing ice, Katelyn was let down by a health system unequipped to meet the challenges of comorbid disorders.


The professional contribution of amateur astrophotographers

The backyard observations of amateur astrophotographers are welcomed by the likes of NASA as important contributions to astronomy.


Jersey boy: Tarek Elrich, 29, soccer player

Tarek Elrich on the A-League’s growing strength and doing his bit for charity.

The Quiz

1. What word beginning with ‘t’ means to reduce gradually and is a type of slender candle?
2. Darfur is a region in which African country?
3. Which animal does a hippologist study?
4. Author J. M. Barrie had what first names? (Bonus point for naming his most famous work.)
5. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous established a program based on how many steps?
6. Which United States baseball team this month won their first World Series since 1908?
7. Who is the eponymous star of the TV drama The Secret Daughter?
8. Which former Liberal Party senator questioned Julia Gillard’s capabilities as deputy opposition leader because she was “deliberately barren”?
9. What is the anatomical name for the single long bone in a human’s arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow?
10. Which number squared equals 225?

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“On the elite media like the ABC, I often get criticised or sent up, and I don’t object to that, by the way, for catching public transport a lot.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister answers a question about 18C with a segue into media elites and the virtue of buses. #illridewithyou


“I am fortunate enough to call Mr Trump a friend, so I was happy to put them in touch.”

Greg NormanThe golfer confirms that he lined up Malcolm Turnbull’s first conversation with Donald Trump. Australia’s key negotiator in the United States is now a man whose recent feats include almost cutting off his own hand while trimming hedges.


“He was underhand throwing. It was completely blown out of proportion.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader defends her staffer, James Ashby, after he threw a phone at another senator’s chief of staff. While not against the rules at the time it was generally agreed to be poor sportsmanship.


“I’d also like to make clear that I eat pizza this way, not with a knife and fork.”

Rudy GiulianiThe Trump surrogate makes clear that he knows how to feed himself. If he can prove that he’s toilet trained as well, the secretary of state gig is in the bag.


“That would be good for world peace.”

Marine Le PenThe noted racist dreams of a time when she, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are presidents respectively of France, America and Russia. It is a particularly fascistic definition of world peace, but so be it.


“It is time for some fresh thinking, just as it is for our Test team to welcome some new faces as we build for the future.”

Rod MarshThe chairman of selectors resigns his position after the Australian cricket team’s fifth consecutive Test loss. James Ashby waits by his distant phone.