February 4 – 10, 2017


Iranian refugee Ben Moghimi praying on  Manus Island.


The post on the US National Park Service Twitter account that prompted widespread bans on state agencies’ public communication.
An Adelaide rally against Aboriginal deaths in custody held on October 22.
Theresa May and Donald Trump hold hands. Downing Street said it was a “chivalrous gesture” triggered by an “unseen ramp".


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The art of the real: Fighting fake news


Watson showed the way

Chris Wallace (“Turnbull fizzles while Rome burns”, January 28-February 3) deployed the f-word in relation to the Trump administration last week. Many commentators have thus far been unwilling …

Balm for what ails us

Martin McKenzie-Murray’s beautifully written article on Trump (“The legal case against Trump”, January 28-February 3) was like a fast-acting antibiotic against the superbug infecting the …

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Image for article: Mussels plaki


Mussels plaki

Talking Turkey with a tasty seafood sensation.


Image for article: 4321

Paul Auster

Image for article: Down the Hume

Peter Polites
Down the Hume

Image for article: Winter Traffic

Stephen Greenall
Winter Traffic


Image for article: Biology-inspired smart fabrics


Biology-inspired smart fabrics

A UNSW professor has created a type of fabric that replicates bone tissue, with potential for wide-ranging medical, commercial and safety applications.

Image for article: Shin Hinomoto, Tokyo


Shin Hinomoto, Tokyo

Beneath one of Tokyo’s busiest train lines is an izakaya bar run by an expat Englishman, the inheritor of his Japanese family’s long-running deal in the city’s famous fish market.

Image for article: The bantam menace: Jason Moloney, 26, boxer


The bantam menace: Jason Moloney, 26, boxer

Super bantamweight Jason Moloney on his love for boxing and the battle with the scales.

The Quiz

1. Who was monarch of England when Captain Cook landed on Australian shores?
2. Nay Pyi Taw is the administrative capital of which Asian nation?
3. What is the full name of the CFMEU?
4. Which city is further north: San Francisco or Rome?
5. A Cuba libre cocktail contains what sort of alcohol?
6. Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler star in the film … by the Sea?
7. The first F1 grand prix of the 2017 season will be held in which country?
8. Who followed Meg Lees as leader of the Australian Democrats? (Bonus points for naming who preceded Lees and the party’s founding leader.)
9. Which company recently announced it would return ownership of Vegemite to Australian hands?
10. Who is the new United States secretary of state?

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“Fuck, that’s a lot of money.”

Ron MedichThe property developer allegedly responds to allegedly being told it would cost $300,000 plus expenses to have business partner Michael McGurk killed. Apparently crime both pays and covers incidentals.


“Australia is not a nation that attacks successful people.”

Greg HuntThe minister for health chastises the Labor Party for one sin or another. Presented without comment are two names at random: Gillian Triggs and Justin Gleeson.


“These are women too lazy to attract and hold a mate, undoing the work of possibly three million years of evolutionary pressure.”

David ArchibaldThe One Nation candidate argues against support for single mothers. The greater shock, however, is the revelation he is not a creationist.


“We have been blessed two times over.”

BeyoncéAmerica’s queen announces she is expecting twins. Which is the only genuine promise made to the US labour market since Trump won the presidency.


“My interest is in results. I am not a political hack.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister voices his support for more coal-fired power stations. Speaking of political hacks, here’s Malcolm Turnbull in 2009: “It is not possible to criticise the new Coalition policy on climate change because it does not exist.”


“We would much rather be doing other things, but unfortunately this was what was required of us.”

Stuart BatesonThe acting police commander talks about forcibly removing homeless people from the streets of Melbourne. Other things might include, I don’t know, outreach services and funding for mental health.