March 4 – 10, 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with schoolchildren in Canberra.


Charting the war on young people

A suite of policy settings, from wage cuts to unaffordable education, shows the government turning its back on a generation.


Behnam Satah, at the Manus Island detention centre.


Safety fears for Manus Island murder witness

“I don’t want to die for doing right thing. I did testify for murder of my roommate and one of my best friends. Why should I be punished for doing right?”

As the Immigration Department faced senate estimates, a witness to the murder of Reza Barati fears retribution from the man he helped convict.

Brenda Lin during her Sunday Night interview.


Reporting Robert Xie’s murder of Brenda Lin’s family

In 2009, her world was torn apart by the murder of her parents, brothers and aunt. Now, following her uncle’s long-awaited conviction, Brenda Lin faces the glare of the media again.


Senior Liberals caution Malcolm Turnbull on style

“Turnbull’s colleagues proffered the view that if he focused on an overarching narrative for the government, Abbott’s interventions would gain less traction.”

As Turnbull’s supporters become anxious about an absence of narrative and clear advice, his problems are greater than a vengeful Tony Abbott.


Criminalising the homeless of Melbourne’s CBD

Rough sleepers have been moved on from Melbourne’s city streets, but without a long-term assistance strategy, how can they rebuild their lives?

Russian presidential candidate Alexei Navalny (front right) and his wife, Yulia, in Moscow this week at a march in memory of assassinated opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.


Trump says opponents behind hate crimes

Putin's presdiential rivals brave; Saudi's King Salman visits Indonesia; Geert Wilders' mixed ancestry

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Paul Bongiorno
Coalition divides and stonkers

“Attempts to dismiss Abbott as a resentful backbencher underplay his status as a former PM. If he were a mere maverick his views could be more easily dispatched. ”


Guy Rundle
The class shift splitting labour parties

“The culture- and knowledge-producing class has become steadily less interested in a real transformation of a privatised, neoliberal economy. After all, they have done quite well out of it. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Oh Fatherland, show us the sign

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Here’s hoping


The truth exposed

Last week’s front page (Karen Middleton, “Foreign policy in the age of Trump”; Mike Seccombe, “Inside Q Society’s sick, sad world”, February 25-March 3) left me puzzled about the …

Wrapping up the issues

It is sad that the likes of News Corp cannot provide a balanced view of the issues of the day like The Saturday Paper produced last weekend. The article revealing the disturbing Q Society’s “grate …

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Image for article: Focaccia



A timeless classic – just don't open the sun-dried tomatoes.


Image for article: Time to Die

Rodney Syme
Time to Die

Image for article: An Uncertain Grace

Krissy Kneen
An Uncertain Grace

Image for article: Frogkisser!

Garth Nix


A monk within the Shwedagon Pagoda, in Yangon, Myanmar.


Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

It’s not always easy to quiet the mind, even under the venerable direction of a monk in a Buddhist temple.

Ménière’s disease researcher Dr Daniel Brown.


Ménière’s disease and hearing disorders

Hearing impairment is underestimated and costly, but a new inquiry is set to amplify attention on the problem.

Handballer Bevan Calvert.


Game of throws: Bevan Calvert, 30, handballer

Australian handball team captain Bevan Calvert on building domestic skill levels.

The Quiz

1. What was named the Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2016?
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4. Which Scotsman wrote the novel Trainspotting?
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6. What is the literal translation of “mardi gras”?
7. Bongo, eland and kudu are varieties of which species of animal?
8. In military terms, the acronym SAS stands for …? (Bonus point for naming their motto.)
9. What is the name of Google’s parent company?
10. In which year did Michael Jackson die?

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“I’m sorry, no, there’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won best picture. This is not a joke.”

Jordan Horowitz

The producer of La La Land realises his film has been given the Oscar for Best Picture in error. Because any prize given to a musical is a mistake.


“Most of these fuckers have their own TV shows.”

Sam DastyariThe Labor senator identifies those apparently silenced by the Racial Discrimination Act. Sam might not have a show himself, but his hair does look like it’s come from the standby props department at Grundy Television.


“We felt that it was appropriate to release the information.”

Kathryn CampbellThe secretary of the Department of Human Services defends leaking private information related to a critic of Centrelink’s debt collection. Privacy is expensive and the poor can’t afford it.


“The committee bowed at the altar of political correctness, they heeded the caution of the saturated mattress.”

Cory BernardiThe rogue senator complains that a committee did not recommended changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, taking to new heights the right’s obsession with urination and being racist.


“Diversity is the weaponisation of political correctness, and it’s going to kill us all.”

Miranda DevineThe conservative columnist explains why women should not participate in the military and also why conservative columnists have a reputation for being batshit crazy.


“From now on, America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears.”

Donald TrumpThe US president uses his first speech to Congress to pretend that he did not just win an election built entirely on the burden of people’s fears.