March 11 – 17, 2017

President Donald Trump in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.


Inside President Trump’s Camelot

As Donald Trump’s administration marks 50 days in office, the scenes from his White House become yet more narcissistic and bizarre.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo at the Indian Ocean Rim Association leaders’ summit in Jakarta  this week.


Weighing the priorities of homeland security

As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.



The truth about house prices

“When Labor proposed making changes, lots of people screamed, ‘House prices might fall, house prices might fall.’ Well, I thought that was the point.”

The crisis in housing affordability traces back to John Howard’s actions half a century ago and the lack of political will since.



Cleaning up the Environmental Protection Authority

“Gary Muir is already living with asbestosis. His brother, Leamont, died from the disease in December 2013.”

Sweeping reforms to Victoria’s EPA are set to shift its focus from response to prevention, and restore the faith of communities at risk from contaminants.

Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus.


Microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus on the economics of good

Social businessman and microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus has devoted his life to helping millions of people – mostly women – escape poverty.



Dutch election likely to deliver instability

Europe shaky as elections loom; Washington's Kremlingate grows; North Korean missile message.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Clem Bastow
Flame war is over. If you want it.

“The overwhelming negativity of Facebook’s newsfeed did little to assuage my growing suspicion that the 21st century’s great social media experiment is doomed to be remembered as a failure. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Colin Barnett’s One Nation gamble in the WA election

“Just as Barnett benefited from the disarray in the ALP and the backlash against the Gillard government in 2013, now he has the baggage of his Canberra colleagues replaying a similar script. ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Animal crackers

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Inhuman services


Where’s the will to share the wealth?

Mike Seccombe’s “Charting the war on young people” (March 4-10) shows how the case for or against penalty rates can be a diversion from the broader issues of intergenerational …

Penalty rates needed to break even

My son, like many, lives away from home supporting himself through work in hospitality. There is a break-even figure he needs to earn each week to pay his rent and other living expenses to maintain …

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Image for article: Roast spiced rack of lamb


Roast spiced rack of lamb

Racks of lamb for spring, with a northern Chinese twist.


Image for article: How to Murder Your Life

Cat Marnell
How to Murder Your Life

Image for article: The Crying Place

Lia Hills
The Crying Place

Image for article: Scoundrel Days

Brentley Frazer
Scoundrel Days


The director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Professor  Alan Cooper.


Ancient Aboriginal DNA and repatriations

A new genetics study into the movements of First Australians will bolster the campaign for the return of Aboriginal remains held in institutions around the world.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud, Bali.


Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud, Bali

Above Ubud’s thronging streets there’s an eerie quiet within a Spanish artist’s rococo fantasy filled with nudes and Michael Jackson.

Rio Olympian and 2014 Under-23 World Champion Mariafe Artacho del Solar.


On the beach: Mariafe Artacho del Solar, beach volleyball player

Mariafe Artacho del Solar on the determination and self-belief that got her to the top in beach volleyball.

The Quiz

1. What animal form does the Hindu god Ganesh take?
2. An oenophile is a connoisseur of what?
3. Uriah Heep is a fictional character in which Charles Dickens novel?
4. Which singer-actor opened the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony? (Bonus point for naming the total number of Oscars won by La La Land.)
5. In which decade did Albert Einstein die?
6. Bronze is an alloy comprising mainly copper and which other metal?
7. Montevideo is the capital of which South American country?
8. Which Bruce Springsteen song features the lyrics, “Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat”?
9. From May 16, 2015, to March 1 this year, champion racehorse Winx has been unbeaten in how many starts?
10. The brother of which world leader was killed during a military operation at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in 1976?

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“You know what is coming next, don’t you?”

Malcolm RobertsThe One Nation senator responds to a Melbourne scheme in which women are represented on lights at pedestrian crossings. That’s the problem with conspiracy theorists: they’re always giving away the end.


“She’s had an oversight here, she’s very sorry about it and I’ve accepted her apology.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister forgives Michaelia Cash for forgetting to declare an investment property. The “oversight” was worth about $1.4 million, or 143 Malcolm Turnbulls.


“The premier wants you to take in some random loser off the internet to live in your granny flat in your backyard.”

Michael O’BrienThe Victorian shadow treasurer criticises a proposed vacant property tax. Some people call them random losers; some people call them renters. Tomato, tomato consommé.


“He seemed to be smiling through the whole process of it, and there certainly wasn’t any thuggish behaviour.”

Brian ParkerThe NSW secretary of the construction union defends protesters yelling at John Howard. “Process” seems a rarefied way to describe yelling “Fuck you, John Howard” at a 77-year-old man, but it was also a weird way to describe the decision to invade Iraq.


“As far as having tests done – okay, I admit I was wrong with that.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader retreats from a suggestion that parents use their own science to evaluate the safety of vaccinations. “Wrong about everything” would be closer to the mark, but you take what you can get.


“I am not sure I ever had a modelling career and even if I did, I am pretty sure that those days would be a long, long way behind me.”

Kate EllisThe Labor frontbencher announces she will not contest her seat at the next election, preferring to spend time with her child and away from creepy questions at press conferences.