March 18 – 24, 2017


Pauline Hanson at a One Nation event in Perth during the WA state election.


The premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, left, and federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg, right, at this week’s press conference in Adelaide.


Renewables and South Australia’s power policy

“There is such a crackdown on electricity prices that the national regulator is forced to reject any funding proposal from a network business to do anything innovative.”

The outcome of the South Australian government’s bold energy policy could be key to the future of renewable energy throughout the nation.



Exclusive: How the church forced me to relive my abuse

“The assessors concluded that on the balance of probabilities the teacher had sexually abused me, and he had lied to them. ”

Having testified at the royal commission and for a police investigation, a victim of abuse endures another cycle of doubt from the church.

Former NSW RSL president Don Rowe.


RSL in the wars

Plagued by scandal, the RSL has become increasingly about commemoration and less about advocating for veterans.



Government withholds funding for Indigenous genetic disease foundation

Despite a Federal Court win over Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, a foundation supporting sufferers of a crippling genetic disease across remote Aboriginal communities is still waiting on funding promised under the previous Labor government.

Trump confidant Roger Stone in his Florida office.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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The freedom of a coward

Bill Leak was a racist. To pretend otherwise is a nonsense.


Woeful leadership in plentiful supply

The sane media in the United States is in full alarm about Trump, not because of his policies, such as they are, but because he appears to have a mental disorder, and they …

A bunch of sore losers

Martin McKenzie-Murray’s “Inside President Trump’s Camelot” (March 11-17) front-page diatribe reflects more on the author and his dislike of President Trump. Perhaps he should look …

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Image for article: Warm salad of zucchini, leek, smoked butter and bottarga


Warm salad of zucchini, leek, smoked butter and bottarga

One of the best ways to cook zucchinis is over coals. I usually split them down the middle and cook them on the cut side only. I cook them until they are al dente, if that term can apply to more than pasta. I season the cut side for 15 minutes before I put them on the coals, and then cook until they are golden. From there, they can be sliced and dressed with most vinegars and any manner of European herbs.


Image for article: Do You Love Me  or What?

Sue Woolfe
Do You Love Me or What?

Image for article: Insomniac City

Bill Hayes
Insomniac City

Image for article: They Cannot Take the Sky

Michael Green, Andre Dao, Angelica Neville, Dana Affleck and Sienna Merope [eds.]
They Cannot Take the Sky


The author tours London


Queer connections on the road

Making connections overseas can be challenging, but, for the author, a candid yet fleeting exchange provides unexpected direction.

Is injecting sulphur particles into the stratosphere a viable solution to global warming?


Geoengineering against climate change

While some scientists claim solar geoengineering could be our last, best hope to deal with climate change, others say it will open the door to entirely new risks.

Rio Olympian Liam Adams.


Marathon man: Liam Adams, 30, marathon runner

Liam Adams on the pain and pleasures of the long-distance runner.

The Quiz

1. Which George Eliot novel is subtitled A Study of Provincial Life? (Bonus point for naming George Eliot’s birth name.)
2. John F. Kennedy International Airport is in which New York City borough?
3. The human heart has how many chambers?
4. “Green Light” is the latest single from which singer-songwriter?
5. The acronym APEC stands for…?
6. Who is the goddess of the soul in Greek mythology?
7. Who wrote the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”?
8. Which bowler holds the record for the fastest electronically measured cricket delivery?
9. A palmiped has what type of feet?
10. What is the birthstone of someone born in January?

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“When it does happen, it’s pretty wild.”

David OldfieldThe former One Nation adviser admits he hasn’t had sex with his wife in more than a year. Elsewhere, he says “it’s not like she said I was a dud root”. What an aphrodisiac is racism.


“I am not in the job of having evidence.”

Kellyanne ConwayThe adviser to Donald Trump offers an honest assessment of the presidency and its relationship to truth. Conway was backing away from an earlier suggestion that a microwave had spied on Trump.


“I have never, ever admired the British people more.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister describes his feelings when Britain voted to leave the European Union. Because nothing makes him happy like self-defeating xenophobia.


“Too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable.”

Jeff SessionsThe US attorney-general warns against the evils of marijuana. It’s a safe bet Sessions, despite his name, has never used marijuana or been fashionable.


“I’m out of town. Is there any way u can talk with Diane and sort things out???”

Stephen BannonThe Trump adviser responds to a landlord complaint that his “entire Jacuzzi bathtub seems to have been covered in acid”. Which is not at all suspicious and also explains why Bannon looks as if he’s made from acid-scarred mortadella.


“What Sally McManus has said is the kind of Anarcho-Marxist claptrap we used to hear from anarchists at Adelaide University in the 1980s.”

Christopher PyneThe minister for defence industry dismisses the suggestion from the new head of the Australian Council of Trade Unions that unjust laws should not be followed. Speaking of which, what happened to Peter Slipper’s diary?