April 1 – 7, 2017


Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.


Mohamud Muketar, who was stabbed to death just metres from his Melbourne home last April.
Fighting a fire on peat forest land in Kuala Kapuas, Central Kalimantan.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the premier of China, Li Keqiang, in Sydney last week.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Grouchy Mark

The last time it ended at a writers’ festival. That is part of the contradiction of Mark Latham, the apparent voice of western Sydney, who left politics for acreage and the breeding of racehorses.


Another seeking to heal

Therase Lawless’s story (“How the church forced me to relive my abuse”, March 18-24) saddened me – that such systems can still operate – but it heartened me to read an account of …

Causes need to be addressed

Congratulations on giving front-page exposure to the extraordinary culture in the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the Northern Territory (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “The men who made Don Dale”, …

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Image for article: Artist Jacobus Capone and his fado project


Artist Jacobus Capone and his fado project

Jacobus Capone’s performance art often finds him undertaking feats of endurance, such as his trans-Australia walk carrying a jar of water from one coast to the other. For his latest work, he found inspiration in the melancholy of Portuguese fado music.

Image for article: Polish Club’s ‘Alright Already’


Polish Club’s ‘Alright Already’

For all the bands who think they know rock’n’roll, Sydney duo Polish Club use their debut album to prove they actually do.


Writer and step-mother Kelly Chandler

“We’re sitting on high stools at Kelly’s kitchen bench. She’s got one leg tucked beneath her, yogi style, the other dangling far from the floor. She’s tiny. The kitchen is white and beautiful. There are toys tucked away in open shelves and in the background we listen to the rumblings of the washing machine. Kelly’s an old friend, but we haven’t seen each other for a while, in the way that sometimes happens when people have young children.”


Image for article: Lemon posset with Chantilly cream


Lemon posset with Chantilly cream

I think it’s good to get away from contemporary desserts – gelatines, contemporary flavours. This dessert has its origin in the Middle Ages, and began as a warm milk drink. Eventually it evolved into a dessert that was curdled, often with alcohol. There are other iterations where almonds and egg yolks have been used to thicken the milk or cream. In this recipe, though, the thickening agent is also the flavouring agent: lemon juice.


Image for article: Killers of the Flower Moon

David Grann
Killers of the Flower Moon

Image for article: The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race

David Marr
The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race

Image for article: Rubik

Elizabeth Tan


Mehdi Savari on Manus Island.


Satire, free speech and Mehdi Savari

Censorship and persecution of comedians is one indicator of a repressive regime. So why is Australia detaining a comedian on Manus Island?

Image for article: Susan Dimasi and Material By Product


Susan Dimasi and Material By Product

With the aim of sustaining the Chanel legacy, Material By Product creative director Susan Dimasi has the well-heeled 21st-century professional in her sights.

North Queensland Cowboys halfback Johnathan Thurston.


The ambassador: Johnathan Thurston, 33, rugby league player

Rugby league legend Johnathan Thurston on footy, family life and using his voice to promote reconciliation.

The Quiz

1. In sporting parlance, what is GOAT an abbreviation for?
2. Where is the lowest point in mainland Australia?
3. In humans, each cell normally contains how many pairs of chromosomes?
4. Who is Scotland’s first minister?
5. Would you wear, eat or play a brogue?
6. What was Robert F. Kennedy’s middle name? (Bonus point for  John F. Kennedy’s middle name.)
7. Petroselinum crispum is the Latin name for which classic herb?
8. How many hours is Australian Eastern Standard Time ahead of Greenwich Mean Time?
9. In a game of darts, what is the highest possible score with three throws?
10. The bushranger Frederick Ward was better known by which pseudonym?

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“If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection.”

Sean SpicerThe White House press secretary chides the press for reporting Donald Trump’s relations with Russia. Apparently if the president’s businesses are hopelessly entwined with Russia and his national security adviser misleads the vice-president about his contacts with Russia, that’s “somehow” a Russian connection, too.


“To be clear, a simple apology will do.”

Wendy HarmerThe comic and broadcaster complains to Sky News after commentator Mark Latham called her a “female with a disability”. Latham was later sacked for calling a schoolboy “gay”. In classic schoolyard logic, he argued the boy was “gay” because he liked women and their rights.


“When all of the people who denigrated you, Peter, are long gone, you’ll be here haunting this place.”

Michael DanbyThe Labor member unveils a portrait of disgraced former speaker Peter Slipper. The artist, Paul Newton, is perhaps best known for his depiction of the Virgin Mary on Australia Post’s Christmas stamps. The Bible is silent on her use of taxi dockets.


“Everything is fine. It was a nice controlled delivery. They are just waiting to assess things today to see if they can get her to hospital.”

Dave HartleyThe director of operations for the Queensland Ambulance Service describes the birth of a little girl during Cyclone Debbie. The story is not without tragedy, however: the child’s name is Billiana.


“Actually show me anything that I have said that has been racist.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader asks a question worthy of Scheherazade. Unfortunately, Pauline, we haven’t the space.


“Give me a break. We’re talking about a helicopter ride and some small expenses.”

Bronwyn BishopThe other disgraced former speaker dismisses complaints she failed to fully comply with a departmental audit of her expenses. And, really, it is small change when you consider her pension is nearly $250,000 a year.