May 20 – 26, 2017

Then defence minister Robert Hill, on his way to Iraq in 2004.


Exclusive: Ex-military heads disagree over Middle East operations

“I’m still trying to work out what winning the war in Iraq is now. As soon as we actually defeat ISIS you’ll be back into the sectarian divide and the internal fight. ”

As Australia considers extending its presence in Afghanistan, key figures have split over what has been achieved in the Middle East.


The Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul monitoring the spread of ransomware cyber attacks this week.


The lessons of the WannaCry cyber attack

“The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call. They need to take a different approach and adhere in cyberspace to the same rules applied to weapons in the physical world. ”

The global WannaCry cyber attack reveals the vulnerability of our networked computer systems, and the disastrously risky practices of Western intelligence services.



Migrants targeted as refugee panic founders

“In short, Liberal supporters don’t much like foreigners, but they tolerate them for the labour they offer. And that explains a lot about the Turnbull government’s recent announcements about visas. ”

The government’s ‘Australians first’ rhetoric is a response to hardening community attitudes over immigration and job security.

Image for article: Brexit and UKIP in Margate, England


Brexit and UKIP in Margate, England

“During the day, the boozers are full of UKIP supporters ... I hope the Tories know they’re relying on people who don’t work.”

The depressed English seaside town of Margate was the epicentre of Nigel Farage’s pitch to those left behind by globalisation. But it’s now Theresa May they’re counting on to deliver UKIP’s platform.

Kenyan-born Australian Sabit John Mayar, who went missing in South Sudan in 2014.


Australian missing in South Sudan

The sister of a young man who vanished on a family holiday to South Sudan believes her brother was kidnapped by rebel soldiers. Why then, she asks, is DFAT doing nothing to find him?

An image of Donald Trump on a television inside the White House, shortly after reports the president divulged classified information to Russian dignitaries.


Widespread dismay at Trump intelligence

Donald Trump’s “Russian Thing”, Syria’s “de-escalation zones”, China’s One Belt One Road initiative, North Korea and the WannaCry ransomware attack

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Hamish McDonald
Settling the maritime borders with Timor-Leste

“A maritime boundary fixed according to the best geological and legal principles would be an investment in Australia’s relationships with its region. In the short term, it would be a huge boost for the increasingly embattled secular-nationalist government of President Joko Widodo, who has made control and development of the archipelago state’s maritime zones a hallmark policy.”


Paul Bongiorno
Scott Morrison’s pitch for a post-budget bounce

“Morrison’s sales pitch still looks like it is coming from a government at war with its own past convictions. There is something dissonant about a Liberal treasurer talking about the banks “fleecing their customers”. He is, after all, a treasurer who still argues against the need to hold a royal commission into the economic power of the banks and their use or abuse of it.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Cranston pickle

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Deliberate injustice

These documents make concrete what has long seemed likely: that the human rights abuses suffered by refugees on Manus Island are deliberate. The horror of these camps is no accident. This is calculated, cynical, cruel. A report by the United Nations’ special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, François Crépeau, was released this week and makes much the same point.


Business without conscience

Having read Michael West’s “Getting down to farce tax” (May 13-19) I would like to bring into question the concept of corporate and individual ethics. How can these businesses and individuals …

Get the tax before it’s too late

Michael West’s article highlights the failure of successive governments to ensure an adequate return for this country’s resources. I felt outraged to read about the potential returns …

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Benjamin Rigby


Actor Benjamin Rigby on breaking into Hollywood

After years of juggling a day job and creative aspirations, actor and photographer Benjamin Rigby has a breakout role in blockbuster Alien: Covenant. So will previously closed doors begin to open?

Image for article: Coldcut and On-U Sound’s ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’


Coldcut and On-U Sound’s ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’

A collaboration between dance and dub legends Coldcut and On-U Sound delivers an impressively forward-thinking reggae album, with stellar contributions from Roots Manuva, Ce’Cile and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.


James Joyce expert Frances Devlin-Glass

“Walking up to Frances Devlin-Glass’s front door, there’s the smell of wet earth and the rot of autumn leaves. My breath is visible in the cold morning air and the smell is not unpleasant. When Devlin-Glass opens the door and says hello, I’m surprised she has an Australian accent.”


Image for article: Beetroot salad


Beetroot salad

“The dehydrated beetroot in this salad is an attempt to achieve a chewy, gummy bear-like texture. I don’t own a dehydrator at home, so I turn my oven down really low and put the beetroot in for the afternoon. This does more than alter the texture: it also concentrates the flavour.”


Image for article: The 7th Function of Language

Laurent Binet
The 7th Function of Language

Image for article: Men without Women

Haruki Murakami
Men without Women

Image for article: New Philosopher, Issue 16

New Philosopher, Issue 16


Image for article: Reviving a garden for winter


Reviving a garden for winter

The cold of late autumn can make it difficult to tend neglected gardens, but a fortifying nip can get you out improving the soil and installing seedlings.

Image for article: Post-traumatic growth and the Black Saturday bushfires


Post-traumatic growth and the Black Saturday bushfires

While post-traumatic stress disorder is widely acknowledged, much less attention is paid to its counterpart, post-traumatic growth –where people can find their lives transformed for the better after terrible events.

Image for article: Pitch perfect: Peter Moylan, 38, baseballer


Pitch perfect: Peter Moylan, 38, baseballer

Kansas City Royals’ Peter Moylan on what he misses about Australia and aiming for the World Series.

The Quiz

1. Who, beginning with ‘F’, is the Norse goddess of love?
2. In what year did the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occur?
3. Renal relates to which organ of the human body?
4. Andy Warhol was a leading figure in which visual art movement?
5. In which month and year did Malcolm Turnbull replace Tony Abbott as prime minister?
6. What is the largest of all monkeys?
7. What is the predominant religion of Peru?
8. Name any two of the three actresses to win a Best Actress Oscar after winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. (Bonus point for naming the recipient of this year’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar.)
9. What function do platelets in blood serve?
10. The International Air Transport Association airport code for which airport is BHX?

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“He who pays the piper calls the tune. I just love women. It’s been one of my great downfalls in life.”

John LawsThe broadcaster defends his edict that all female staff wear skirts. His other great downfall is that a lifetime of gargling Valvoline and misogynistic entitlement has made him a complete shithead.


“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

Donald TrumpThe US president complains of his treatment by the media. It is possible – just possible – that no other politician has been worse or more unfair.


“I’m just a pawn in her hands ... I live a frugal life.”

Clive PalmerThe former politician tells a court that his wife is responsible for his financial dealings. Nothing says frugal like allegedly siphoning money out of a mining company to fund a political party that bears your name while you plan to build a replica Titanic from the villa of your own dinosaur park.


“Most people don’t listen anyway.”

King Willem-AlexanderThe Dutch royal explains that for 21 years he has lived a double life co-piloting commercial flights, but no one has recognised his voice on in-flight announcements. The revelation comes just as Prince Philip’s secret double life as a racist comes to an end.


“If even a single illicit page remains, we will immediately discuss what legal steps to take against Facebook Thailand.”

Takorn TantasithThe head of Thailand’s broadcasting and telecommunications commission warns that social media outlets could be banned for hosting pictures of King Maha Vajiralongkorn shopping in a tank top. The pictures and tank top are worse than you think.


“They’re a pretty reputable, internationally renowned firm and we expect them to act with responsibility.”

Bob KatterThe member for Kennedy expresses his hope Chanel will remove from the market a monogrammed boomerang that costs $1900 and was presumably designed to hunt dumb privilege.