July 1 – 7, 2017

Former prime minister Tony Abbott watches on as Malcolm Turnbull addresses the Liberal Party federal council meeting last Saturday.


Notes from the Abbott insurgency

“After nearly two years on the sidelines, Abbott hasn’t changed his approach: any time a bell rings, he starts punching wildly.”

Back with headland speeches and a renewed manifesto, Tony Abbott has taken off the gloves in his fight to knock out Malcolm Turnbull.


Image for article: The dispute over climbing Wollumbin-Mount Warning


The dispute over climbing Wollumbin-Mount Warning

To the Bundjalung people, Wollumbin-Mount Warning is a sacred site. It is also a major Tweed Valley tourist attraction and the centre of a debate over who should be allowed to visit its summit.



Inside the bitter Greens civil war

“Both Lee Rhiannon and Richard Di Natale acknowledge this battle is about more than a piece of paper.”

The suspension of Greens NSW senator Lee Rhiannon is less about Gonski than it is about ongoing animosities and a federal push to reform the party’s decision-making processes.

Image for article: Growing homelessness in Washington, DC


Growing homelessness in Washington, DC

As low-cost housing in America’s inner cities is routed by gentrification, and unemployment and feeble wage growth dogs workers, homelessness is booming – including in the nation’s capital.



Don Dale lessons

“The harmful effects of incarceration are embedded in the physical facilities themselves, creating a toxic environment where staff and kids are inevitably caught in their roles of guard and prisoner.”

Expert testimony from a US juvenile corrections director about his transformation of Washington’s notorious Oak Hill facility provides the Northern Territory royal commission with possible prescriptions for the failures of Don Dale.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani (left) with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson before a meeting in Washington, DC, this week.


Saudi ultimatum for Qatar has echoes of war

Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong on 20th anniversary. Brandis and Dutton push 'Five Eyes' on encryption. Australian Defence secretary candidates.

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Marcia Langton
Adani, native title and risky strategies

“Fortunately, common sense has prevailed with the McGlade amendments passed in the senate. As a result, one or a few native title applicants are now not able to disqualify a lawful agreement settled by the majority of the members of their group by playing green lawfare politics.”


Paul Bongiorno
Pyne and Abbott deliver Turnbull a rough ride

“Bolt invited renegade Liberal senator Cory Bernardi on his show to begin what is now a Pyne pile-on. Bernardi, who betrayed the Liberal Party to form his own Australian Conservatives, claimed “Christopher Pyne is the most untrustworthy person he has ever met in politics”. He said he was cooking something up to get same-sex marriage off the agenda, “but the price of that will be it will destroy the Liberal Party.” ”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: We shall fight on free speeches

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Pell’s day in court

This is not a piece about guilt. A court will decide that. This is a piece about a church that is finally being forced to address accusations of child abuse where they should always have been addressed: under the law.


Links between acts of violence

Martin McKenzie-Murray (“A history of violence”, June 24-30) raises the interesting possibility of a link between domestic violence and jihadism. While this may be complicated by a million …

When rationality goes out the window

Things must be tough on the starboard side of politics when three conservative ministers, all law school graduates, move from dog-whistling their anxious rabble to spearheading it (Mike Seccombe, …

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Image for article: Crème brûlée with poached rhubarb


Crème brûlée with poached rhubarb

“Crème brûlée is not really a difficult recipe and not overly challenging to master. Understanding the temperature of your oven helps, as does removing the custard from the oven just as it sets. Left too long in the oven it will slowly start to curdle. The most challenging thing at home is caramelising the thin layer of sugar on the top of the set cream.”


Image for article: Destined for War

Graham Allison
Destined for War

Image for article: Hinterland

Steven Lang

Image for article: The Honeymoon Stage

Oscar Schwartz
The Honeymoon Stage


Image for article: Hormonal therapy for autism


Hormonal therapy for autism

Developments in autism research suggest hormonal treatments could make expensive and time-consuming early behavioural therapies more attainable and successful.

Image for article: Fighting online tracking with obfuscation


Fighting online tracking with obfuscation

To combat Google tracking the success of their advertisers by matching credit card purchases with personal online activity, dissenters are employing ‘obfuscation’ apps to confuse the data.

Image for article: Great strides: Cassie Fien, 31, marathon runner


Great strides: Cassie Fien, 31, marathon runner

2016 Gold Coast Half Marathon champion Cassie Fien on mixing her Defence Force career with competitive running.

The Quiz

1. Dulcinea was the love interest of which fictional character?
2. Which is closer to mainland Africa: Mauritius or Madagascar?
3. Who is the patron saint of lost causes?
4. There have been the same number of Australian men’s Test cricket captains as United States presidents. How many?
5. American outlaw Henry McCarty, aka William Henry Bonney, was better known by what alias?
6. 44 is the international dialling code for which country?
7. The Greek hero Odysseus is known by what name in Roman myths?
8. What word beginning with ‘r’ refers to the change of direction of a ray of light, radio wave etc, in passing obliquely from one medium into another?
9. Name the daughter of a famous entertainer who appears on the cover of Vogue Australia’s July 2017 issue?
10. Which country scored a resounding victory in the ICC Champions Trophy final last month? (Bonus point for naming the team they beat.)

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“We couldn’t comment on the decor at Trump Golf clubs one way or another.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The White House spokeswoman declines to remark on a fake and self-serving Time cover seen on the walls of several Trump golf clubhouses. Being fake and self-serving helped the cover fit in among the other decorating choices.


“I mean the public did vote for him, but he’s got to do the right thing.”

Campbell NewmanThe former premier of Queensland encourages Malcolm Turnbull to resign. The best advice comes from mayors who were so terrible as state leaders they lost their seats in their first term.


“Victoria Police Chief Graham Ashton desperate for a distraction from the crime epidemic he’s incapable of stopping #HuntingCatholics.”

Miranda DevineThe News Corp columnist criticises the charges made against George Pell for alleged historic child sexual offences. Charging the third-highest-ranked Catholic in the world with alleged sex crimes ​does seem like an extreme way to distract from an imagined gang of Sudanese children, but who are we to judge?


“I’m embarrassed and I’m sorry for that.”

Michelle PayneThe jockey apologises after testing positive for a banned substance at a race in Swan Hill. Unfortunately for Payne, the appetite suppressant in question was not the food in Swan Hill.


“If you want to call him names, call him names. Just don’t call him guilty.”

Benjamin BrafmanThe lawyer representing pharmaceutical investor Martin Shkreli in a fraud trial confronts his client’s deep unlikeability. It goes with the territory when you are best known for cynically pricing HIV sufferers out of treatment and generally being a jerk.


“He was as kindly, dignified, charming and lovable as the immortal Paddington Bear he gave us.”

Stephen FryThe broadcaster marks the death of Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear. Bond was 91 and enjoyed marmalade.