July 15 – 21, 2017

Election material at the ACT Greens campaign launch for Brindabella, in 2016, including “I only date boys who vote Green” badges.


Greens fail on sexual assault allegation

“We have been utterly scapegoated by the majority of members too willing to favour peace over justice, protect the Greens brand at any cost.”

The mishandling of a sexual assault allegation is part of a series of concerns about the culture and conduct of the progressive party.


Image for article: Deadly clash between farmers and conservation


Deadly clash between farmers and conservation

A coronial inquest into the murder of NSW environment officer Glen Turner will raise critical questions of government regulation where biodiversity conservation clashes with farmers’ rights.



ADF special forces over-used as default first option

Reports of alleged misconduct involving ADF special forces come as the elite troops are increasingly preferred for deployment.

Manus Island foreshore.


Four years on Manus Island

“It is four years this week since we were abandoned in this godforsaken place. All we want is our freedom and safety, and to be given the opportunity to grow and live our lives as normal human beings, not as the political prisoners we have become.”


Tracing big pharma’s influence on medical professionals

“Primarily it’s about selling the latest, most expensive drugs, with the side effects less well worked out.”

As big pharma continues to wine and dine medical practitioners, and over-prescription is rife, the ACCC is still waiting for the industry’s peak body to undertake promised reforms in reporting payments.

Donald Trump jnr at Trump Tower, New York.


The father, the son and the Hillary ghost

Putin masterful at G20; Russian hacking stops cybersecurity talks with US; PNG election monitors quit.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Guy Rundle
The death of neoliberalism

“For the first time in decades, large numbers of people are willing to think of the state’s role in the economy as being something more than an enabler of private capital, a limited safety net and corporate regulator.”


Paul Bongiorno
The Liberals’ fight for Menzies’ legacy

“With Abbott’s call to arms for conservatives “to take our party back”, the prime minister has no real option but to retaliate. And nothing is more basic than defending his leadership as completely Liberal orthodox against accusations that he is a heretic pushing the agenda of the Labor Party.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Barefaced Lyle

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Race to the bottom

There was no surprise in Rowan Dean’s smirking editorial on Sky News, either, where he told Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane to “hop on a plane and go back to Laos”. There is something sick in the satisfaction of it. Dean’s comments were clearly prepared. He intended them.


Commission’s Catholic focus questioned

Martin McKenzie-Murray quoted inaccurately and selectively from my address to the Christopher Dawson Centre in May (“The people defending Cardinal George Pell”, July 8-14). I never …


Leave court to rule on George Pell

My interest in George Pell receiving a fair trial is in the interest of fair trials per se. The Lindy Chamberlain case showed the legal system can fail very badly. …

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Charles Edwards as Henry Higgins.


Charles Edwards steps into ‘My Fair Lady’

As a child, Downton Abbey’s Charles Edwards listened to the classic My Fair Lady recording with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. Now he's playing Henry Higgins, with Andrews directing.

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Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’

In remaking The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola has captured some beautiful and atmospheric moments of the antebellum south. But, the film fails to confront the defining issues of the time.

John Safran


Author John Safran

“John Safran is a flashing neon sign that reads: Non-threatening. Everything about this slight man whisper-goads: Nothing to see here people. It’s almost as if his physicality is the manifestation of years spent inside Other People’s Stories, trying to blend in.”


Image for article: Grilled calamari with fried bread and nduja


Grilled calamari with fried bread and nduja

“Nduja, the ingredient du jour across the country for the past 12 months, is popular for good reason. It’s spicy as hell, highly seasoned and it packs a punch. A little goes a long way. ”


Image for article: Draw Your Weapons

Sarah Sentilles
Draw Your Weapons

Image for article: The Pacific Room

Michael Fitzgerald
The Pacific Room

Image for article: Wimmera

Mark Brandi


Image for article: Robots in healthcare


Robots in healthcare

Already widely used in task-based factory work, robots are now being developed with social and emotional intelligence for service in healthcare capacities as support for sick children and the elderly.

Image for article: WG Alma Conjuring Collection


WG Alma Conjuring Collection

A tour of the State Library of Victoria’s little known magic collection uncovers an archive of conjuring memorabilia.

Image for article: Her own league: Maddie Studdon, 22, rugby league player


Her own league: Maddie Studdon, 22, rugby league player

Australian Jillaroo and NRL All Star Maddie Studdon on training and playing between shifts as a stevedore.

The Quiz

1. Which entertainer’s given names are Kathryn Dawn?
2. How many stripes are on the flag of the United States of America?
3. Which award-winning 2001 Australian film was based on the Andrew Bovell play Speaking in Tongues?
4. Jeff Bezos is founder, chairman and chief executive officer of which retail giant? (Bonus point for naming where the company’s headquarters are based.)
5. In physiological terms, what does ACL stand for?
6. Which Australian lake was renamed to incorporate its Indigenous name in 2012?
7. Name the 2016 men’s and women’s Wimbledon singles champions?
8. Which three countries begin with the letter ‘J’?
9. Name the bird that features in the comic strip Peanuts.
10. Oliver Mellors is the lover of which fictional character?

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“There is no judgement expressed at all in the story other than about diet.”

Christopher Dore

The editor of The Daily Telegraph defends a graphic titled “Fat chance of being healthy”, which listed same-sex attraction among the reasons schoolchildren are unwell. It would be easier to believe this was an accident if his paper wasn’t a stinking ornament to homophobia and the bullying of queer youth.


“Go whistle seems to me to be an entirely appropriate expression.”

Boris JohnsonThe British foreign minister continues Brexit negotiations. He further indicated a desire to settle it with a game of chasey in which the European Union was “it”.


“Even republicans like myself can be, and in my case are, very strong Elizabethans.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister prepares to meet the Queen. The fact this statement makes no sense can be blamed on the unique feeling of being asked to sit at the feet of an elderly woman you spent more than $2 million trying to rid the country of.


“People will die.”

Craig KellyThe chairman of the Coalition’s climate committee warns of the impact of renewable energy, saying that it will cause people to freeze to death because of power prices. It’s lucky delusion isn’t fatal.


“In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently.”

Donald Trump jnrThe US president’s eldest son reflects on his dealings with Russian intermediaries who promised material to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Given investigations under way by the Justice Department and the house and senate intelligence committees, that is probably an understatement.


“The fact of the matter is that I am more interested in talking about jobs up the road in Elizabeth than I am about what Malcolm Turnbull thinks about Queen Elizabeth.”

Bill ShortenThe opposition leader continues his unrelenting campaign to sound as uncomfortable and unbelievable as possible while prosecuting otherwise popular positions. Points off for missing a “fillip” pun in reference to the Duke of Edinburgh.