December 2 – 8, 2017

Vote No skywriting over Sydney in September.


Alt-right links to the ‘No’ case

“Dean Anderson and Kat Klayton have posted photographs of Nazis burning books. They have also posted material equating homosexuality with paedophilia. They and a small group of others were responsible for literally painting their opposition to same-sex marriage mid-campaign, in the skies above Sydney and Melbourne.”

As the parliament moves to legislate for same-sex marriage, the involvement of the alt-right in the ‘No’ case becomes clear.



How the rich are getting richer

“We’ve been treating our low-income households really poorly for a long time and we have a situation of poverty like we haven’t had since the 1970s.”

While Treasurer Scott Morrison and the IPA say income inequality is falling, the number of Australians worth more than $50 million has grown by 30 per cent in a year.

Refugees sleep in the open air to escape oppressive conditions inside the Manus Island detention centre before it was evacuated.


The human toll of Manus

The politicised push to eliminate asylum seeker deaths at sea has tragically failed to calculate greater humanitarian costs and the deaths of 11 people.

Protesters against the Adani coalmine rally outside the company’s Brisbane headquarters in October.


The future of the Adani mine

Overwhelming public opposition to the Adani coalmine in northern Queensland tipped the scales in state election campaigning. But now that’s over, what influence does it have at a federal level and on the mine’s future?


Donald Trump and the nuclear codes

“The nuclear threat has changed in the four decades since the previous hearing, but one thing hasn’t: the US’s official insistence that the president, and the president alone, is authorised to command the use of nuclear weapons.”

A congressional hearing into Donald Trump’s authority to launch a nuclear strike brings into focus the grim prospect of atomic warfare and recollections of a time when America stopped worrying and learnt to love the bomb.

Image for article: Kim’s missile testing back in world’s sights


Kim’s missile testing back in world’s sights

North Korea explores bitcoin investment; defence white paper.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Natalie Cromb
Date with enmity

“The rhetoric used by those in power is reductionist. It pits First Nations people against the rest of the community. This politics of division is convenient, because it allows the government to control messaging in a racially charged environment of its own creation while at the same time using saviour language. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Nationals turn on Turnbull

The Courier-Mail says eight Queensland federal Nationals will divorce themselves from the LNP campaign at the next election. The eight are counting on Barnaby Joyce to win this weekend’s byelection in New England and to relaunch them in the bush under the old green and gold colours. It is eerily like the response from the Nationals 19 years ago.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Onan the vulgarian

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Married with squibs

The survey forced same-sex couples to defend their relationships and beg for their rights. It licensed a new wave of homophobia and demonised queer teenagers and those living with gender dysphoria. It saw hate scrawled on walls and in the sky. It did all this, so far, for a dozen senators who could not bring themselves to vote for equality. It is worth recording these names, if only to show how few people it takes to create a national farce. They were as follows:


Protests growing for action on Manus

The moving account of the forced transfer of refugees to a new, unfinished camp on Manus (“Malcolm Turnbull (02) 6277 7700”, November 25-December 1) by Martin McKenzie-Murray has given …

Bill Shorten needs to explain policy

Thank you for your continued efforts to publicise the dreadful situation on Manus. No reader can ignore the multiple listings of the phone numbers for Messrs Turnbull and Shorten. Well done. …

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Kenny Pittock


The fun of art with Kenny Pittock

Artist Kenny Pittock creates sculptures of everyday objects and sketches simple illustrations of fellow commuters, turning the domestic into the playful. “I work two days a week pushing shopping trolleys. I mean, that’s about as unglamorous as it gets, but I really like it. I like the people I work with and I like the shopping lists – that’s what’s really fun for me.”

Image for article: ‘The Father’ at MTC and STC


‘The Father’ at MTC and STC

John Bell delivers perhaps his finest performance as a man suffering dementia in Florian Zeller’s masterpiece The Father.


Comedian Shane Mauss

“I’m pretty sure the two businessmen at the bar are listening to our conversation. Shane Mauss isn’t bothered. As a comedian he’s used to an audience, and, after completing a 111-city tour of his native United States in less than six months, the fact we’re talking about psychedelic drugs, as he does through his show, does not seem to trouble him.”


Image for article: Marinated mussels with green chilli and celtuce


Marinated mussels with green chilli and celtuce

“I think it’s probably relevant to talk about the weather. Summer’s here and the sunshine is a good excuse for mussels. These mussels are in a green chilli paste that I first started using on octopus in the restaurant. I’ve adjusted the recipe, deleting some of the salt and adding mussel juice. I tend to marinate the mussels on the day, but they can be marinated overnight to take on a slightly pickled quality.”


Image for article: Grace

Paul Lynch

Image for article: The Baker’s Alchemy

John Stephenson
The Baker’s Alchemy

Image for article: Millefiori

Omar Musa


Image for article: Lewes Bonfire


Lewes Bonfire

The rival bonfire societies of Lewes, East Sussex, vie to deliver the biggest spectacle of fireworks, costumed processions and burning effigies, in a working-class festival of rebellion.

Image for article: Early detection key for dyslexia


Early detection key for dyslexia

It is hoped a new federal initiative for early detection of dyslexia will deliver a better education for those with learning difficulties, as well as avoid the stigma that can lead to mental health problems.

Image for article: Fists of fate: Tyson Pedro, 26, mixed martial artist


Fists of fate: Tyson Pedro, 26, mixed martial artist

Tyson Pedro on how UFC fighting is a human form of chess and why his mum’s banned from watching his bouts.

The Quiz

1. Salvator Mundi, which sold last month for a record-breaking $US450.3 million, was a painting by which renowned artist?
2. With which sport would you associate the snatch and the clean and jerk?
3. To what was Franklin D. Roosevelt referring when he spoke of “a date which will live in infamy”?
4. Who plays P. T. Barnum in the upcoming film The Greatest Showman?
5. New Zealand has had how many female prime ministers? (Bonus points for naming them.)
6. What is the most populous city in South America?
7. Michael Balzary, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is better known by what name?
8. What do people with cynophobia fear?
9. In Star Trek, what name starting with ‘K’ is given to an extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species?
10. What is the cube root of 125?

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“A recent audio recording shocked me, as it did not match my recollection of events.”

Sam DastyariThe Labor senator resigns as deputy whip after a tape emerged showing he misrepresented his misrepresenting of party policy regarding the South China Sea. In his memory of the conversation, he came across as more of a spiv.


“Sometimes as a minister you slap your forehead and say to yourself ‘What were these guys thinking?’ ”

Mitch FifieldThe minister for communications criticises Triple J for moving its Hottest 100 broadcast from a date that marks the dispossession of Australia’s First Peoples. His criticism is misplaced, but the sentence does neatly describe cabinet process.


“In recent days, we have seen too many senators once again prioritise politics over people.”

Lyle SheltonThe head of the Australian Christian Lobby condemns the parliament for voting with the will of the people on marriage equality. It’s looking increasingly likely that he actually doesn’t understand how democracy works.


“It means these young people have the autonomy they deserve.”

Hilary KincaidThe principal solicitor at the Inner City Legal Centre celebrates a decision that means transgender teenagers will no longer have to appeal to the Family Court to begin hormone treatments. There is no joke for this item: it is a win for human expression.


“He was a horrible, horrible man.”

David LeckieThe media executive excoriates Don Burke after multiple claims of sexual harassment were published. A better time to do that might have been when he was running the network Burke was on and the women alleging abuse were his employees.


“Government’s policy remains the same until it’s changed.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister announces a banking royal commission. His government has previously claimed such an inquiry would undermine confidence in the banking system and annoy his friends and donors.