June 2 – 8, 2018

CFMEU Victorian secretary John Setka (left).


Inside Labor’s refugee strategy

“Why the hell are Labor people prepared to use a STATE Labor conference against the election of a FEDERAL Labor government? ”

With fears a ‘bring them here’ motion could pass Labor’s state conference, left unions have decided it is better to play a dead bat on the issue ahead of the federal election.



China, spies and the PM’s new fight

“We have failed to take account of how hyperactive China has been in interfering with other political systems ... It’s not really a foreign relations stance, it’s an internal resilience stance.”

Questions mount over the direction Malcolm Turnbull is taking with China, as clues emerge from a former adviser’s report with ASIO and an ex-ambassador’s turning on the government.

Cape York Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson.


Building on the Uluru statement

“We’re not just recognising the Indigenous people of Australia, we’re actually recognising each other. ”

A year on from the historic Uluru statement, constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples remains in limbo.

Image for article: Pill testing as harm minimisation


Pill testing as harm minimisation

As an ardent campaigner for pill testing and decriminalisation, Matt Noffs has called for the government to consider new policy to minimise the harm caused by recreational drugs.


Privatisation by stealth

“Contractors ‘suck the life out of the [bureaucratic] host and kill its capacity, because, over time, once the loss of capability in the public sector is complete, it’s a seller’s market and prices go up’.”

With Serco handed the contract for Centrelink’s call centre, and the NDIS saddled with inexperienced labour hire staff, the government is privatising the public service by stealth.

The leader of Italy’s League party, Matteo Salvini, leaves the Chamber of Deputies in Rome on Monday.


New elections could see Italy drop euro

Italy elections repeat could see rightward swing. Chinese financial crisis forecast. Trump–Kim talks back on.

Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Imran Mohammad
Manus Island and post-traumatic stress

“Simple things, which were completely normal, caused them shock and disturbance. The men had suffered mental torment for so long they imagined they were still on Manus in the detention centre, and so couldn’t put themselves into the real world. They had become institutionalised by the processes that took place in offshore detention. As a consequence, they were constantly concerned there would be no food left, so they all lined up at the same time for their meals. They could not remember simple behavioural practices. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Barnaby Joyce wreaks havoc again

“The exasperation in the government is palpable. ‘The only thing anyone is talking about this week is the Barnaby Joyce soap opera,’ was the reaction of one fed-up backbencher. But it is not only the distraction that is the issue; it is the spectre of the former deputy prime minister out for payback against his own side of politics.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Scrutiny of the bounty

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Death of the vile

To see One Nation break apart again is to be reminded of the brokenness of racism. Pauline Hanson’s is a dried-out vision of Australia, mean and unimaginative. It is a pleasure to see it fail. It is like watching a dirt clod give in to rain. Hers is a country of racist privilege, of conspiracy theories and clapped-out ideology. It is a godsend to see it founder.


The overkill of warship program

As we cut expenditure even further from any programs which might demonstrate our concern for the oppressed and forsaken, both here and overseas, we plan with seeming eagerness, even delight, to spend …

Show we care about asylum seekers

Congratulations on your splendid editorial (“Dutton’s moral twilight”, May 26–June 1) on asylum seekers. Minister Peter Dutton still writes letters calling refugees “illegal” …

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Screenwriter and director Yolanda Ramke (right) with Simone Landers.


Yolanda Ramke’s auteur layers

Screenwriter and actor Yolanda Ramke has now added directing to her list of achievements, turning her 2013 Tropfest zombie short Cargo into a feature-length film with the backing of Netflix, and bringing a distinctly Australian subtext to international viewers. “Ultimately, this is a story about parents and children, and about what we’ll do to protect and preserve those we love.”

Image for article: ‘The Wizard of Oz’


‘The Wizard of Oz’

A tricked-up Andrew Lloyd Webber version of a timeless classic has the viewer realising they’re not in Kansas anymore.


Writer Eileen Myles

“The other side effect of success is that it has the potential to undermine the kind of embattled tenacity that often keeps marginal writers going for long enough to finally achieve it. I ask Myles what the impact of success has been on their work and identity. ‘Well… I mean, it’s the real thing of, say, being on trips like this, and having conversations like this… I think one of the difficulties of getting the attention that we all want so much is that increasingly your job is to be ‘you’, as opposed to being that person.’”


Image for article: Apple pithiviers


Apple pithiviers

“Pithivier is more a work of design than an absolute on how and what it’s made of. There are a few absolutes, though. It must be made with puff pastry. It must be circular. And it must have the rays of the sun etched into the top of the pastry so that, when baked, it represents a golden sun motif. Other than that, you can go your own way, fill it with all manner of sweet and savoury fillings, and make small ones or large ones.”


Image for article: Waiting for Elijah

Kate Wild
Waiting for Elijah

Image for article: We Are Not Most People

Tracy Ryan
We Are Not Most People

Image for article: Small Wrongs

Kate Rossmanith
Small Wrongs


Image for article: Opt-out organ donation


Opt-out organ donation

While Britain looks set to pass an ‘opt-out’ organ donation law – reversing the principle of volunteering – even some transplant recipients are unconvinced such a system should be adopted in Australia.

Image for article: Modern Berlin


Modern Berlin

A city once divided, today’s Berlin has transformed itself into a ‘poor but cool’ haven for like-minded defectors from around the globe.

Image for article: Fighting spirit: Tai Tuivasa, 25, mixed martial artist


Fighting spirit: Tai Tuivasa, 25, mixed martial artist

Mixed martial artist Tai Tuivasa on being a proud Indigenous Australian and the gladiatorial challenges of cage fighting.

The Quiz

1. Who is the author of the 1979 book The Right Stuff?
2. An escapement measures beats in which everyday device?
3. Minneapolis is a major city in which US state?
4. Who is Neil Finn replacing in the band Fleetwood Mac?
5. Name the African nations that end with the letter ‘o’?
6. Which composer wrote “Clair de lune”, “La mer” and “Nocturnes”?
7. On marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle became the Duchess of …? (Bonus point for naming the TV series in which she played Rachel Zane.)
8. In which month and year did Ansett Australia cease operations?
9. What was the name given to Germany’s World War II air force?
10. Who won the 2017 French Open women’s singles title, and this year lost in the first round?

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“Like most mothers she said: ‘Seeing as I am being screwed over and there are drones and everything over my house … then [I am] going to make money out of it.’ ”

Barnaby JoyceThe backbencher blames his partner for the paid television interview they are doing together. It’s rude to question a man directly responsible for at least two mothers, but “most” mothers seems a stretch here.


“Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.”

Donald TrumpThe reality television star takes advice from a reality television star. A lot of people have been mean spirited about this, but someone has to explain to Trump where he is going.


“There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing.”

Bob IgerThe chief executive of Disney endorses the cancelling of Roseanne by ABC, a division of his company. It sends a strong message: that it is okay to be tedious and racist on television, but not on Twitter.


“By working together, conservatives across our state can put a handbrake on the extreme elite ideologies that have infected Canberra.”

Lyle SheltonThe face of the “No” campaign announces he is running for Cory Bernardi in Queensland. The man is down on same-sex unions and very okay with mixed metaphors.


“Actually I didn’t realise she walked away. So I think I’ll be walking away too now.”

Peter GeorgiouThe One Nation senator ends a press conference about party unity after his leader walked away without him noticing. Pauline Hanson says the party is a bloc, which is true insofar as its members are all white.


“I have complete faith in the minister, Senator Cash.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe prime minister defends Michaelia Cash after she was subpoenaed by the Federal Court to give evidence in the AWU raids case. Turnbull’s complete faith protected Barnaby Joyce from the Constitution, so this is good news.