August 17 – 23, 2019


Parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security chair Andrew Hastie.


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Letters, Poem & Editorial


Maxine Beneba Clarke
Contradictio in adjecto

most of us,

    it seems ridiculous now,

were there to save all life


                      from hostes humani generis


which we’d learnt,

      way back in week two of class

meant the enemies of mankind

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Crowd cover

It’s an old, persistent lie: that traffic is a race issue, that failing infrastructure is the responsibility of migrants rather than the governments that build it. Said often enough, it allows politicians to blame congestion on people who look different. This is a useful trick and it’s one Scott Morrison is playing.


Where to draw the line

It was quite revealing to analyse the empirical evidence in your article “Murdoch media feeds far-right recruitment” by Rick Morton (August 10-16). The disturbing influence of conservative think tanks …

Lack of respect

The school bully has morphed from troubled youth to gutless and entitled parent (“Batter of principles”, August 10-16). Jane Caro and others suggested a range of underlying reasons, such as social media, …

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Seeker Lover Keeper, which comprises Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann (from left).


Supergroup Seeker Lover Keeper

On their second album, Wild Seeds, Seeker Lover Keeper took a more collaborative approach to songwriting. While the process was challenging, it created a more cohesive record and deepened the three musicians’ friendship. “It’s a real relief when you can relax and lean into that,” says Sarah Blasko. “You don’t have to get everything right or have all the perfect ideas. It’s really nice to see each person take the song forward at a different moment and you can kind of rest in that.”

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Sleater-Kinney’s The Center Won’t Hold

With their brilliant new album, The Center Won’t Hold, Sleater-Kinney’s defiantly feminist brand of punk remains vital as ever, 25 years after they began making music.


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Paul Strathern
The Borgias

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Tim Bonyhady
The Enchantment of the Long-haired Rat

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Téa Obreht


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Roasted and raw brussels sprout salad with anchovy

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Tourism in Guerrero, Mexico

The Mexican state of Guerrero offers iconic beaches, culinary delights and a pleasing climate. But for tourism promoters trying to sell it as a dream destination it has one major hitch – a frighteningly high crime rate.

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Hypocrisy and bad blood

Swimmer Mack Horton’s stand against drug cheats, while admirable, brings into focus the double standard over who is doping and who is seen to have made an innocent mistake.




“Home Affairs officers will be placed in key overseas locations to seek out the very best people in high growth industries, and encourage them to come to Australia to help grow those industries.”

David ColemanThe immigration minister announces a new program to attract overseas talent to join Australia’s border protection agency.


“Personally, I’ll keep the seal.”

Peter ComensoliThe Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne says he’d rather go to jail than break the seal of confession and report paedophile priests to the police.


“I honestly started it as a joke.”

Elizabeth RowinThe organiser of a petition to rename the road in front of Trump Tower “President Barack H. Obama Avenue” expresses surprise at her petition gathering 250,000 signatures in just days.


“They should learn their place.”

PaulThe Australian, who lives in Guangdong, China, complains about Hong Kong protesters to CNN because his flight is delayed.


“In Australia today, journalism is being used as a cover by foreign intelligence actors.”

Heather CookThe ASIO deputy director-general tells a parliamentary inquiry into press freedom that exemptions for journalists could prove a slippery slope to protection for spies.


“I just wonder whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a sock down her throat.’’

Alan JonesThe shock jock responds to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s questioning of Australia’s climate change credentials at the Pacific Islands Forum with his trademark charm.