September 28 – October 4, 2019


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and United States President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.


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My friend (insert name)

Trump’s bone spurs must be giving him hell. Standing for hours on end to smother Schmo Morrison in effusions at a welcome ceremony, at a press conference, at a state dinner and then at Anthony Pratt’s cardboard factory. Agony for the Radge Orange Bampot, and for everyone else in earshot.

Letters, Poem & Editorial


Maxine Beneba Clarke

so hear us out,


        we invite that australian guy:


the PM with the big head

who loves god, and hates migrants

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Bully mammoths

In America, they’re already apologising. A spokesperson for Fox News said comments broadcast by the network were “disgraceful”. Earlier, a guest had called Greta Thunberg a “mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left”. In Australia, it doesn’t matter. The Murdoch press ridicules Thunberg’s age and mental health. They express anger at her for telling the truth.


Political donations

Reflecting on Sam Dastyari’s push for public funding of political campaigns, it is useful to reflect on donations in New South Wales (Karen Middleton, “Funding fault”, September 21-27). Only NSW …

Not truth-telling

An issue of graver significance than the valid questions regarding Gladys Liu: at the very heart of trust in the government is the honesty of its leader. Prime Minister Scott Morrison does not deserve the free …

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Rachel Griffiths.


Actress and director Rachel Griffiths

Throughout her illustrious acting career, Rachel Griffiths has often spoken out against injustice. She discusses power and its abuses, her upcoming ABC series, and how Catholicism informs her feature-length directorial debut, Ride Like a Girl. “I think my faith is aesthetically Catholic, not through any allegiance to Rome. I have no faith in the Catholic structure or any structure that doesn’t include women and is designed to entrench power using secrecy and threat.”

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Visual Art

Simon Denny: Mine

Combining sculpture, installation and augmented reality, Simon Denny: Mine is a thought-provoking exhibition that challenges our relationship to technology and the environment.


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Antony Loewenstein
Pills, Powder, and Smoke

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Amanda Niehaus
The Breeding Season

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Ruby Hamad
White Tears/Brown Scars


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Oyster hotpot

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Zion National Park, Utah

Following an energy-sapping hike through sublime Utah scenery, a conversational impasse is broken by talk of Mormons and mass shootings. A strange choice for small talk? As the author discovers, everything comes down to timing.

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Peggy O’Neal’s eye on the Tigers

As the first – and still only – woman to serve as an AFL club president, Peggy O’Neal is keenly aware of her role as a groundbreaker, and of her responsibility to the future of her beloved Richmond FC.




“Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong couldn’t have put it better themselves. They’d be so proud.”

Eric Abetz

The Liberal likens The Conversation’s zero tolerance of climate denial to fascism.


“Adelaide’s a shithole. No disrespect, no disrespect. I can say that because I’ve travelled there multiple times and I didn’t enjoy it. I found it to be incredibly dull and boring.”

Lucy ZelićThe SBS presenter, who was born in Canberra, delivers her blunt assessment of the City of Churches.


“I am absolutely disgusted that an RSL club – a place whose members fought overseas to defend our right to freedom of speech and religion – would do this.”

Nathaniel Smith The New South Wales Liberal MP vents his outrage that North Ryde RSL cancelled his Conservative Q&A Pro-Life Edition function.


“I opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster.”

Wally ConronThe dog breeder, a man as liberal with genetics as he is with metaphors, expresses his regret at creating the labradoodle.


“When I was the first one out, I thought ‘Oh, good’. I was lonely! The octopus wanted to have a chat.”

Gretel Killeen

The TV host expresses her enthusiasm at getting voted off Australia’s newest “talent show”, The Masked Singer.


“The President of Ukraine said that he was NOT pressured by me to do anything wrong. Can’t have better testimony than that!”

Donald TrumpThe United States president addresses allegations made by a whistleblower that he tried to induce Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Party 2020 presidential campaigner Joe Biden.