November 9 – 15, 2019

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton (left) and the director-general of ASIO, Mike Burgess.


ASIO officers broke law on warrant

“Whilst operational staff complied with ASIO’s operational planning procedures, these procedures were inconsistent with other ASIO policies and were insufficient to ensure that ASIO acted lawfully.”

The agency’s watchdog, tasked with unravelling the breach, has echoed growing concern about flawed and confusing new anti-terror laws.



Mental health cost of welfare

“One of the things that I have experienced myself … is the utter stress of living on Centrelink payments that are inadequate. Me having to choose between going to therapy to actually get better or having food.”

A wide-ranging review of Australian mental health has pointed to the welfare system, particularly the troubled jobactive program, as a key driver in the crisis.

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Reporting racism

A new study highlighting systemic racism in the Australian media has called for stronger guidelines to regulate against both overt and covert prejudice.

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Activism and secondary boycotts

Although the Coalition is talking tough about criminalising consumer advocacy, legal experts say any attempt to do so will be hamstrung by reality.


Risking life in PNG limbo

“They are known in PNG as the ‘negatives’. Australia doesn’t want them, America doesn’t want them, Papua New Guinea doesn’t want them.”

Ahead of a senate vote that could repeal the medevac legislation, the fate of more than 200 asylum seekers in Port Moresby hangs in the balance.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison (centre) with Asian leaders during a photo opportunity at the 14th East Asia Summit  in Bangkok  on Monday.


India’s PM rejects East Asia trade pact

US to formally leave Paris climate agreement. Australia joins trade pact but Narendra Modi declines. Daesh attacks continue in Africa. Delhi closes schools and restricts car use over smog.

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Anthony Kelly
Brutality checks on activists

“For those who have watched the evolution of public-order policing in Victoria over recent years, the sort of police violence we saw at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) protests in Melbourne would’ve come as no real surprise.”


Paul Bongiorno
Post-election blues all round

“Never has it been more obvious: getting elected is one task, governing is another. While Labor tries to move on from its election loss review, delivered to the executive on Thursday, Scott Morrison is finding that running the country is harder than winning the unwinnable election. ”


Voters look back in anger

Here we are six months after the federal election and upon swaths of citizens it has dawned that they have bought tickets to a flop. If it’s cringeworthy now, imagine another two-and-a-half years of this clapped-out music-hall routine.

Letters, Poem & Editorial


Maxine Beneba Clarke
Waltzing Matildas

a lot can go down

along the 200 red burning

      metres of track

between the victory lap


         and the starter gun

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Everything is not okay

Labor’s campaign was flawed but its policies were right. Its failure came in acknowledging that the country needs to change. More than anything, Australians want a prime minister who covers for their shortcomings – who says not to worry, and that most of you will be okay.


Bailing out water

The more we hear about the problem of managing water rights in the Murray–Darling system, the more it sounds like a classic example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Karen Middleton’s report (“Former …

Getting to the truth

The only hopeful news I’ve read in way, way too long. A proper integrity commission? Yes, please. A proper investigation into the Murray–Darling Basin Authority on both federal and state roles? …

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Antonio Banderas in a scene from Pain and Glory.


An audience with Antonio Banderas

Drawing on his recent experience of a heart attack, as well as his decades-long friendship with director Pedro Almodóvar, Antonio Banderas has produced what may be his finest performance in Pain and Glory. “We hadn’t worked together in eight or nine years, but suddenly he calls me and says, ‘Hey, I’m gonna send you something. You’re going to find a lot of references to people that you and I know.’ And I received Pain and Glory. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it because he was there, it was such an opportunity. So, I went to him as a soldier, as a very, very plain soldier, ready to listen. Really listen.”

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FKA twigs’ Magdalene

Electronic musician FKA twigs is at the height of her powers on her new album, Magdalene, which combines formal ingenuity with visceral emotion.


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Jung Chang
Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister

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Peter Monteath
Battle on 42nd Street

Image for article: Parragirls

Lily Hibberd, Bonney Djuric (eds)


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Licorice molasses cake with candied ginger

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Nimbin’s recreational cannabis trial

Medicinal cannabis may be garnering the majority of research attention but a new study by Monash University is investigating how the ratio of chemical compounds in the drug affects long-term recreational users.

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Alicia Molik eyes Fed Cup glory

As Australia sets itself for its first Fed Cup final since 1993, team captain Alicia Molik reflects on her own on-court highs and lows and assesses what makes world No. 1 Ash Barty so special.




“Look, we’re having a conversation about Phoebe’s gender here, which is fucking ridiculous.”

Daniel CraigThe actor dismisses suggestions writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought onto the forthcoming James Bond movie as a diversity hire. You know a franchise is fusty when hiring an award-winning RADA graduate who’s descended from landed gentry is read as a PR play to make things seem more “modern”.


“No, I fucking don’t. If you go low, I’m gonna come for you.”

Mona Eltahawy

The writer and activist rejects Michelle Obama’s catchcry “When they go low, we go high” on Q&A. Both mantras remain decidedly more useful than “If you have a go, you get a go”.


“The travel was within normal guidelines.”

Spokesperson for Melissa PriceThe Defence Industry minister charged taxpayers $77,254 for a recent European trip. Explains where she was hiding all that time when she had the Environment portfolio.


“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get my consent. It won’t last forever, you’ve gotta ask again…”

NSW Police ForceThe state’s police force shares a catchy rework of the Spice Girls hit “Wannabe” to illustrate the importance of consent, in the same week it is accused of strip searching more than 120 under-age girls.


“It’s a lovely story. This is the horse that grew here, not flew here.”

Andrew Rule

The Herald Sun journalist manages to find a xenophobic take on Australia’s best-known race in personal best time, though still a few lengths off the record set by previous Sunrise guests.


“We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we … quashed the story.”

Amy RobachThe ABC America anchor is caught by a hot mic expressing her anger at the US network spiking her story about Jeffrey Epstein three years ago. Because no number of Pulitzers, nor bringing down “America’s most prolific paedophile”, is worth jeopardising your Royals special.