December 21, 2019 – January 24, 2020


Firefighters tackle a fire in Braidwood, New South Wales.


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Another year at St Brutes

There’s a carnival atmosphere at St Brutes (motto: Tabula in naufragio) as the end-of-year speech day gets under way. Parents, boys and staff are assembled in a marquee on the oval. Professor Flint on the Wurlitzer falls silent as the headmaster, Mr Morrison, strides to the lectern, droplets of lunchtime pie and sauce on his chin catching the afternoon light. Pastor Houston is invited to say a short and meaningful prayer.

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The Canada Project

After the United States resettlement deal it is likely there will be 250 refugees in Papua New Guinea and on Nauru, still unsettled and held in stasis. Often it feels as if there is nothing that can be done. In this case, however, there is. A little-known part of Canada’s immigration system allows for refugees to be sponsored for resettlement. For about $20,000, a person can be considered as part of a special intake. There is a quota each year, which is about to be refreshed. Some 200 places are expected to be available in 2020. So, as the year comes to an end, The Saturday Paper is raising money to ensure the people held by Australia in offshore detention are included in this sponsorship process.


Lagging behind on renewables

As Karen Middleton writes (“Coal custody”, December 14-20), Labor leader Anthony Albanese sees the future of coal in Australia as a choice for or against jobs in the coalmining industry. It …

Coal comfort from election result

I cannot sit back and read “Coal custody” and the editorial “This is an emergency” in the December 14-20 edition without comment. It has to be noted that despite Shorten’s …

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Brook Andrew.


Sydney Biennale artistic director Brook Andrew

For the 2020 Sydney Biennale, artistic director Brook Andrew is challenging the dominant narratives of this country, instead bringing together perspectives that have been unjustly relegated. “Australia is on a precipice of change in this present moment, with people renegotiating and confronting histories which shift dimensionally. It’s about who we are today, and there is a moral question that arises in this, which is: Where do you stand in the face of change?”

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Best stage performances of 2019

While Australian artists face challenging times, brilliant work is still being staged.

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The burial belt

If death is a certainty, so is the fact that the Earth is running out of space for cemeteries. Two Australians are trying to design a solution.

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The Horne Prize: Diary of a wildlife carer

“November – My first rescue. I hold the ladder while a baby tawny frogmouth is retrieved, no parents in sight. It opens its tiny mouth, pink inside with opalesque green mottling. “Stay away, I’m dangerous!” or “Feed me!” It is light as air despite the puff of feathers.”


Maxine Beneba Clarke
When the decade broke

             the stroke of midnight,

december thirty-first, nineteen ninety-nine,

    was going to end the world


at the hospital,

     they brought generators in


even the food service staff

were kept till late evening


none of us would get to


at the most expensive fireworks on earth,

        lighting up a new century:

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Maria Takolander
Best books of 2019 #1

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Ronnie Scott
Best books of 2019 #2


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Vegan Christmas recipes

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The best wines of summer 2020

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants selects her favourite wines, and non-alcoholic beer, for this summer.

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Tennis champion Sam Stosur

She won her first WTA singles match in 2003 and went on to become a doubles world No. 1 and US Open singles champion – by beating Serena Williams, no less. But Sam Stosur isn’t done yet.


The Quiz

1. Which two singers will perform the half-time show for Super Bowl 54 in Miami in February?
2. What nickname was given to actress and activist Jane Fonda after she visited North Vietnam in 1972?
3. The Treachery of Images is a painting by which surrealist artist?
4. According to Greek mythology, Zeus, Hades and which other god (their brother) divided up creation?
5. Which gland in the human body is often called the master gland?
6. In “Suzanne”, Leonard Cohen sang that the tea and oranges came from where?
7. The playing periods in polo are known as what?
8. Who was Australia’s longest-lived prime minister?
9. To the nearest million, what is the population of London?
10. Which Canadian province’s name contains the names of two dog breeds?
11. Name the two main stars of the TV series Killing Eve, plus the series’ creator.
12. True or false: Elvis Presley had a twin brother who died at birth?
13. Who headed the special counsel investigation into the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election? 
14. The characters Uriah Heep, Betsey Trotwood and Mr Micawber appear in which Charles Dickens novel?
15. Which 1990s pop hit features the lyrics: “I turned the radio on / I turned the radio up / And this woman was singing my song”?
16. Solid carbon dioxide is commonly known as what?
17. Who was captain of HMS Bounty when it was mutinied in 1789?
18. What word beginning with ‘r’ refers to the oxidisation of metal?
19. How many hours are in four weeks?
20. Which actress has been named People’s Most Beautiful a record five times?
21. Is a black mamba: (a) a dance; (b) fighter plane; or (c) a snake?
22. Who is the minister for Indigenous Australians?
23. In which field is Australian Nancy Bird-Walton renowned?
24. Cartography is the study and practice of making what?
25. What does the internet or text message abbreviation WDYT stand for?
26. The flag of the United Nations features branches from what type of tree?
27. Ben Simmons is associated with which sport?
28. A Malagasy is a native or inhabitant of which African country?
29. Who starred as Wild Bill Hickok opposite Doris Day in the 1953 film Calamity Jane?
30. In cricket’s Big Bash League, what is the name of the Brisbane team?
31. Garter, moss, rib and stocking are all types of what?
32. Name the Australian author of The Lost Man, The Dry and Force of Nature.
33. Which 16-letter word beginning with ‘p’ means sleight of hand?
34. In which war did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?
35. Which company owns the Argyle diamond mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia?
36. In the film and television industry, the abbreviation SAG stands for what?
37. Leopold Bloom is the protagonist of which James Joyce novel?
38. Which Guns N’ Roses song in 2019 became the first music video from the ’80s to reach one billion views on YouTube?
39. Typically a starfish has how many arms?
40. Which 1987 Mel Brooks film features the line: “May the Schwartz be with you!”?

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