June 13 – 19, 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison after announcing the HomeBuilder scheme in Googong, NSW, on June 4.


Who Morrison is looking after

“The HomeBuilder scheme will help people who are getting through the Covid-19 economic crisis without the need for help from the government, but not those who have suffered in the recession.”

The political power of tradesmen helped put Scott Morrison in office – and now he has a scheme to repay them.



NSW lays blame for Ruby Princess on feds

“The New South Wales government prepared a confidential report congratulating itself on how it managed the arrival of the cruise ship responsible for the largest single outbreak of Covid-19 in Australia, including 26 deaths here and overseas.”

An inquiry into the ill-fated ship has revealed a report claiming the federal government was at fault for letting passengers disembark.


The changes in JobKeeper

“The original $130 billion price tag had been, Mathias Cormann said, a ‘prudent and very conservative initial estimate’ and its revision downward ‘a very good thing’.”

Despite spending $60 billion less on JobKeeper than forecast, the government has announced an early end to the wage subsidy for childcare workers.

Image for article: The last refugee family on Nauru


The last refugee family on Nauru

Having endured seven years on Nauru, Salah and his son Mustafa are the last refugee family remaining on the island, after their US resettlement applications were rejected.

Image for article: Law enforcement and racial profiling


Law enforcement and racial profiling

As debate over police accountability reaches boiling point, research finds ‘risk-based’ approaches to law enforcement, known for targeting racial minorities, are in use in Australia.

Image for article: Black Lives Matter protests bring reform


Black Lives Matter protests bring reform

George Floyd’s funeral held as protests continue around the world. Video of injured athlete Debbie Kaore highlights PNG family violence. Brazil reinstates cumulative Covid-19 toll. Olof Palme murder finally solved.


The unfulfilled promise of lithium mining

Five years ago, some predicted that lithium – crucial for batteries in smartphones and electric vehicles – would soon rival iron ore as Australia’s biggest export. So what went wrong?

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Australia's No.1 news podcast.



Tarneen Onus-Williams, Crystal McKinnon and Meriki Onus
Why we organised Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter rally

“As Black, Brown, Indigenous people and allies in the United States and across the world collectively rise up to end systemic racism and violent police practices, it was necessary for us here in Australia to also rise.”


Paul Bongiorno
Scott Morrison faces a dilemma

“There’s nothing like the prospect of voters about to mark their ballot papers to focus the minds of politicians. And as parliament resumed this week, the spectre of the Eden-Monaro byelection hung over the place, jolting it out of its brief coronavirus togetherness. Make no mistake: even though the byelection in three weeks’ time will not weaken the government’s numbers on the floor of the house if it loses, there is a strong view that a Liberal win will reinforce Scott Morrison’s druthers to go to a general election early. And you don’t have to look very far to find the reasons why.”


Richard Ackland
Gadfly: Yabsley tat’ll do

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History matters

It could be made no clearer that Australia needs a formal process of truth-telling than when the prime minister says “there was no slavery” in this country. Is it possible that he does not know? Could he truly be ignorant to the legacy of blackbirding, to the fact that Aboriginal people were forced into indentured servitude well into the 20th century? If we respect our history, it is time to tell the truth. But respect for history involves knowing what happened.


Indigenous history not taught

Unfortunately Australians know more about the Holocaust than the history of Aborigines killed whether in past battles or in custody (Amy McQuire, “There cannot be 432 victims and no perpetrators…”, …

We must tell all stories

Practising historians need to get involved in current debates. It’s time for greater investment in the expansion of historical studies so that the full story/stories can be told.

– …

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Robbie Arnott
The Rain Heron

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Patrick Allington
Rise & Shine

Image for article: Minor Detail

Adania Shibli
Minor Detail


Image for article: Banana pancakes


Banana pancakes

Image for article: Teenage girls quitting sport


Teenage girls quitting sport

With the number of young girls dropping out of sport already alarmingly high, will the impacts of the coronavirus lead to even fewer female participants?




“It was a pretty brutal place, but there was no slavery in Australia.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister responds to Black Lives Matter protests by erasing Australia’s history of blackbirding and indentured labour that stretches back to when Captain Cook didn’t circumnavigate the continent.


“I don’t want to be complacent, I want to see lots more.”

Bronwyn BishopThe former MP celebrates the number of women who have followed her into federal politics and spruiks her plans for future helicopter trips.


“Times have changed since Little Britain first aired.”


The broadcaster seeks to explain the removal of the comedy series from its streaming service by suggesting blackface wasn’t racist in the early 2000s.


“Even when you look at pop culture, some of the most successful and popular people have got a diverse background, such as on MasterChef at the moment.”

Alan TudgeThe acting minister of Multicultural Affairs says Australia doesn’t have a racism problem because there’s a judge from a Chinese background on this season of the reality TV cooking show.


“Let me tell you something, Dorothy didn’t tap her shoes together and say, ‘There’s no place like childcare.’ ”

Gerard RennickThe Queensland senator says unaffordable childcare is actually a good thing because it will mean one parent has to stay home, which will “halve the congestion on our roads”.


“I write this without any desire to add to that toxicity.”

J. K. Rowling

The Harry Potter author pens a 3700-word screed defending her comments about trans women, which she proceeded to tweet out with the placatory caption “TERF wars”.