August 29 – September 4, 2020


Employment Minister Michaelia Cash.


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Lessons of the NZ mosque attacks

As the Australian-born terrorist who killed 51 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques was sentenced to life without parole this week, questions are being raised about the Australian government’s ability and willingness to monitor far-right extremism.

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House of pixelated representatives

While Covid-19 may have halted proceedings at the true home of Australian democracy, The Masked Singer, it has failed to stop parliament, which resumed this week after a nine-week hiatus. The break has been devastating for the ABC, which has been battered in the coveted 2pm time slot since losing its flagship Question Time program to tide viewers over to their afternoon nap. It was relatively smooth sailing for the “virtual parliament”, although Oculus Rift is not yet sold on the concept as a game for consumers. There was brief alarm when a Twitter troll appeared to hijack proceedings; however, it was soon explained that Senator Malcolm Roberts was, in fact, entitled to be there.

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To uphold the right

No police officer will face criminal charges over the death of Tanya Day. No officer will be investigated, charged or held personally responsible, despite the coroner finding an “indictable offence may have been committed in connection” to her death. Foremost in the coroner’s findings was a recommendation that Victoria’s public drunkenness laws be repealed, similarly called for by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody three decades earlier.


Detained and voiceless

Karen Middleton’s article (“Exclusive: 4115 assaults in immigration detention”, August 22-28) highlights Australia’s continued maltreatment of detainees. The behaviour of guards and detainees …

Christmas Island is no refuge

It is not surprising that the Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton, wants to send the remaining refugees to Christmas Island, where wi-fi and mobile phone service is poor. If it wasn’t for the …

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Ali Smith

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Pat Grant
The Grot

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Nguyen Phan Que Mai
The Mountains Sing


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Standing rib roast with potatoes, brussels sprouts and Yorkshire pudding

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Uni students’ mental health

With university students suffering academic pressures, career insecurity, mounting debt and social isolation, what is being done to protect their mental health?




“If actions speak louder than words, Scott Morrison is truly the quietest Australian of all.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe Labor leader finally remembers that he is a member of the opposition during an address to the National Press Club on Thursday.


“It doesn’t help anyone. It just depressed me more.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader reflects on the 11 weeks she spent behind bars in 2003 before her conviction was quashed on appeal. Her experience of unwarranted incarceration clearly gave her empathy and compassion for refugees held indefinitely in Australia’s detention centres.


“I apologise without reservation to those I have offended, and hope I’ll be wiser and kinder in my thirties.”

Marcus BastiaanThe Liberal wunderkind resigns from the party amid a branch-stacking scandal. Wiser and kinder in his 30s, no doubt prime minister by 45.


“I take full responsibility for not having that information available to me at the time.”

Richard ColbeckThe Aged Care minister apologises for being unable to recall the number of people in aged care who have died from Covid-19. Just for his reference, as of Wednesday this week, it was 353.


“We’re gonna make America great again, again.”

Mike PenceThe United States vice-president speaks at the Republican National Convention. Like most sequels, this one really doesn’t need to be made.


“The changes that took effect in February were about reducing barriers and improving clarity for victims who want to talk about their experiences…”

Jill HennessyVictoria’s attorney-general responds to outrage over law changes that threaten sexual assault survivors with a $3000 fine if they publicly identify themselves.