December 12 – 18, 2020


NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean.


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Britain rolls out mass Covid-19 vaccinations

Jacinda Ardern pledges to tighten gun licensing laws after Christchurch deaths. Polish women protest over plans to limit abortions. US investigating diplomats’ accounts of Havana syndrome.

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Flint’s tone deafness

Until he popped up on Monday night’s Media Watch, Gadfly thought Emeritus Professor David Flint must have disappeared from the mortal coil. But there he was looking as splendid as a pox doctor’s apprentice on Sky “News” telling that other old stager Alan (The Parrot) Jones that Joe Biden’s election victory was a fraud, a “self-evident” fraud.

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Mungo MacCallum (1941–2020)

What made Mungo MacCallum special, one of the things, was that for all the bewilderment and dismay he felt looking at politics he never lost his sense of clarity. If John Howard was the most effective politician of the past two decades, Mungo’s preferred description of him was the most enduring: “an unflushable turd”.


NDIS changes not needed

I thank Rick Morton for his incisive article regarding the potential changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme assessment protocol (“Exclusive: The seven-year plot to undermine the NDIS”, …

Farhad’s story

Farhad Rahmati, an Iranian refugee with a heart problem, was brought to mainland Australia for medical treatment. Since he speaks out about the way he is shunted about from one place of confinement to another …

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Vigdis Hjorth
Long Live the Post Horn!

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Andrew Pippos

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Elena Gomez
Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt


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Hot-smoked ocean trout with green salad

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Seeking a safe harbour

In a year of turmoil both global and personal, carefree life on a meandering river proves the perfect balm.

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Cricket’s hope to bounce back

Cricket at a grassroots level was already struggling before the pandemic, but lovers of the game are confident it can rebuild against the backdrop of a Covid-safe summer.




“I really think I have said all I know over some 60 years of polemicising.”

Mungo MacCallumThe sharpest observer of Australian politics in recent memory and eminent cruciverbalist signs off, aged 78. Requiescat in pace, Mungo.


“He is so precious. This is the same shadow treasurer … who cried in Kevin Rudd’s office, Mr Speaker, we know how sensitive he is.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister, who went into Covid-19 quarantine with his own personal photographer, accuses Labor MP Jim Chalmers of having an outsized ego.


“In order to ensure New Zealanders are safe, the government has agreed in principle with all 44 recommendations contained in the report.”

Jacinda ArdernThe New Zealand prime minister responds to the report from the Christchurch terror attack royal commission. Australia’s official response to the killing of 51 people has remained consistent: ignore the fact that the shooter came from here.


“There has never been an occasion where the senate had ordered a senator who was not a minister to appear before a committee.”

Bridget McKenzieThe Nationals senator politely declines to appear before the senate inquiry into the sports rorts scandal, which occurred while she was Sport minister. It seems she’s taken to heart the constant advice this year about thoroughly washing one’s hands.


“When you go on this card, you basically lose your rights as well. When you go on the welfare system, you’ve lost your rights.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation senator, no stranger to drawing a pay cheque funded by the taxpayer, throws her support behind the cashless welfare card under the apparent misapprehension that losing one’s job is a crime.


“There is an inverse relationship between leadership tensions and truth in question time.”

Christian PorterThe attorney-general, Industrial Relations minister and busiest man in Canberra accuses Labor of launching a scare campaign over the new IR reforms. As the one arguing that the reforms will lead to higher wages, Porter knows something about an inverse relationship with the truth.