February 13 – 19, 2021


Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes.


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Melbourne enters ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews at a press conference on Friday, February 12.



Kick in the Ed for systemic racism

Stunning everyone and overturning centuries of tradition, Eddie McGuire has now become the first white Australian ever forced from his job due to a prolonged commitment to racism. This has confused a country accustomed to the established method of dealing with racism in Australia, wherein the victim is pushed out of their job, hounded in the press and media, labelled a “sook” because our discourse is just barely above “I’m rubber and you’re glue, and what bounces off me sticks to you”, before it’s claimed that racism is a thing that happens only in America.

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After Eddie

Eddie McGuire is not the end, as much as the AFL would like him to be. A culture as toxic as the one described in the report that finally ended his 22-year tenure as Collingwood president cannot be seeded and maintained by one man.


Not a super idea

If Tim Wilson was serious about housing affordability, he should take aim at dwellings as an investment (Rick Morton, “Inside Tim Wilson’s campaign against super”, February 6-12). Removing taxation …

The morals of the story

It’s interesting that Scott Morrison sees himself as a purely transactional leader (Mike Seccombe, “Why Scott Morrison finally cautioned Craig Kelly”, February 6-12). Presumably he interprets …

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Nardi Simpson’s workspace, complete with possum pelts.

In Progress

Nardi Simpson

For Yuwaalaraay singer and writer Nardi Simpson, author of Song of the Crocodile, a sense of place is fundamental to all her work.


Two begging stories

“When he made his first billion, Samir bought the top half of the mountain. Once his grandparents had lived at its foot but now he had a view to the sea and the mountains beyond. His first point of business was the road. Bulldozers, excavators, trucks and workers battled a road to the top. He liked the appearance of dust but not how it clung to his clothes. They layered the gravel and then sprayed the asphalt. He thought, Now I can build my house. He flew in an architect, he flew in consultants recommended by his friends. The design would be Mediterranean: white walls, orange tiles, a palace equal to his life. The first night he spent in his palace, he lit up every light. He imagined people below looking up. Yes, the mountain has a king at its top. His sole regret was he could not be in two places at once: to see the mountain being lit for the first time while being the one who flicked the switch. Tomorrow he’d ask and his people could give him a detailed report. He thought to live at the top.”


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Simon Winchester

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Adam Thompson
Born Into This

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Pam Brown (ed.)
Minarets 11


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Quail with nectarine and rose petals

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An unplanned European break

Slowing down to take in every detail of a destination doesn’t always come naturally, but occasionally fate intervenes.

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The real reason Kyrgios cops flak

Nick Kyrgios pushed the world number three to the brink at the Australian Open on Friday night, riding the raucous support of the crowd. But some still don’t like what he brings to tennis.




“I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”

Rod PontonThe Texas lawyer struggles to switch off a filter that made him appear as a cat during a trial conducted via Zoom. The New Yorker’s staff likely wish Jeffrey Toobin had used a filter.


“The Liberals treat taxpayer money as if it is Liberal Party money.”

Kristina KeneallyThe Labor MP lashes Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton over $880,000 awarded to the National Retail Association. To be fair, since the grant came after the NRA made a donation to the LNP explicitly for Dutton, wouldn’t it have been a bit rude not to?


“Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box.”

Nick KyrgiosThe tennis player appears to instruct his brother to eject his world champion bodybuilder girlfriend, Alicia Gowans, from his player’s box at the Australian Open. Christmas dinner with the Kyrgios family should be fun.


“I don’t listen to women that much.”

Yoshiro MoriThe former Japanese president announces his resignation from the Tokyo Olympics organising committee after saying women shouldn’t be on committees because they talk too much. Always good to go down swinging.

Mea culpa

“I try my best and I don’t always get it right, but I don’t stop trying.”

Eddie McGuire

The Millionaire Hot Seat host steps down as Collingwood president after 22 years in the job. Former player Héritier Lumumba described this speech as “somehow even worse than his last press conference”, which is fairly generous.


“Fox cannot be held liable for fairly reporting and commenting on competing allegations in a hotly contested and actively litigated election.”

Fox NewsThe media conglomerate hits back at a $US2.8 billion lawsuit from electoral voting machine manufacturers Smartmatic. Relying on the integrity of its newsroom for its defence, the broadcaster’s mission is clear: make QAnon seem relatively sane.