February 20 – 26, 2021

Dhanya Mani in Sydney this week.


‘I was a staffer, and so was my perpetrator’

“What Australia seems wilfully blind to is that each of its enclaves of power has a misogynistic, patriarchal power structure that enables the oppression, vilification and sexual abuse of women.”

Eighteen months after publicly reporting her assault, former Liberal staffer Dhanya Mani explains why this week does not represent ‘progress’.


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Family Court merger

The Family Court system has been struggling for years, yet a decision to merge it with the Federal Circuit Court has provoked both concern and support from stakeholders across the spectrum.

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Biloela family wait for compassion

The Tamil family who settled in Biloela, Queensland, with their two Australian-born daughters have now spent more than 1000 days in immigration detention. But legal pressure is attempting to bend political will towards compassion.

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Lifting standards in quarantine

As the Australian government readies to vaccinate against Covid-19, our state quarantine systems, contact tracing and testing also need to be addressed before we can reopen our borders to the world.

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Robo-debt shonky from the start

The government claims it thought debts raised by its robo-debt scheme were legal. But experts now point to two cases that went before the High Court and clearly highlighted the program’s risks.

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Inequality and the housing bubble

Despite the damaging effects of Covid-19, higher unemployment and flat wages, the Australian housing market has snapped back. But home ownership is becoming increasingly unaffordable for young people, with dire consequences for their future.


Third Covid hit for Melbourne food industry

Hospitality was always challenging; then came the pandemic. Instead of stocking up for a reset and possible recovery, Melbourne restaurants are reeling from a third snap closure.

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Acquitted Trump attacks divided Republicans

New Zealand travel bubble with Australia suspended after outbreak of UK variant. Indian activists arrested over farmers’ protest. WHO plan to vaccinate poorer nations.

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Paul Bongiorno
Notes on a Coalition scandal

“When bad news is dominating the headlines, the best solution for a prime minister is to eclipse it with good news. How fortunate then for Scott Morrison that he was able to finally announce on Tuesday that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine had been approved for rollout in Australia.”


Jenny will save us all

Being a politician means learning to carefully deliver sentences that have been crafted by experts who know that everything you say will be parsed and dissected. This is why prime ministers employ speechwriters – people adept at reading the warp and weft of social discourse and threading a path for their boss that will offend few and please many. Prime Minister Scott Morrison really should think of hiring such a person.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Nats off the planet

Bridget McKenzie says the Nationals are “very, very keen to make a positive, progressive contribution to the energy and emissions debate”. All the evidence to hand suggests this is not true.


All about the spin cycle

The government’s decision to make use of marketing firms to promote the Covid-19 vaccination program instead of the highly skilled experts affiliated with the Australian Collaboration on Social Science …

Capacity for error

Your otherwise excellent article (Mike Seccombe, “Who’s about to get rich off the green energy revolution?”, February 13-19) was marred by some underwhelming numbers. The Asian Renewable …

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Rebecca Starford
The Imitator

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Max Porter
The Death of Francis Bacon

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Sam van Zweden
Eating with My Mouth Open


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Fresh corn polenta

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Hyperhidrosis and sweating a solution

For sufferers of hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating often leads to feelings of shame, loneliness and depression. Just knowing it is a recognised condition can be the first step to regaining confidence and control.

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Rugby league All Stars align

For many Indigenous rugby league players, the experience of representing their culture in the All Stars team fosters better knowledge and appreciation of their heritage and reinforces the NRL’s position as Australia’s first majority non-white sport.




“Our global commitment to invest in quality news also has not changed.”

William EastonThe Facebook managing director announces the social media giant will ban Australian news content from its site. Deplatforming white supremacists? Simply could not. Deplatforming an entire country’s news media? Sure.


“I hope you can sleep at night-time. Quite frankly, you disgust me.”

Jacqui LambieThe crossbench senator criticises Attorney-General Christian Porter’s proposed merger of the Family Court. Perhaps not the first time a woman in Canberra has said this to him.


“You can imagine my response.”

Jacinda ArdernThe New Zealand prime minister expresses her frustration at the Morrison government stripping a dual citizen of her Australian citizenship over allegations she joined Daesh. Foisting extremists on to NZ and denying responsibility for their actions has become this country’s favourite pastime.


“It was when a journalist… contacted… my office…”

Michaelia CashThe Employment minister offers a teary qualification that she didn’t know of an allegation of rape made by one of her staffers until this week. It isn’t clear whether she was standing behind a whiteboard when someone came to tell her earlier.


“The publication took reasonable steps to ensure that the report was accurate and not misleading.”

Australian Press Council

The media watchdog rules The Australian’s article headlined “Firebugs fuelling crisis as arson arrest toll hits 183”, published at the height of the Black Summer bushfires, was not misleading. One could argue it was also not journalism.


“So, why have we provided funding to local communities? Because we want to keep people safe.”

Peter DuttonThe Home Affairs minister defends his decision to go against advice from his own department to award $194,000 in grants to a marginal Tasmanian electorate days out from the 2018 Braddon byelection. Safe seats, safer communities.