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Kelly rocks the boat then jumps ship

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a complicated relationship with boats. We all know he loves stopping them. He even has a trophy on his desk shaped like a boat with “I stopped these” written on it, lest he ever forgets how much he loves stopping boats. But he also likes making boats go faster, it seems. Once the boat is moving, if he hasn’t stopped it already, he hates things that slow down the boat. Or at least that’s the impression hydroxychloroquine spokesperson Craig Kelly got, as evidenced in his resignation letter handed to the PM this week, which read, “Some of my conduct over recent months has not helped the boat go faster.”


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Denial enables abuse

The prime minister says he didn’t know that Brittany Higgins had accused a colleague of sexually assaulting her. He says he didn’t know until February 15 this year, three days after a media inquiry came into his office. But he knows now. This is the moment when a leader would stand up, take responsibility and then face the questions that need to be answered. Instead Scott Morrison’s only concern, it seems, is to avoid at all costs any of this sticking to him.


Other daughters

As Dhanya Mani speculated that the reaction to her allegation of rape was conditioned by the fact that she is a woman of colour, I wondered whether the paternal concern of the prime minister towards Brittany Higgins …

Men have to make changes

In her story on sexual abuse in the country’s parliaments, Dhanya Mani writes that in media interviews in the past week she’s “been repeatedly asked why this happened to us” and …

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Jenny Erpenbeck
Not a Novel

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Melissa Broder
Milk Fed

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Gary Lonesborough
The Boy from the Mish


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Summer tarts

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A haircut in Marrakech

For a visitor to Marrakech, one good trick deserves another, but the lesson learnt when dealing with the locals is sometimes it pays to walk away – especially when scissors are involved.

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Athletes and mental health

Where once elite athletes were encouraged to show no chinks in their armour, today’s sporting heroes are keen to share their vulnerabilities in the hope of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.




“If they don’t have a valid reason, they will be breached.”

Michaelia CashThe Employment minister announces a new tips line for employers to report if jobseekers refuse an offer of employment. Cash hasn’t confirmed whether the line can also be used to call in tips to the media about police raids on the Australian Workers’ Union.


“A beautiful beacon on the hill for all Australians to look towards.”

Josephine SukkarThe Australian Sports Commission chair outlines the inspirational value of a successful Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games bid for 2032. It would appear that she’s never been to Brisbane.


“Rowan Dean picking a fight with Sam Neill is like food poisoning demanding a popularity contest against Santa.”

Van BadhamThe columnist wades into a stoush launched by the Sky News host, who claimed a documentary hosted by the actor failed to fact-check historian Bruce Pascoe. Unfortunately Dean didn’t fact-check his own claim it was an ABC doco when in fact it aired on Foxtel.


“I have to be real with the people of Western Australia, and they are telling me that they expect Mark McGowan will still be premier.”

Zak KirkupThe WA Liberal leader effectively concedes defeat to the incumbent Labor government, two weeks out from the state election. Anyone surprised by Kirkup setting expectations deliberately low has clearly not met many millennial men.


“I wasn’t provided with the ‘she said/he said’ details of the allegation.”

Peter DuttonThe Home Affairs minister confirms the Federal Police informed him of Brittany Higgins’ allegations of sexual assault days before the prime minister was told. Devaluing human suffering, as only a Queensland police officer could.


“Now we have two elderly people that could be anyone’s mother or father, or aunt or uncle, that are now in hospital.”

Annastacia PalaszczukThe Queensland premier emphasises her disdain over the Covid-19 vaccine bungle. Luckily Craig Kelly’s page is still up on Facebook, ready to give concerned Australians all the news they could want about unproven alternatives to the vaccine.


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