April 10 – 16, 2021


NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds.




Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government

“What is clear is that, unlike their fellow conservatives in the UK, the Morrison government is not prepared to contemplate increasing taxation to help restore the budget balance.”

While the government pushes ahead with its major tax cuts, despite the pandemic, new analysis shows they will have a negative impact on women.

Image for article: Australia missing out on EVs


Australia missing out on EVs

An electric vehicle factory that could have brought hundreds of jobs to Victoria’s struggling Latrobe Valley has stalled. But around Australia the lack of government support for EVs stands in stark contrast to other nations.

Image for article: The Respect@Work response


The Respect@Work response

The federal government has finally addressed the Respect @ Work report. Its delayed response has been cautiously welcomed by those who hope for real change.

Image for article: Melbourne set to overtake Sydney


Melbourne set to overtake Sydney

Melbourne’s population growth means it could soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city, which will have huge social and political implications nationally.

Image for article: Older women and homelessness


Older women and homelessness

While the Morrison government makes gestures towards stronger protections for women, the number of homeless women aged over 55 continues to rise alarmingly – made worse by the pandemic, inaccurate economic modelling and poor superannuation policies.


Robo-debt public servants now shaping the NDIS

As the government pushes for major changes to the NDIS, The Saturday Paper can reveal key figures in the scheme’s fraud and compliance division were also involved in the robo-debt fiasco.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the new minister for the NDIS, Linda Reynolds.



The Turnbull of the screw

Sometimes, finding a job requires overcoming biases you didn’t even know stood in the way of your gainful employment. Having a non-Anglo name has been shown in repeated studies to hurt one’s chances. Sometimes it can be as simple as being the wrong skin colour. But nothing is more damning, it seems, than being a former prime minister.

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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High on his own supply

Scott Morrison says the issue is one of supply. If only the Europeans supplied our vaccines on time, the rollout would be on track. If only the states stopped hoarding vaccines. If only GPs administered the doses delivered to them. If only.


NDIS needs to be reined in

When the NDIS was first announced, it seemed too good to be true (Rick Morton, “WhatsApp leak: ministers shut out of NDIS redraft”, April 3-9). It reflected well on us as a caring society. It …

Coalition has no ideas

Karen Middleton and Paul Bongiorno both paint a gloomy but accurate picture of the Liberal brand (“Exclusive: While women marched, the PM was doing factional deals”and “A sad tale of two …

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Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith.


Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith

After a long and successful career, dramatist Joanna Murray-Smith returns to her roots with a new play opening this month at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

An installation view of Jacobus Capone’s Sincerity and Symbiosis (2019).

Visual Art

TarraWarra Biennial Slow Moving Waters

The TarraWarra Museum of Art’s 2021 biennial explores the utopia of slow time as both defiance and melancholia.

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in Supernova.



Although Harry Macqueen’s Supernova is formally unadventurous, this film about a couple dealing with the onset of dementia features transcendent performances.


Image for article: A Swim in the Pond in the Rain

George Saunders
A Swim in the Pond in the Rain

Image for article: From Where I Fell

Susan Johnson
From Where I Fell

Image for article: Still Alive

Safdar Ahmed
Still Alive


Image for article: Green tomato cake and green tomato and zucchini relish


Green tomato cake and green tomato and zucchini relish

Image for article: Gourd almighty


Gourd almighty

After a disappointing summer growing season, some pumpkins that randomly self-seeded from the compost in the front yard become the only harvest success.

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Fight plan

Sick of a sedentary lifestyle, white-collar workers are taking a swing at sanctioned fighting, with gyms offering a moment in the ring for these otherwise placid desk jockeys.




“I don’t think you can actually redesign people’s brains.”

Barnaby JoyceThe former Nationals leader expresses doubt about the effectiveness of empathy training. It’s not so much that you can’t “redesign” brains but that Joyce can’t afford to lose any more of his.


“To suggest I am not an appropriate choice to be an assistant minister for Women is a form of madness we just should not indulge.”

Amanda StokerThe assistant minister for Women rejects suggestions her personal beliefs render her a poor fit for the portfolio. She’s a defender of many women but mostly Bettina Arndt.


“I gave the benefit of the doubt to the Liberals and the benefit of the doubt to Malcolm Turnbull and he pulled my pants down within 48 hours.”

John BarilaroThe New South Wales Nationals leader expresses embarrassment at having recommended the former prime minister for the Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy board. Turnbull was sacked and Barilaro put his pants back on.


“We all know that one week is not enough to shift levels of ingrained ignorance.”

Shareena Clanton

The Indigenous actor describes her disappointment at the culture on the Neighbours set, where a fellow actor who used the N-word twice was subject to a week of workplace culture training. The N-word was not “neighbours”.


“You make sure you don’t get into any more trouble.”

Noel NunanThe Queensland magistrate allows a 21-year-old man to go free on bail – after being charged with seven counts of rape, three counts of administering a stupefying drug to commit rape, two counts of sexual assault and various other offences.


“The lovely but tipsy crew had been at the restaurant since lunch ... Said they’d pay. He said he’d give them a lift. Took them half the ride to discover who their driver was.”

Jessica RuddThe daughter of former prime minister Kevin Rudd explains how a group of men mistook her father for an Uber driver. To be fair, it took Rudd half the ride to realise they didn’t have a vote for the United Nations secretary-general selection.